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OWW Radio #44 with host Alan Wojcik is now available to download.

Join Alan Wojcik and Aaron Kendrick as we discuss recent wrestling title changes as the Cauliflower Alley Club with President Karl Lauer and member Sir Oliver Humperdink.

Show’s opening plays and we are live!

Alan starts off the show announcing the passing of Chris Kanyon over the weekend.
Alan discusses the possibility of his death being a suicide.
Alan discusses bipolar disorder.
Alan runs downs some of the tributes to Kanyon from other wrestlers.
Alan somberly discusses how some wrestlers cycle through drugs to get through their career and how wrestling affects the lives of wrestlers and pill abuse.
Alan questions if this was a wrestling related death and not a deeper problem.
Alan plugs several suicide prevention hotlines and let us know to get help of you need help.

You can call these suicide prevention numbers from anywhere in the United States, 24 hours a day:

1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)

1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

There’s also online support for people with depression or having thoughts of suicide:

support4hope.com/ (a group specific for bi-polar sufferers)


Alan and Aaron come back from commercials and discuss the ratings both RAW and Impact drew against the NCAA Mens Basketball Finals.
Alan talks about the TNA Knockouts title change on Impact and how you don’t need to pin a wrestler to win a title.
Horseman4Life calls in and agress with Aaron and feels that a title match should be a straight pinfall or submission ending when a title changes hands.
Alan, Aaron and Horseman4Life discuss the Money In The Bank title wins.
Alan discusses the TNA release of Christopher Daniels and his return to Ring of Honor.
Alan announces the Kings of Wrestling as the new ROH world tag team champions.
Alan and Aaron discuss ROH’s internet PPV the Big Bang.
Alan and Aaron discuss why Daniels didn’t break out big like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles.


Sir Oliver Humperdink  join us LIVE on OWW Radio!
Alan and Aaron get down to brass tacks and discuss the Cauliflower Alley Club and what is it about with Humperdink.
Humperdink discusses his heart surgery in 2001 and how the CAC helped him pay for it.
Humperdink discusses the WWE and he still follows the product and its evolution.
Humperdink discusses his time with the AWF.
Humperdink discusses the Graham family and Championship Wrestling from Florida.
Humperdink discusses Jim Crockett Promotions as they were transitioning to Turner.
Humperdink discusses working in the WWF and working with the late Bam Bam Bigelow.
Humperdink discusses his preferance of working as a heel during his career.
Humperdink discusses working in the WWF during the late 80s and a lack of action figures.
Humperdink discusses how addictive the wrestling business can be.
Humperdink discusses Big Daddy Dink.
Humperdink discusses some of the wrestlers he’s managed during his career.
We thank Sir Oliver Humperdink for joining us LIVE on OWW Radio!


CAC President Karl Lauer join us LIVE on OWW Radio!
Lauer discusses the purpose of the Cauliflower Alley Club (CAC) and their yearly gatherings.
Lauer discusses how the CAC offers help to disabled wrestlers and has a scholarship fund.
Lauer mentions he joined the club in 1979.
Lauer discusses why he joined the CAC and his former tag team partner Gory Guerrero.
Lauer discusses how the gathering is like a comic book convention and how Pro Wrestling Revolution runs along side them.
Lauer discusses seminars with legenday wrestlers set up for the fans and wrestlers that are interested and they will be doing so again this year.
Lauer mentions former OWW Radio guest Dr. David Reiss.
Lauer discusses how everyone in the CAC are on an equal level and are like a family.
Lauer say the CAC is a reunion, not a fanfest.
Lauer discusses how the honorees are chosen each year and how they are unique and seperate from all other wrestling companies.
Lauer runs down the awards being given away this year.
Lauer explains that the CAC means so much to the wrestlers that they all pay their own way an the CAC only pays for 2 dinners.
Lauer and Alan talk about the late Jack Brisco, one time winner of the Lou Thesz award.
Lauer discusses the old territory days and how they compare to the current independent wrestling scene.
Lauer runs down the details of the event and how much to go.
We thank Karl Lauer for joining us LIVE on OWW Radio!



Aaron welcomes us back to the show and presents hiS Match of the Week.
Aaron and caller Spug, 1 host of WTR, talks about Swagger winning the World Title.
Spug feels Swagger is out of his league and looked lost across from Cena on RAW.
Tony calls in a discusses the current WWE product.

Thank you for joining OWW Radio LIVE!


OWW Radio Production Team
Nick Anthony
Alan Wojcik
Cory Morrow
Scott NDX
Aaron Kendrick

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