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11182157_883468241713301_6911778219891227771_nIt is official, the National Wrestling Alliance has added another affiliate out of Indiana. We would like to formally welcome NWA Circle City Wrestling to the family. The NWA reached out to NWA Circle City’s owner and received the following statement:

“It is a good feeling that Circle City Wrestling is now NWA Circle City Wrestling and I plan to bring some of the finest wrestlers from within the NWA Circuit and across the country for many events to come. NWA Circle City Wrestling promises to bring the best of the best every event and I will just say that “You haven’t seen everything just yet” so yes it will be a good feeling to open the events up as NWA Circle City  Wrestling.”
Rob Kincaid
NWA Circle City Wrestling
Here is a small Bio for those who are not familiar with NWA Circle City Wrestling:
Circle City Wrestling originated in the early 1990’s under the direction and promotion of Mike Samples. Circle City Wrestling THEN has brought in some “legends” that you might know today featuring “Doomsday” which is now KANE on WWE and Al Snow, also seen talent such as “Hustler” Rip Rogers and Flash Flanagan before its departure in 1998.
Then in the early 2000’s Circle City Wrestling came back under a new, fresh production team  under the direction of “Showtime” Steve Branam and then dominated the area with stars that you see currently today such as ABYSS and Chris Hero for it’s local Indianapolis television tapings.
NOW it’s 2015 and Circle City with it’s history and success is back under the direction and promotion of Rob Kincaid and has several events scheduled for the 2015/2016 calendar.
The NWA looks forward to expanding into other areas very soon. Visit NWA Circle City on Facebook Here.