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Nick, Aaron and Dave all together.

Wrestling News and Discussions
– Nick says Don West will have his last broadcast this Thursday. He is happy about this, since Nick thinks they talk too much.
– He then mentions Brian Oxman (The Jackson Family Attorney) will be joining in on the discussion later in the show.
– Nick takes note of the HGH debate going on on the the Genesis forum. Robert Green, a sports and health specialist, CEO and President of the Body Factory (a company which specializes in sports medicine) will also be calling in to give his input on the subject soon.
– Nick plugs upcoming guests.

Kurt Angle Discussion
– Nick gets into the Angle situation; Kurt Angle was arrested after an incident at his home with girlfriend, Trenesha Biggers a.k.a. TNA Knockout, Rhaka Khan. Earlier, Biggers filed a protective order against Angle and police removed him from the home. Later, Biggers contacted police saying Angle was stalking her from outside a Starbucks. Angle was later arrested under suspicion of DUI, and drug paraphernalia was found in his car by police. Nick then reads off past articles implicating Angle in drug activity and DUI.
– The current charges (as of August 19, 2009) against Kurt Angle are as follows: operating a vehicle while privileges are suspended, prohibited acts, possession (HGH and syringes) and violation of a protective order. Angle made $10,000 bail.
– Angle’s attorney said no evidence for filing a protective order was presented. Also, the attorney says Angle had no way of knowing Biggers was at Starbucks. Aaron thinks Rhaka Khan is lying.
– Nick wonders what role HGH is playing in this case
– “pumpt” from the forums calls in. He says HGH doesn’t cause rage. pumpt claims to have used it in the past and then gets heated over media coverage of drugs. Nick disagrees with pumpt (only after pumpt hangs up).
– (Commercial Break)

Robert Green Interview
– Nick reads off Robert’s credentials and then welcomes him.
– Robert says HGH is dangerous when self-administered and cities HGH was originally used in the 1920’s to help children grow.
– He then explains what HGH does to your internal organs and insulin levels.
– Robert admits HGH is a helpful product for building muscle, but does have dangerous side effects when not used correctly or if it is cheap HGH.
– Nick asks about HGH’s effects on the mind. Robert says HGH has shown signs of repairing brain cells, but could cause harm when mixed with other drugs. He then explains HGH’s effects on the body can become addictive because of the rapid muscle build and rapid weight loss.
– Robert says HGH shouldn’t be banned, because it is helpful in other areas of science. He then plugs his site’s products (bodyfactory.com)
– Robert then explains to Nick all the different ways to administer HGH.
– Robert agrees with Nick that HGH should only be used in the proper medical settings.
– Nick thanks Robert Green for stopping by.

Brian Oxman Interview
– Nick explains the charges against Angle to Brian. Brian explains driving without a license is not serious enough for jail time. Nick asks about stalking penalties. Brian says stalking is only serious if proof of threat of harm is found, and can have roughly a six month sentence. Kurt could be charged with obstruction of justice (felony) for allegedly trying to remove evidence of abuse from a cell phone. Aaron asks about how police might be able to find evidence that may have been deleted. Brian says police can “undelete” files from a computer or cellphone with their technology.
– Nick moves onto the drug charges and explains what police found in the car. Brian says in most states, HGH is not a controlled substance, but it may be in Pennsylvania.
– Nick asks about harassment. Brian explains assault punishments are getting steeper, and could be as high as three years in state prison.
– Dave says he doesn’t think Kurt realizes how much trouble he is in.
– Brian tells what moves he thinks Angle’s defense will make. He says if Angle has a prior record, he’s in serious trouble.
– Nick thanks Brian for his time.
– (Commercial Break)

More News and Discussion
– Nick mentions Angle’s court appearance has been moved because of his TNA obligations.
– Aaron says TNA is better since Jeff Jarrett is gone.
– Nick and Aaron discuss Hard Justice results.
– Dixie Carter wants more TNA programming.
Chris Jericho twittered his hotel was evacuated because someone was smoking near a smoke detector.
Hulk Hogan is in Sports Illustrated.
– Eugene has been released by the WWE.
– Taz loves his new role in TNA.
– Joe Rogan is getting publicity for drinking his own urine on his website.

Match of the Week
Runner’s Up:
John Cena vs. Chris Jericho (RAW)
Shelton Benjamin vs. Zach Ryder (ECW)
CM Punk vs. John Morrison (Smackdown!)

Match of the Week:
AJ Styles vs. Matt Morgan (TNA Impact)
– (Commercial Break)

This Week in Wrestling History
August 17, 1986: Nitika Koloff wins the NWA US Heavyweight Title
August 17, 1997: ECW holds Hardcore Heaven on Pay-Per-View
August 17, 1962: Buddy Landell is born
August 17, 1998: Shane Shamrock is killed by police during a domestic violence situation
August 18, 1993: WCW holds Clash of the Champions XXIV
August 18, 1996: WWF holds SummerSlam
August 19, 1990: Riki Ch?sh? wins IWGP Title in Japan
August 19, 2000: WCW holds last WCW Saturday show
August 19, 2001: WWF holds SummerSlam
August 19, 1973: Lillian Garcia is born
August 20, 1996: Steven Regal wins WCW TV Title from Lex Luger
August 21, 1979: Dusty Rhodes defeats Harley Race for the NWA Title, but holds the title for only five days
August 21, 1997: WCW holds Clash of the Champions XXXV (the last one)
August 21, 1970: Nathan Jones is born
August 22, 1999: WWF holds SummerSlam
August 23, 1982: Bruiser Brody wins Florida State Title, but is stripped after the match
August 23, 1999: Triple H wins his first WWF Heavyweight Championship. Mankind loses the title after winning the previous night at SummerSlam

Wrapping It Up
– Nick thanks all of the guests and signs off.

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