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NWS Results From Long Branch, NJ 3/12: Former WWE Hall Of Fame Legend Greg “The Hammer” Valentine Does A Passing Of The Figure-Four Torch Of Sorts, An Insane Ladders-Tables-And-Chairs Match For The NWS Cruiserweight Title, And More As A Stormy Night Doesn’t Stop The Fans From Storming In.

NWS returned for an encore on the Jersey Shore on Friday night March 12th, as it kicked off yet another double-shot weekend with a show at at Long Branch, NJ’s Seashore Broadway Gym. Despite the rainy weather (thank goodness not snow this time). a more than decent Friday night crowd filled most of the gym to see the stars of NWS put on another hot show.
In the opening bout, “The Happy Hillbilly” Justin Blackwell defeated Jack Spade. Despite trying to hang tough, Spade couldn’t overcome the Hillbilly’s nearly two-to-one size advantage, and fell victim to a Black Hole Slam for the 1-2-3.
NWS Heavyweight Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc (with all three members of the Commandos, Danny Demanto & Nicky Oceans & Judas Young, and manager Brittney Savage) retained his title against Mister Nick Gregory. It was really a four-on-one match, as The Commandos kept up a constant barrage of outside interference, and despite Gregory being as tough as they come, he could not overcome those odds. After hitting a sidewalk slam on Havoc and knocking him out of the ring, Gregory and the referee were distracted by Demanto long enough for Oceans to sneak into the ring and level Gregory with a superkick behind the referee’s back. Havoc then covered Gregory for the easy 1-2-3. The Commandos continued the beatdown after the match, knocking Gregory out and covering his face with a “Commandos” T-shirt.
The Nigerian Nightmares (Maifu & Voodoo Princess Sheeta) defeated Tiger Man & Goat Boy. This was Sheeta’s first actual wrestling match with NWS, filling in for Maifu’s partner Saifu who was reportedly under the weather. (The word going around was that he went to the circus the day before and ended up eating a clown, and today was feeling funny.) Sheeta proved to be as tough as she is mysterious, and with Maifu made short work of the opposition, with Maifu flattening Tiger Man with a Nigerian Roll and then back-flipping Sheeta onto Goat Boy for the 1-2-3.
The Handicap Chokeslam Challenge with “The American Turncoat” T.N.T vs. Ray-Ray Marz & “The White Urkel” B. Fehrm was thrown out as a No-Contest. Referee Big Bill Miils, who has major heat with T.N.T (and will actually face him one-on-one in May), was the official and the two were constantly in each other’s faces. Marz and Fehrm kept up a barrage of offense on T.N.T, but it was not enough to keep the big man down, and he eventually chokeslammed both Marz and Fehrm. T.N.T then turned and attacked Referee Mills, repeatedly punching him in the corner before chokeslamming him. As Security dragged T.N.T from the ring, an enraged Commissioner Moore announced he was throwing out the match and fining T.N.T heavily for his actions.
In a six-man tag-team Grudge Match, former WWE hall-of-fame legend Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Mighty Mikey Pacifica & referee-turned-wrestler Sargeant Jimmy Storm won by submission over The Commandos (“The Cold-Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto & NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans & newest member Judas Young, with manager Brittney Savage). Before the match started, Demanto revealed that there was fine print in the contract for tonight’s match which had gone unnoticed, that banned Valentine from using his Figure-Four Leglock in the match. Valentine was enraged, but Commissioner Moore said that the contract was valid and there was nothing he could do. The match began with Sargeant Jimmy Storm, who impressed the fans and befuddled his opponents in his first match in nearly two years. The Commandos were eventually able to isolate Pacifica in their corner, and beat on him for several minutes. After Demanto missed a moonsault, Pacifica tagged in Valentine who cleaned house and dropped two thunderous Hammer elbows on Demanto. He then went for the Figure-Four Leglock, but was stopped by the referee. Valentine then tagged back in Pacifica who slapped a textbook Figure-Four on Demanto himself, and Demanto immediately tapped out. As Valentine and his team celebrated, The Commandos took out their frustrations by attacking a cheering fan at ringside before being dragged away by Security.
In the other half of the Main Event, NWS Cruiserweight Champion Jumping Joey Janella retained his title in a Triple-Threat Ladders-Tables-And-Chairs Match against “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie & Chikara Wrestling star Frightmare. This was a high-flying and hard-hitting affair, with all three elements coming into play almost immediately. In a bizarre twist of events, only minutes into the match, all three men were battling up on the ladder to reach the Cruiserweight Title Belt dangling from the celing when it was knocked off and fell to the mat. The referee ruled that since the belt could not be retrieved by a ladder anymore, the match was now a Tables Match. After nearly fifteen minutes of high-impact action, which saw Janella fly across the ring and smash a ladder and two chairs into Smoothie’s face Van-Terminator-style, and Frightmare suplex Janella through a ladder suspended horizontally across the ring, Smoothie climbed a ladder to deliver a flying legdrop on Janella and Frightmare climbed up to knock him off. Janella seized the opportunity and upset the ladder, sending both Smoothie and Frightmare into a table propped up in the corner and both smashing through, and winning the match.
NWS continues with the second half of their double-shot weekend on Saturday night March 13th at Sayreville, NJ’s Knights of Columbus Hall, with an encore appearance by former WWE hall-of-fame legend Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. NWS then returns to action with another double-shot the following weekend, starting Friday night March 19th in Edison, NJ’s Hoover Middle School Gym, which will feature Matt Hyson (a.k.a former WWE & ECW hardcore icon Spike Dudley) in a steel cage match vs. Danny Demanto, as well as former WWE Headshriners member Samu. The double-shot weekend concludes Saturday night March 20th all the way up in East Hartford, NJ at the East Hartford Middle School Gym, featuring encore appearances by Matt Hyson and Samu.
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