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The field is set for NWA Upstate’s first show of 2008:

Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling Inc Presents
in Sanction with the National Wrestling Alliance:

Wrestlebowl ’08

Saturday January 12th, 2008
Dome Arena
Henrietta, NY

$11 Presale
$14 at the door
$7 – children 9 & under
For more information

NWA Upstate Heavyweight Title Match:
Jimmy Olsen (c) vs. “Fabulous” John McChesney vs. Danny Doring
With Fabulous’ win at the 2007 NWA Upstate Indy-Tational by pinning Jimmy Olsen had many wondering just how long it would be before the Heavyweight Championship was around the waist of one of the most decorated wrestlers in Upstate history. When the two met at Holiday Hangover however Danny Doring interfered in the match before there was one clear winner. Doring, a former Upstate Heavyweight Champion himself, has been on a mission since returning to Rochester last year. Without a doubt it looks like Jimmy Olsen is up against the biggest challenege of his young career if he hopes to walk out of the Dome Arena still Heavyweight Champion.
NWA Upstate Tag Team Title Match:
(Lynchburg Death Match)
Rhythm and Booze (c) w/ Col. Kayfabe vs. Dunn and Marcos w/ Nikki Jett

These two teams have been battling it out across Western New York for the better part of year, but when R&B member Frank the Tank won the 2007 Rochester Rumble and decided to cash in his title shot later that night and go for the NWA Upstate Tag team Ttitles is when things took a turn for the worse for Dunn and Marcos. Unable to get a rematch for their titles at Holiday Hangover, Dunn and Marcos went straight to the top and were granted a shot at the belts at Wrestlebowl under the condition that R&B would be allowed to pick the stipulations. In a taped message sent to nwaupny.com Frank and Buddy revealed that the match would be a Lynchburg Death Match, one of the most brutal and bloodiest matches ever seen in their home state of Tennessee. We’re still not sure EXACTLY what to expect, but it looks as if these two teams could be writting the final chapter of their feud in blood at Wrestlebowl.

NWA Empire Tag Team Ttitle Match:
McCloud Brothers vs. Super Assassin/ Triple X

Fresh off their shocking victory over Rhythm and Booze for the NWA Empire Tag Team Titles in Buffalo, NY last month, The McCloud Brothers have signed the dotted line to face a team fresh off of LOSING the 6 Man Tag Team Titles at “Holiday Hangover.” Both McClouds are still elated from having captured their first ever championships and PROMISE to be the fightingest champions in BOTH NWA Upstate and NWA Empire. The newly formed masked duo of Super Assassin and Triple X will give it all they got to establish themselves as a team in NWA Upstate by targeting the brothers from Boston in what’s sure to be one of the highlights of Wrestlebowl ’08.
CloudLee vs Gabe Saint/ Cheech

In two consecutive shows the new big buddy- little buddy team of Cloudy and Brodie Lee have crashed a wedding proposal and a NWA Upstate No Limits Title Match, and now it seems they’ve crossed the wrong two people. Irate that their amazing match at “Holiday Hangover” was interrupted by ‘CloudLee,’ the former opponents Gabe Saint and No Limits Champion Cheech have found a common bond to unite them as they have laid out the challenge for a tag team match at ‘Wrestlebowl ’08.’ Cheech and Cloudy as we all know are no strangers to each other, as the two have held Tag Team Titles not just in NWA Upstate but up and down the East Coast as the team “Up In Smoke.” But since Cloudy’s friendship with Brodie Lee has come to the forefront, and Cheech has captured singles gold, the two have been at each other’s throats for most of 2007 and look to be carrying that rivalry right over into 2008.

Colin Olsen vs. Ricky Reyes

Just minutes after Colin Olsen’s brave appearances against Shelton Benjamin and Big Daddy V on ECW on Sci- Fi last month, we have learned that Olsen’s opponent at Wrestlebowl ’08 will be none other than “The Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes. Could the younger of the Olsen Twins follow in his brother Jimmy’s footsteps and break out into the singles division and super- stardom? Or will the much larger Reyes dish out punishment and cut short the career of Colin Olsen before it even has a chance to start?

NWA Upstate 6 Man Title Match
Latin Soldiers (c) vs. Spazz & 2 Mystery Partners

After coming off a huge debut as a team last show, The Latin Soldiers, Luis White Shoes, Maximo Suave, and their new partner Stargazer have been throwing fiesta after fiesta to celebrate capturing the NWA Upstate Six Man Tag Team Trophy. At Wrestlebowl on January 12th however, the fiesta gets crashed by a man seemingly driven loco by the shiny gold trophy in former member of 2 different Six Man teams, Spazz. Word from Shady Acres Mental Institute is that Spazz has literally been off the walls as of late and is frothing at the mouth to win back the trophy. No word yet as to who Spazz will select as his two other partners, but we have a feeling some other ex- trophy holders may be coming to his aid.

Sweet Lou vs. Eric Everlast

Still furious over Sweet Lou’s decision to team with Rhythm and Booze last show instead of helping to defend the Six Man Titles with his other two partners, Eric Everlast has DEMANDED the oppertunity to “Make things right.” Everlast, Triple X, and their substitute partner Super Assassin lost the Six Man Tag Team Titles to the Latin Soldiers last show when Everlast got frustrated with his new partners in Lou’s absense, and it looks to be boiling over to Wrestlebowl ’08. Although Lou seemed comfortable “getting in touch with roots” last show no one has seen the illegitamate nephew of Phil Collins since then, the last time Everlast was this upset it led to a bloody and brutal attack on JP Black. Wherever Sweet Lou may be, it looks he has 1 week left to get ready for the ‘Exceptional’ challenge ahead of him at Wrestlebowl.

All that PLUS:

NWA National Champion Pepper Parks vs. Cody Deaner
“D- to the- Icky” Dicky Sanchez vs “The Notorious BCL” Bigcat Lemmer

DewMaga vs. Dustytaker

AND it looks as if 2CW out of Syracuse, NY has answered the challenge issued by NWA Upstate owner Hellcat last week and will be sending Slyk Wagner Brown and John Walters to make an impact at WrestleBowl.