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Online World of Wrestling is proud to present OWW Radio hosted by Nick Anthony, joined this week by Dave “Kaveman” Kave.

The show started off with Nick talking about attending the Pro Wrestling Revolution card over the weekend. Some notable wrestlers featured on the card were John Anderson, Raisha Saeed, Christie Ricci, NWA World Champion Blue Demon Jr., and Oliver John.

Nick moves on to talk briefly about the activities happening on the OWW Genesis Forum such as the OWW Undisputed Debate League.

Featured Stories Include …
– WWE Releasing Manu
– Verne Gagne Suspected of Murder
Sonjay Dutt Leaves TNA
– Actor Scott Segal from the movie the Wrestler Arrested

Cheerleader Melissa Interview Notes
– Cheerleader Melissa was trained by her uncle Bill Anderson
– Cheerleader Melissa explains how her gimmick was created
– Cheerleader talked about wrestling full time in Japan for 4 months
– Cheerleader Melissa talks about the Fabulous Moolah and Penny Banner. Melissa explains the importance of recognizing female wrestlers of the past
– Cheerleader Melissa advises females wanting to break into wrestling to contact her, Melissa endorsed ChickFight as a source of training
– Cheerleader Melissa talks about the intensity of ChickFight comparing the seriousness of the product to Japanese and Mexican women’s wrestling
– Cheerleader Melissa worked out briefly in the WWF with Molly Holly and Jazz. Cheerleader Melissa loved working with Fit Finlay

OWW Smark Jeopardy
OWW Genesis user Ramon’s Razor vs. The Legend Killer with the winner being crowned OWW Jeopardy Smark Champion

Hogan Watch
Janae Blunt reports on Hulk Hogan‘s radio show appearance where he talked about the possibility of appearing at WrestleMania 25.

Throughout the show, OWW Radio honored Black History Month by playing music sung by black artists Sam Cooke, Chaka Khan, James Brown and Ray Charles.

OWW Radio would like to thank the Producers who make these shows possible every week. OWW Radio would also like extend a special thanks to this week’s featured guest Cheerleader Melissa.

Previous Guests: Ring of Honor’s Davey Richards (Episode #1), “The Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant (Episode #2).

Recap by Ashlen Fyreheart (JHG), OWW Radio Junior Producer

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