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The show begins with Nick briefly mentioning what’s up ahead on this week’s OWW Radio before welcoming the listeners to the show. Nick introduces OWW Radio Correspondent Aaron Kendrick.

Bubba the Love Sponge Serves Up on Jim Cornette
Nick recaps on comments Bubba the Love Sponge made about Jim Cornette on his satellite radio show. Nick plays a selection of sound bytes from Bubba’s commentary.


Nick defended TNA Impact’s Thursday night replay rating of 0.9
Nick and Aaron discussed TNA’s decision to retire the 6 sided ring in favour of the traditional 4 sided ring
Nick discusses the possibility of TNA Impact airing permanently on Mondays


“Gonna Fly Now”, the theme to the 1976 movie Rocky leads OWW Radio back from commercial

Linda Political McManagement

Nick talks about Linda McMahon’s interview with ABC News journalist Kate Snow
Nick was disgusted and outraged at Linda McMahon’s back peddling during the interview as McMahon would not answer Snow’s questions regarding the accusation that McMahon is spending $50 Million to buy her way into office
Nick attacks some key comments made by Linda McMahon during the interviews calling her comments contradicting, untrue and hypocritical
Nick attempts to call Linda McMahon’s campaign office to request an interview


OWW Radio returns from commercial led in by Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” from the movie Rocky III starring Sylvester Stallone, also featuring Hulk Hogan and Mr. T

Ring of Honor Rant
Nick covers a rant that was posted by OWW Radio Producer Scott NDX on the Online World of Wrestling forum OWW Genesis titled “ROH, You Anger Me”, below is a transcript of the post

“I am tired of ROH giving us the same matches on the same shows in the same city.

Where does this stem from? Final Battle 2008 saw Tyler Black wrestle Austin Aries. Final Battle 2009 saw Tyler Black challenge Austin Aries for the world title in an hour long (and poorly paced) time limit draw. In between those 2 shows, ROH gave us, twice, Aries vs. Black in some fashion, be it a triple threat title match or a ridiculously booked tag elimination. And how does ROH switch it up for the 8th anniversary show? They don’t. Instead, they give us Aries vs. Black.


Look, I like Aries. I think he’s a great champion. I like Black. He’s an up and comer and has a bright future ahead of him. But I am tired of spending my money and seeing the same matches over and over again. I expect there to be some variety. Not 4 shows in the span of year to have them wrestle each other in some fashion.

People have been complaining about WWE having the same main event over and over and over. Well, for me, here in NYC, where these matches are taking place, I feel like the repetition is hurting the product.

In the time I’ve seen 4 Aries/Black matches, I’ve seen 3 Kenny Omega vs. Claudio Castagnoli matches.

Why, ROH? Why do you keep booking the same matches in the same cities? Why can’t we get some variety into the shows?

When I first started watching ROH live, I got to see some amazing matches and a large variety in them. They were different, felt special. And when there was a time for a rematch in the same city, having a decent amount of time between the wrestlers facing off made it more special.

Right now, ROH seems to be stagnant. At least here, in NYC, at their live shows. I just don’t want to see the same matches show after show when the ticket prices keep rising and the quality of the shows are not getting better.”

Nick asks if Desmond Wolfe/Nigel McGuinness and Bryan Danielson are to blame for ROH’s repetitive matches

Match of the Week

Aaron Kendrick reverted back to the previous week during the Monday Night War to name his match of the week
Aaron declared AJ Styles/Kurt Angle from TNA Impact as the MOTW
Aaron explained the reasons behind his choice citing that both wrestlers being established with different wrestling styles
Aaron spoke of the patience that was put behind both AJ and Kurt’s build up before letting them go at it in the ring
Aaron was grateful that the match wasn’t totally butchered by an out of place run in
Nick acknowledged the Knockout Tag Team Title Match between Sarita, Taylor Wilde and Awesome Kong, Hamada as his personal choice for Match of the Week
Nick recognized the old school feeling, philosophy and tag team psychology which hadn’t been portrayed in wrestling in a long time before the Knockouts Tag Team Title Match on Impact came along

Chris Kelly from England: Chris disagreed with Aaron’s choice for match of the week arguing that there were too many ankle locks and style clashes. Chris called it a copycat of the HBK/Undertaker match structure from WrestleMania 25. Chris called the Angle slam the most pointless finishing move in professional wrestling, Chris called the Angle slam just another suplex and the ankle lock just another submission .


Nick read out an email sent in by a listener named Shane who wrote in to agree with Nick’s rant from the previous week about how the current generation of fans are uneducated and show no appreciation for old school wrestling and the art of wrestling psychology. Shane went on to talk about his early years as a fan growing up in the 80’s and that he has recently taken the time to watch wrestling footage from the 1970s to gain a better understanding for wrestling during an era that predated his wrestling viewing.


OWW Radio returns from commercial led in by Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up”

Shawn Kloth of Empire Wrestling Federation
Shawn Kloth, Advertising Director for Empire Wrestling Federation joins OWW Radio. Shawn dropped by to plug Rob Van Dam’s stand up comedy show that was happening in Ontario, California. Shawn plugged Empire Wrestling Radio on KCAA 1050 AM, a one hour show dedicated to Empire Wrestling Federation programming. EWR is owned and operated by veteran wrestler and trainer Jesse Hernandez of International, AWA and WWF fame. Jesse has trained or helped trained many of today’s big names in wrestling which include Melina, Christopher Daniels, Chavo Guerrero, Awesome Kong and the Young Bucks among many others. Empire Wrestling Radio can be heard every Saturday 6pm to 7pm.


OWW Radio returns from commercial led in by Elvis Presley’s “Devil In Disguise”

Interview – Bill DeMott

Nick welcomes Bill DeMott to OWW Radio
Bill credits the late Bam Bam Bigelow as a major influence in his quest to become a pro wrestler
Bill spoke fondly about his trainer WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz
Bill talked how much wrestling has changed in the United States since the last time he was an active wrestler
Bill spoke about how the style of wrestling matches and the fans are different all over the world
Bill spoke about his experience wrestling overseas in Japan
Bill loved wrestling in Japan
Bill talked about his run in WCW
Bill spoke about the wrestling industry currently lacking in big guys with charisma, agility with believable, impressive move sets
Bill talked about Kevin Sullivan
Bill talked about taking part in the infamous Junkyard Battle Royal in WCW
Bill mentioned that all the props used in the battle royal as weapons were 100% real
Bill executed a moonsault off 3 stacks of cars onto a van but it wasn’t shot, other wrestlers did similar stunts but were not caught on camera
Bill spoke about his time in the Misfits In Action stable
Bill felt that the formation and the membership of the Misfits In Action prevented them from being let go by WCW


OWW Radio returns from commercial led in by Guns n Roses “Welcome to the Jungle”

Interview – Bill DeMott (continued)

Bill talked about the shoot/promo he gave on WCW Monday Nitro in 2000 that concluded with the WCW locker room walking out to the entrance ramp to acknowledge Bill with a standing applause
Bill mentioned how Johnny Rodz trained him to cut promos and how it prepared him for the shoot/promo
Bill talked about the final WCW Monday Nitro, the atmosphere hours leading up to the show, the broadcast and the aftermath
Bill talked about being one of the first wrestlers to be picked up by the WWF after the WCW purchase
Bill talked about the WWF atmosphere when the WCW guys arrived in the WWF locker room
Bill talked about being a trainer on Tough Enough
Bill talked about the infamous Bob Holly beat down on Matt Cappotelli
Bill praised the magic of television editing for exaggerating the ‘beat down’
Bill praised Bob Holly for playing the ‘villain’ on Tough Enough
Bill talked about being Head Trainer at Deep South Wrestling
Bill is proud to see many graduates from training excelling in the WWE
Bill also enjoyed being portrayed as an internet villain by some who didn’t succeed in DSW
DSW produced 30 successful wrestlers during the 2 years they were open


OWW Radio returns from commercial led in by Will Smith’s “Boom Shake The Room”.

Interview – Bill DeMott (continued)

Bill spoke about what led to DSW’s closure
Bill talked about the new wrestling promotion New Energy Wrestling that he and his wife opened together
Bill talked about the Monday Night War between Raw and Impact
Bill expressed interest in working with TNA if the opportunity came his way
Bill talked about the good he could do in TNA behind the scenes working with the younger big men like Hernandez
Interview ends


OWW Radio would like to thank this week’s featured guest, Bill DeMott. Bill DeMott can be contacted at [email protected].

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