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The New York Wrestling Connection, is LIVE, Friday, September 21, as the NYWC returns to Deer Park and presents Showdown!  The venue is:

Deer Park Community Center
41 Homer Avenue, Deer Park, New York
For additional information, please call 631-667-NYWC (6992)

DOORS OPEN: 7:00 PM  /  BELL TIME: 8:00 PM

Tickets are priced as follows, and are available right here at NYWCwrestling.com or at the door on the night of the event:

Advance Tickets (online): $12
General Admission (at the door): $15

Javi-Air, Maverick & Plazma   vs   The Angus Brothers

This main event features some of the NYWC’s most exciting athletes, making this match an absolute must-see.  On one side, Dan Barry, the longest-tenured competitor in the bout, leads the hated Angus Brothers with (most likely) the irrepressible Prince Charles and the Foreign Legion at ringside.  Across the ring, Javi-Air, Maverick and Plazma will join forces to form one of the most potentially electrifying trios ever assembled.  Certainly the history of these combatants indicates that fans will see things they’ve never seen before, and if all six get into the ring at once, there’s no telling what could happen!


NYWC management will be presenting longtime NYWC Champion “Superstar” Dickie Rodz with the most coveted prize in the promotion… a newly designed, custom-made, shiny-as-hell championship belt!  As a three-time champion and the longest running champ in NYWC history, Rodz has earned this special honor, and we hope that all NYWC fans — whether you like him or not — will partake in this celebration of our most prolific champion!


Benny Martinez   vs   Alex Reynolds (c)

Last month, Alex Reynolds veered away from his tag team duties to compete against Javi-Air for the NYWC HI-FI Championship, and eventually emerged victorious, successfully obtaining gold after only a few months in the ring.  Now, “Yours Truly” Alex Reynolds will be defending his new title against Benny Martinez!  Can Alex continue his quick ascent up the ladder, or can Benny put an end to his title reign before it has even started? 


Tony Burma   vs   Bruno Marciano

On Friday, September 21, Interstate Champion Papadon will not be at the show… but a shot as his belt will be!  Papadon has offered the rising star Bruno Marciano a shot as his title, but only if he can beat “Big Time” Tony Burma.  So at Showdown, Marciano will go one-on-one with Burma with a chance to battle for Papadon’s belt on the line!  This is the biggest opportunity of Bruno’s relatively young career, and he’ll need to pull out all the stops to take down one of the most vicious veterans the NYWC has to offer!


The Dead Presidents   vs   Mega & Ahmad Jihad Akbar

After taking some time off to recuperate, the Dead Presidents are back and ready to take another run at the tag team titles!  Their first step on the road to gold will be the Foreign Legion, specifically, Ahmad Akbar and the massive Mega.  Outmuscled and most likely outnumbered (Prince Charles and Francois Lynn will almost certainly be lurking at ringside), Boog and Lo will have to bring their A game if they hope to beat this anti-American duo!


Joey Braggiol   vs   Dirty Moore, Dirty Joe & Dirty J.T.

While being outgunned three to one might seem like a huge disadvantage, there is one man in the NYWC who seems to relish such unfavorable odds. Joey Braggiol is no stranger to handicap matches, and once again, he is being tested.  This time, the opponents are the objectionable “Dirty” family… Moore, Joe and the newest member of the clan, J.T.  Braggiol’s past experience in lopsided fights might give him a chance, but sometimes, the numbers are too much to overcome.  Can Braggiol take another trio of opponents down at once, or will the Dirty boys finally get on the winning track?


Stockade & Syther   vs   Dan Dynasty & Jamie Van Lemer

If you want to become a champion, the only way to do it is to beat a champion.  And that’s just the road the Black Circle (Stockade and Syther) are taking as they face the former tag champs Dan Dynasty and Jamie Van Lemer.  So far, Stockade and Syther have proven that they can hang with the top competition, but now they need to take their game to the next level.  Dynasty and Van Lemer, however, are not mere sparring partners.  These are the former tag team champions, and two extremely dangerous competitors who are looking to get right back in the spotlight!  If the Black Circle hopes to become a real force in the tag division, they have to prove themselves against the best, and Dynasty and Van Lemer are as good as it gets!
* Additional matches to be announced.  Card subject to change. *