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[Submit News] Readers are encouraged to submit news for the “OWW Daily News & Notes” page to [email protected]. Compile the important aspects of your news item or upcoming event into one small paragraph, and the chances that I will use it are almost 100%. Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

[Birthdays & Anniversaries] D-Von Dudley (36) celebrated his birthday today.  Today in Memoriam: Matty Matsuda (1929), Ray Gunkel (48, 1972), Jimmy Beal (1993), Don Owen (90, 2002), and Ken Timbs (53, 2004). .. [reported by Rich Tate of www.GeorgiaWrestlingHistory.com]

[ClickWrestle Download of the Day] Wesna vs. Cheerleader Melissa vs. MsChif.

[ChickFight] ChickFight returns to Ipswich on Sunday, August 3 at The Caribbean Centre in Ipswich (UK)! Featuring Jetta vs. Eden Black: ONE LAST ROUND + Cheerleader Melissa vs. Wesna VI” – Check out www.ChickFight.tv for more information on this event!

[Radio] Monday Night Mayhem recently interviewed “Downtown” Bruno Lauer (aka Harvey Wippleman) about his career and recently released autobiography “Wrestling With the Truth” (from www.crowbarpress.com). To listen to this interview of a current WWE employee, go to www.mondaynightmayhemarchives.com/waxfiles/073108.wax

[WWE News] In a press release from World Wrestling Entertainment, the company officially announced the hiring of Freddie Prinze, Jr., as a member of the creative team. Vince McMahon said that his “passion, energy, and creativity make him an excellent fit for WWE”.. [reported by Rich Tate]

[ROH News] ROH has consistently delivered on pay-per-view and “Respect Is Earned II” will continue that tradition. You know that you will get more than your money’s worth with ROH PPV. Don’t miss the premiere of “Respect Is Earned II” on August 1st!!!

[ROH News] Check out the new ROH Video Wire for FREE now at www.ROHvideos.com and at: http://www.youtube.com/user/ringofhonor

[ROH News] Ring Of Honor will return to Japan for two huge events on September 13th and 14th. Both cards will be held at Differ Ariake in Tokyo. The first night will feature the stars of Dragon Gate while the second night will see cooperation from Pro Wrestling NOAH, Kensuke Office and DDT. The lineup for the first night is finalized and the talent list for night two is almost complete. ROH’s tour of Japan last year made history. Now ROH is ready to go back to Tokyo with even bigger events. Look for a lot more news about both these events soon at www.ROHwrestling.com

[Indy Event] Pro Wrestling Unplugged – Diamond Dallas Page returns from retirement to in-ring action for one night and one night only to team with Johnny Kashmere and former PWU Champion John McChesney to take on returning Balls Mahoney and returning champions The S.A.T.s (Jose and Joel Maximo)

[Indy Event] 3KWrestling Fighting Athletes will return to action on Friday evening, August 22 at a location to be announced this weekend. But the big news is that on August 22nd we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of King Kaluha being involved in professional wrestling and what better way then to see “The Legend” challenge Ricky Landell for the ZERO-ONE United States heavyweight championship.. [reported by 3KWrestling Fighting Athletes]

[Misc News] Evan Ginzburg’s Legends Radio Presents: Wednesday Aug. 6 7-10PM at Gizzi’s Coffeehouse in Manhattan – Johnny Valiant-Legendary WWE Hall of Fame pro wrestler performing from his show An Evening with Johnny Valiant http://www.myspace.com/lusciousjohnny – Theresa Sareo Trio- This great singer was seen on Larry King Live www.theresasareo.com – The Sound of Tibet- World Music at its best www.myspace.com/soundoftibet – Evan Ginzburg reads from his book Apartment 4B, Like in Brooklyn www.evanginzburg.com – Free Admission- $3 minimum at tables Get there early- seating extremely limited!

[Autograph Signing] WWE Hall of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine will be having an Autograph Signing on Saturday Aug 2 2008 for 3 hours from 12pm to 3pm at the Richwood Flea Market in Walton, KY. For more info go to www.richwoodfleamarket.com

[Radio] Bruno Sammartino‘s interview on In Your Head Online can be heard by going to http://www.inyourheadonline.com/viewnews.php?autoid=1613

[Radio] ECW Original “Pitbull” Gary Wolf decided to host his own wrestling radio show & His Co-Host Will Be The Chairman Nathan Noss. The first show is still being determined as to what day the First Show Will Air On. Please Add His Show to your myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/Insidethepit — If you Have a Blog Talk Account Please Add The Show At: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/insidethepit — Be Sure to tune in as i Promise you that things will Get EXTREME.

[Radio] This Saturday False Count Pro Wrestling Radio Presents Caution High Risk on Episode 29 We Will Have Caution High Risk Champion “Delenquient” Damien Michaels & Livewire Champion Destiny Payne. Be sure to tune in at 4pm Eastern At: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/falsecountradio ……… For More Information Please Visit: http://www.falsecountradio.com (or) http://chrw.2hell.com/

[Misc News] From the ‘Where Are They Now?’ files… Former WCW wrestler Van Hammer is living in Charlotte where he works as a personal trainer. . . . . . Richie Steamboat, the son of Ricky Steamboat, made his independent wrestling debut over the weekend. He is being trained by George South… [reported by Mike Aldren in the Wrestling Globe Newsletter]

[Misc News] For the second consecutive week, “The Beast” Matt Morgan has secured NBC the Number 1 slot for their target demographic for their time slot. Since his debut on July 21st, the show has seen a 20% growth in viewership in the second half hour, most importantly, the highest rated segments via the quarter hour breakdown is always the third quarter hour. This is significant growth seeing as Matt Morgan has been hyped for the first half of the show two weeks running and the second half hour when he makes his appearance, the ratings spike. More importantly, the third quarter hour is where Matt is featured with the remaining quarter hour being solely dedicated to the “Eliminator”. “The Beast” Matt Morgan will be as dominant as ever this coming Monday for the American Gladiator’s Season Finale. In this season finale, “The Beast” will be unleashed like never before as he destroys his competition in both The Pyramid and The Gauntlet Events. American Gladiators is on NBC and will air it’s 2 hour season finale this Monday, August 4th from 8pm to 10pm Eastern. Matt Morgan can also be seen every Thursday night on TNA iMPACT airing on SpikeTV which airs from 9pm to 11pm Eastern with an encore presentation on Saturday from 11pm to 1am Eastern. [reported by Michael T]

[Plug] There are well over 100 interviews are available on ClubWWI.com for less than five dollars a month. Among the other guests you can hear from are: Jesse Ventura, Terry Funk, Jerry Lawler, Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff, Ahmed Johnson, Bobby Heenan, Kevin Nash, The Iron Sheik, Sid Vicious, Paul Bearer, Bruno Sammartino, Sean Mooney, Scott D’Amore, Tito Santana, Al Snow, Tod Gordon, Charlie Haas, Tom Prichard, Jacques Rougeau, Rick Martel, Tammy Sytch, Too Cold Scorpio, Ole Anderson, Kid Kash, Ivan Koloff, Jackie Gayda, John Heidenreich, Jimmy Hart, Jimmy Valiant, Bad News Brown, Nick Bockwinkel, Dory Funk Jr, Diamond Dallas Page, Rob Conway, Sylvain Grenier, Buff Bagwell, Christian Cage, Jazz, Demolition Ax and Smash, Koko B. Ware, Ricky Morton, Dustin Rhodes, Damian Demento, Fred “Shockmaster” Ottman, Cpl. Kirchner, One Man Gang, Scott Steiner, Shawn Stasiak, Ted DiBiase, Ivory, Chris Masters, Elix Skipper, Kamala, Samoa Joe, Giant Bernard, Bill DeMott, Juvi “Juice” Guerrera, Nora “Molly Holly” Greenwald, Nick Dinsmore, Harley Race, Bull Buchanan, D-Lo Brown, Road Warrior Animal, Missing Link, Slick, Nidia, George Steele, Christy Hemme, Disco Inferno, Paul Ellering, Vito, Steve Blackman, Bushwhacker Luke, AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Dennis Stamp, Shawn Daivari, Kevin Sullivan, B.G. James, Ron Killings, Zach Gowan, Dan Severn, Earl and Dave Hebner, Spike Dudley, Rodney Mack, Larry Zybszko, Rick Steiner, Mae Young, and many, more.

[DVD News] You’ll laugh. . .you’ll cry. . .you’ll be astonished at BOSTONWRESTLING.COM’s Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview II. The original from 2004 has been often imitated but never duplicated. . .without a doubt, it is the most popular shoot interview in the history of professional wrestling. “I’ll make you humble” became a household phrase on-line, but that’s NOTHING compared to the Sheik’s shocking comments about The Ultimate Warrior and the Warrior’s daughter! This two hour shoot will become another instant classic. You’ll laugh out loud when the Sheik forgets Brian Blair and even his own grand kids names (never mind trying to pronounce Sylvester Stallone’s name!). More vicious attacks on Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart and Nikolai Volkoff. For the first time, the Sheik publicly talks about his two sons he had out of wedlock in Iran, Hassan and Ali. For more information, http://www.BostonWrestling.com/mwfstore-sheikstudioshoot2.html

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