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The Katz Files – Arnie Katz
The October TNA Report Card
The Kingfish Arnie Katz files his October report card for the good folks at TNA.

About the Report Cards
Each month, I issue a report card for TNA. I examine and grade the promotion in all the vital areas. I discuss strengths and weaknesses and chart the ups and downs. The grades in parentheses are for the previous report card. The grades in parentheses represent the previous report card.

Talent Pool
TNA has recently experienced a lot of comings and goings. Jeff Jarrett is out, at least for now, and Angelina Love’s work visa problem has taken her off the roster for now.

TNA has signed Bobby Lashley and also added quite a few women to the Knockout Division. The newcomers include Hamada, Sarita and Alissa Flash. The latter still makes appearances as Raisha Saeed, but her future lies beyond the berka.

The most interesting new arrival in TNA is Pope D’Angelo Dinero. His character isn’t much, but he us already embroiled in a hot feud with Suicide.
Grade: B

Star Power
Bad booking, cluster schmazz matches and inconsistent pushes continue to sabotage the creation of stars. Hernandez and Matt Morgan are rising stars, but Booker T, Samoa Joe and Rhino – to name just three – have lost a lot of their sparkle.

Also languishing is Awesome Kong. There just doesn’t seem to be anyone TNA feels can work a high-profile program with her. Maybe the best solution would be to team her with on of the smaller women. That would make her more vulnerable and give her someone to save.

Bobby Lashley could be a star, but he really isn’t one yet. They are treating him like royalty, but his matches are basically showcases to this point.

The factions have failed dismally when it comes to boosting star power. The face faction has dissolved, the Main Event Mafia isn’t doing much for anyone except Kurt Angle and the World Elite is simple not over with the fans.
Grade: B-

In-Ring Action
If TNA ever gets good writing and booking, WWE will have to look out. The motivations don’t make sense a lot of the time, but TNA wrestlers deliver when the bell rings.
Grade: B+

Booking & Dramatics
Given the sweeping internal changes at TNA, I will not try to rate this aspect until the new Creative Committee has had a shot at improving things.

Grade: B- (B-)

The arrival of Taz, even though it was somewhat spoiled by that dumb Samoa Joe angle, is a great day for the promotion. Taz has not yet hit his full stride, but he and Mike Tenay have the makings of an outstanding mic team.
Grade: B+

The broadcast ratings are down and the last two pay per views weren’t huge successes. The creative team is in turmoil and there is some backstage acrimony, that’s not a pretty picture.

On the other hand, the company is making changes. The increased emphasis on the X Division and the Knockouts, the upgrade in announcing and the pushes for Hernandez and Morgan are all hopeful signs.
Grade: B-

That’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with another installment of the Internet’s fastest-rising daily pro wrestling column. And I’d deeply appreciate it if you brought some of your friends with you..

— Arnie Katz
Executive Editor
[email protected]