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OMEGA Lives – Night of a Champion
February 28, 2015 – Durham, NC
By James Hall
It was standing room only as over 1,000 fans packed the Carrington Middle School gym to see
OMEGA Lives crown their first Heavyweight Champion since 2000.
Ring announcer, Ervin Peacock, Jr. approached the ring to begin the show with the singing of
the national anthem. He was interrupted by OMEGA Lives newcomer, Manny Garcia, who
insisted upon the singing of the Dominican Republic national anthem. Manny’s opponent for the
evening, former CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, Arik Royal, came to the ring and
said that since they weren’t going to sing the national anthem, they may as well get the match
started, and it was on!
Match one – Manny Garcia vs. Arik Royal: Both opponents were evenly matched in terms of
size and strength with the experience edge going to the ring veteran, Arik Royal. That
experience proved to be too much for the young Garcia and Royal scored the pinfall after 8
Winner: Arik Royal
Royal then called Ervin Peacock back into the ring and requested that he sing the U.S. national
Match two – The Man Scout, Jake Manning vs. Brad Attitude. A long time favorite in the
Carolinas, this was Brad Attitude’s return to OMEGA Lives after an almost two year absence.
Manning infuriated the crowd by stopping the match several times to consult his man scout
handbook. The reference book offered no help as Brad Attitude won handily after 12 minutes.
Winner: Brad Attitude
Special ring announcer, “Mrs. Hurricane Helms”, Karen Blalock, came to the ring to introduce
the next match.
Match three – Goddess Division – Amber O’Neal-Gallows vs. Amy Love. The newly wed Amber
O’Neal-Gallows came to the ring decked out in “Bullet Club” gear, with a new attitude to match.
She immediately attacked Amy Love, and dominated most of the match, combining her years of
experience with a new, vicious style, easily scoring the win after 15 minutes.
Winner: Amber O’Neal-Gallows
OMEGA Lives commissioner, Mike Maverick came to the ring to announce that the main event
would be a 6-man elimination match to crown the new OMEGA Lives champion, and that 2 of
the 6 original participants had withdrawn from the match.  It had been previously announced
that The Hurricane Shane Helms would be unable to participate due to injury, and that his spot
in the match would be taken by “The Charismatic Enigma”, Jeff Hardy.  Maverick then
announced that Cedric Alexander had withdrawn from the match, and that his spot would be
taken by the winner of a match later in the evening between the Bullet Club’s Luke Gallows and
ECW original, Tommy Dreamer.
Match four – The Southern Savior, John Skyler vs. Anthony Henry: This match was a high-flying
battle of cruiser-weights, that saw too many near-pinfalls by both contestants to count. Both
men vied for control of the match, with neither gaining the clear upper hand until finally Skyler
leveraged his feet on the ropes (while the referee was not looking) to pin Henry.
Winner: The Southern Savior, John Skyler
Match five – The Bullet Club’s Luke Gallows (w/ Amber O’Neal-Gallows) vs. Tommy Dreamer,
winner to advance to the 6-man elimination match to crown the OMEGA Lives Heavyweight
Champion: “The Innovator of Violence” lived up to his name as Dreamer spent the first few
minutes of the match finding new ways to physically punish Gallows.  Gallows then gained the
upper hand, helped by some well-timed distractions by his wife, Amber.  For a time, it seemed
as if Gallows would beat the Hardcore icon and advance to the main event, but Dreamer rallied
and the match spilled to the floor.  Both men refusing to yield any ground, the referee counted
them both out of the ring.  Commissioner Mike Maverick sent word to the ring that the match
must have a winner, and that the first man to return to the ring would advance to the
championship match.  After some back-and-forth, Dreamer knocked out Gallows with a Kendo
stick and rolled into the ring.
Winner: Tommy Dreamer
Next, 3-time WWE Champion and Hall-of-Famer, Mick Foley came to the ring to talk about his
upcoming comedy show at Goodnight’s Comedy Club.  He was interrupted by Bad Luck Mickey
Gambino (w/ Cueball Carmichael) who stated that he was going to end his bad luck streak
tonight by taking out Foley.  Foley responded by saying that he was a 3-time WWE champion
and that if he was going to come out of retirement, he could have his choice of opponents, and
why would he choose Gambino?  He then went on to say that he has match making powers in
the state of North Carolina, and that he would choose Gambino’s opponent, who would be
walking through the curtain at any moment.  As Gambino turned his back, Foley produced
“Socko”, and put Gambino in the mandible-claw.
Match 6 – Ethan Carter III (w/ Jonny Ferrarri) vs. Fearless Scotty Matthews:  This match
between rising stars (EC3 in Impact Wrestling and Matthews on the indy scene) should have
been a battle of powerhouses, but it was cut short as Jonny Ferrari’s megaphone met Scotty
Matthew skull while EC3 distracted the referee, allowing Carter the cheap win.
Winner: Ethan Carter III
Match 7 – The Enforcer C.W. Anderson (w/ Cueball Carmichael) vs. Trevor Lee (w/ Otto the
Wrestling Machine) vs. Caprice Coleman vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy, 6-
man elimination match to crown the OMEGA Lives Heavyweight Champion: All 6 men came to
fight, and it was a chaotic melee at the opening bell until eventually ECW originals C.W.
Anderson and Tommy Dreamer were the last two remaining in the ring, and the match settled
into a battle between the two old rivals.  Dreamer, obviously still hurting from his earlier match,
found himself on the receiving end of a superkick from Anderson, and was eliminated.  The
match then became a battle of high-flyers as Trevor Lee and OMEGA original Caprice Coleman
battled it out. Coleman was eliminated after interference from Otto the Wrestling Machine.
Having bided their time, the Hardy’s took control of the match, first eliminating Trevor Lee with a
Twist-of-Fate followed by a Swanton Bomb, then teaming up to eliminate C.W. Anderson.  This
left Matt and Jeff Hardy the sole remaining participants in the match: brother vs. brother for the
OMEGA Lives Heavyweight Championship!  Both men started out tentatively, cautiously waiting
for the other to make a mistake. Eventually, the competitive nature of both men came to the
fore, and they both gave it their all, with Jeff eventually winning out, pinning his brother after a
Swanton Bomb.
Winner, and NEW OMEGA Lives Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy
The Hurricane Shane Helms, accompanied by OMEGA Lives commissioner Mike Maverick and
several wrestlers from the locker room, came to the ring to present the belt to Jeff Hardy, and
congratulate him.  Matt Hardy joined the celebration, and took the microphone to congratulate
his brother and thank the fans for making both the show, and OMEGA Lives a success.