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National Wrestling Superstars made its return to Bloomfield, NJ on Saturday night after a nearly three-year absence, and were the fans ever ready for them! A near capacity crowd of over 600 (that’s right, no exaggeration, six hundred plus) packed the Bloomfield High School Gym for a night filled with WWE and ECW legends, local stars, and lots of action.

Before the first match could be introduced, manager Moehoward Gotta-heaves al-Getz came out to the ring along with former WWE bad boy Salvatore Sincere, former ECW original “Dastardly” Danny Doring, Ace Darling, and The Baghdad Bullies. They proceeded to insult everything and everyone at ringside, including WWE hall-of-famers manager Captain Lou Albano and Superfly Snuka

(1) NWS Jersey Shore Champion Nicky Oceans (w/ Sal Sincere) retained his title against challenger Mikey Pacifica. Sal came to the ring holding a videotape which he claimed showed the NY Giants cheated by paying off the referee to help them win the Super Bowl. It was ironic, because Oceans cheated to win by hitting Pacifica with that same videotape while Sal distracted the referee, after a back-and-forth match that nearly saw a new champion on several occasions, to retain the title. After the match, Commissioner Moore had Sal Sincere banned from the building until his main event match against WWE legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, enlisting the aid of some of Bloomfield’s finest to remove him.

(2) In a battle of former ECW originals, The Blue Meanie defeated “Dastardly” Danny Doring. The crowed changed “ECW, ECW” when both men hit the ring, but the cheers quickly went to “Da Blue Guy” as It was Meanie’s size against Doring’s skill and cunning, but size won in the end as Meanie hit a Stunner (or “BKO” as he calls it) to win.

(3) NWS Cruiserweight Champion J.D. Smoothie & IWF American Champion Kevin Knight defeated Indian Chief Draven & Franciz. The crowd had a good-sized contingent of IWF fans who cheered for their big favorite Franciz and boo’ed Kevin Knight. After an action packed bout that saw fighting on both the inside and outside, Franciz tried to suplex Smoothie into the ring from the outside, but was tripped up by Knight, and Smoothie fell on top of him long enough for the 1-2-3. After the match, Franciz challenged Smoothie to a one-on-one match on the next area show.

(4) NWS New Jersey Heavyweight Champion (and Bloomfield native) Vicious Vin (w/ manager Johnny “Goumba” Diamond) retained his title against challenger Ace Darling (w/ Kevin Knight). Vinny was introduced by N.J. UNICO officer Andre Dimino. Vinny and Ace were equally matched in the power department, but Vinny was kept on his toes (and occasionally off his feet) by the added disadvantage of Knight being in Darling’s corner. Knight proved in the end to be Ace’s undoing as he tried to hold Vinny against the ropes for Ace to charge and squash, but Vinny ducked and Ace and Knight collided. Vinny then flattened Ace with a one-armed Michinoku Driver and pinned him 1-2-3. After the match, Knight attacked Vinny, and Danny Doring & The Baghdad Bullies joined in the beatdown. They were chased off by The Blue Meanie, The Patriot , the Clown and WWE legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka.

Andre Dimino and the other officers and secretaries of N.J. UNICO #4 Chapter then held a ceremony to induct Vicious Vinny into the order of the New Jersey UNICO. It was noted that history was made in that this was the first induction ceremony to ever take place in a wrestling ring.
After the ceremony, Kevin Knight took the mic and challenged Vinny to a NJ Heavyweight Title match on the next area show. Kevin said he would bring five of his wrestling buddies to watch his back, and Vinny responded he would have five of his own. Commissioner Moore said, since there will be ten wrestlers at ringside, let’s make it a Lumberjack Match!

(5) Former WWE stars “America’s Hero” The Patriot & Sort of Famous TV Wrestling Clown defeated The Bahgdad Bullies (Saddam Insane & Prince CamelToe, w/ manager Moehoward Gotta-heaves al-Getz). After a back-and-forth match, Patriot and Clown threw Saddam and Cameltoe into each other hard, and rolled up the stunned Bullies for a double 1-2-3.
(6) Bandido Jr. defeated “Stellar” Travis Blake. The IWF veteran/former NWS Jersey Shore champion Blake and area superstar Bandido kept the crowd on the edge of their seats with their high-flying moves. In the end, Bandido hung on to Blake after a back bodydrop attempt, and rolled him over for the 1-2-3.

(7) WWE Hall-of-Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka defeated Salvatore Sincere (w/ manager Moehoward Gotta-heaves al-Getz). Sal attacked Snuka before the bell, hoping to get an advantage on the veteran Snuka early on, but when Moehoward tried to hold Snuka for Sal to squash, Snuka ducked and Sal collided with his manager instead. Sal then took his famous whistle and tried to choke Snuka with it behind the referee’s back. But all it took was one head-butt from Snuka’s South-Pacific-style hard skull and Sal was reeling. Sal then threw Snuka into referee Kenny Edwards, and while Edwards was down, Moehoward tried to hit Snuka with a Wet Floor sign, but missed and leveled Sal instead. Snuka then climbed the ropes, and with the crowd cheering and flashbulbs popping, flew as only the Superfly can and splashed down on top of Sal and got the 1-2-3 count, sending the hundreds of fans home happy.

NWS wishes to congratulate the NJ UNICO for there part in sponsoring this event as credit must be given when credit is due as they where fantastic partners in helping to pack the gym as all who follow the North East pro circuit know that these size crowds are not the norm anymore but the exception. UNICO has already initiated talks for more NWS style events in NJ and other tri-state area towns.

NWS returns to action next weekend with two big shows, Friday night February 15th at the Union, NJ Elks Lodge, and Saturday night February 16th at the Ridgefield Park, NJ Knights of Columbus Hall.
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