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Online World of Wrestling is proud to announce the addition of a SECOND forum, called OWW Genesis, scheduled to launch on February 1st. OWW Genesis is moving to us from another website after an unfortunate breakdown of communication between the OWW Genesis staff and the other website’s management. As of February 1st, the staff and supporting members of the OWW Genesis community will no longer be a part of the other website, and the forum will be locked. Their loss is our gain.

The OWW Genesis crew was contacted by Black Pants Inc. out of San Francisco, California, and asked if they would like to begin a working relationship with their popular wrestling website, Online World of Wrestling, because of their respect for the OWW Genesis community.

After weeks of communication between both parties and lots of deliberation, a deal was struck to bring OWW Genesis to Online World of Wrestling. The staff will have free reign to create and run their own forum with the complete support of OWW’s Brad Dykens and BPI’s Jason Deadrich. This will take a lot of time, work and dedication: luckily these are both things that the Genesis team has an abundance of.

The new forum will be using new state of the art forum software, the board will be bigger and better than it ever was. Over time, we will also phase in new and interesting features to make a new and improved forum community. Sadly a select few of the previous staff members have opted not to join this new venture. We would like to wish them all the best in their future endeavors and welcome them to keep in touch at the new OWW Genesis location.

In addition to the OWW Genesis forum, we are fortunate enough to also welcome an innovative radio program called OWW Radio to the family. There is another statement regarding the future of OWW Radio on the main page. Stay tuned for more information on that exciting front.

We look forward to continuing to maintain lasting friendships and having the most intelligent and in depth wrestling discussions on the internet. At this time, it is important to know that this is not the death of OWW Genesis forums, merely an evolution into something greater, that the entire staff invite you to be part of.