OWW Daily News & Notes for 5/6

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[ClickWrestle Download of the Day] Melissa vs. Kong vs. Mercedes vs. Ariel.

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[Misc News] After he was informed he was being taken off the payroll, Superstar Billy Graham, perhaps in anger against the company, shared his release letter from WWE’s Joe Bogdan (Legal Affairs) to a select group of people. The letter, dated 4/17, stated that effective 7/19 Graham was being let go from his legends contract worth $500 a week. The letter specified that he is forever precluded from “using any names, likeness, costumes, props, gimmicks, gestures, routines, themes, personalities, or caricatures, which refer or relate to, or which are confusingly similar to those [he] used while bound by the contract.” Basically WWE are claiming the rights to Superstar Billy Graham. The letter also said he couldn’t perform in any wrestling matches, which having been retired since 1987, at 65-years-old, was laughable, until his current contract expires. Graham says he used the name long before his WWE days, and took his moniker from the famous evangelist Billy Graham, and the song Jesus Christ Superstar. . [reported by Mike Aldren]

[e-MAG] Francine is busy preparing for the Legends of the Arena event in June, she’s had time though to look back at her career in wrestling in edition five of Fighting Females at: http://www.fightingfemales.co.uk

[WWE News] In a new shoot interview with RFVideo.com, Bob Holly, who was released in January, talked in detail about his firing. He blamed Ken Kennedy saying he took some pain pills from Kennedy’s bag at a show and Kennedy ratted him out to management. Subsequently he was removed from television and released. Holly threatened in the interview that if he ever crosses path with Kennedy again he will beat the hell out of him.. [reported by Mike Aldren]

[Radio] The 3/29 episode of Evan Ginzburg’s Legends Radio with co-host Dr. Mike Lano featured an interview with legendary ‘Raging Bull’ Manny Fernandez, plus ECW star Balls Mahoney, and indy wrestler Judas Young, plus singer/actor Tom Detrik and actress/producer Jill Kuirsky. click here to listen to the show.

[Radio] Axl Rotten will be the guest live tonight on In Your Head Wrestling Radio starting @8:00 PM EST at www.inyourheadonline.com if you want to call in and talk to Axl yourself please call 1-508-644-8503 between 8 and 9 PM EST.

[Radio] Wednesday’s edition of Peach State Pandemonium, with hosts Rich Tate and Les Thatcher, presents opinion-based commentary on top stories across the world of pro wrestling and will be joined by Johnny Walker, a/k/a Mr. Wrestling #2. We encourage everyone who was ever entertained my Mr. Wrestling #2 to take the opportunity to call (347) 324-5735 and speak with him. To listen to the show, go to http://www.georgiawrestlinghistory.com/gwhrn/home.html

[Radio] Due to a change in direction, GeorgiaWrestlingHistory.com is making some changes, most of which affect the GWH Radio Network, including the addition of Jimmy Rave. Click the following link for more information.

[e-MAG] Big Vito looks back at his career so far in the latest edition of ‘Piledriver Online’ It can be downloaded free by going to http://www.piledriver-online.co.uk

[Indy Event] “Wildcat” Chris Harris will be appearing at the Northern Wrestling Federation events in Fairfield, Ohio on May 16th, 2009 & Fort Wright, Kentucky on May 23rd, 2009. Go to http://nwfwrestling.com for info about the NWF.. [reported by Devin Cutting]

[Article] Sherri Shepherd to Become Pro Wrestler?

[Article] Abyss loves his violent world

[Article] Brooke Hogan wrestles with parents split

[Article] Brooke Hogan Fears For Hard-Partying Mother Linda

[Article] St. Louis wrestling tradition

[Article] Interview with Raven

[Article] ‘Playboy’ Buddy loved making us laugh

[Article] TNA Knockout overcomes physical challenges to be a big-time grappler

[Article] Jacksonville throws down for a chance at WrestleMania

[YouTube] Another funny video from Wrestlicious doing some sketch comedy at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_LytB-xxkE

[NWA News] NWA Charlotte has announced that the promotion will resume operations with a show on May 23. The question is where. Link: http://gwhforum.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=news&action=display&thread=2982

[DVD News] Mickey Grant’s much anticipated film, “Gentleman’s Choice,” about 80’s wrestler Chris Adams is available at http://gentleman.eyesoda.com

[Plug] Visit www.wrestlersrescue.org for more information on Dawn Marie‘s WRESTLE RESCUE organization. It’s a worthy cause so please take a minute to check it out.

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