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Dann Read, the Producer of Europe’s Pro-Wrestling:EVE, issued the below statement this past week.

Pro-Wrestling:EVE is committed to the progression of Professional Female Wrestling throughout Europe. The next few months will be telling as we separate those who believe in women’s wrestling from those who don’t and find out who’s passion for the female industry matches our own. Everyone must be on the same page and everyone must be committed to their own improvement.
Pro-Wrestling:EVE works alongside some of the very best in the women’s wrestling industry and supports the efforts of those doing the very same thing such as SHIMMER, Female Fight League, NCW – Femmes Fatales, ChickFight, and many others around the world in addition to those who give coverage and support to the female wrestling business such as Diva-Dirt.com, CapruredBeauty.com, RedHotDivas.com, Wrestlegasm.com, WrestlingFusion.com, (there are so many I’m sorry if I haven’t mentioned you, send me messages on twitter and I’ll #FF to make up for it!).

We support them, they support us, we all support each other and we all have the same dreams and goals.
Not everyone will agree with this mind set and belief in female wrestlers and female wrestling. In fact some of the female wrestling industry’s biggest critics are from females themselves – not approving of professional wrestling knows no gender specifics and rightfully so. We in turn wish them the best of luck with their own goals in life and bare no ill will or grudge. We are all unique and the world would be a boring place if we all felt the same about everything. But those of us who DO believe in the sport, performance art and entertainment of female professional wrestling do so with passion that is perhaps unmatched anywhere else and we will continue to do this for as long as we’re in existence.
We appreciate those who support us and our efforts and we hope we can continue to rely upon you to keep spreading the word of the fantastic efforts being put forth by female wrestlers and staff members involved in these projects. We in return promise to give you nothing but 100% in effort, commitment and dedication to the cause – to produce a product that while perhaps not yet ready to be accepted by the masses is a product that we watch and enjoy not on the basis of it being a female product but on the basis of it being a GOOD product that challenges to change our mindsets and break down previously placed walls and barriers.
We know you know no ignorance, no prejudice and place no road blocks before us but simply put your trust in us to do right. We hope to live up to these justified expectations and do you proud.
Thank you for your support.
Dann Read

Here’s a follow-up statement from SHIMMER’s Dave Prazak;

We at SHIMMER would like to stand alongside Dann in support and agreement with everything he included in that statement.
It is through the existence of companies like ours here in Chicago, PWWA in Australia, several promotions in Japan, and Female Fight League member companies Pro-Wrestling:EVE in Europe, nCw Femmes Fatales in Canada, and ChickFight in California, that women wrestlers have had the opportunity to display their true skills inside the ring, in an environment where they are the stars.

If it were not for all female professional wrestling companies promoting live women’s wrestling events, many of the industry’s best female performers would not otherwise have the opportunity to headline shows, wrestle a main event style, and be given the chance to show what they are really capable of. Each of these women’s wrestling companies that promote live events in their respective parts of the world have also given many female performers the tremendous experience of wrestling in foreign countries. This has helped to both increase each wrestler’s own worldwide reputation and visibility, and in some cases has added new influences to their repertoire that they may not have otherwise been introduced to.
We at SHIMMER consider those athletes who choose to ply their trade in the aforementioned companies first, when evaluating potential foreign imports for our future events. What each of these companies carry is credibility, and they choose to promote their events (and therefore each of their individual roster members) in the appropriate manner. They have the same goals as we do.
Though some may frown upon the idea of female wrestlers being able to headline their own events, and put on entertaining shows that rival some male dominated cards, there is no denying the place that all female wrestling companies have in our industry.
Dave Prazak
SHIMMER Women Athletes