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Online World of Wrestling is proud to present OWW Radio hosted by Nick Anthony, joined weekly by Dave “Kaveman” Kave and Daniel “Truth” Wade. The show started off with Janae Blunt’s “Hogan Watch” where it was reported that Hulk Hogan had back surgery last week, which makes a match at this year’s WrestleMania very unlikely.

Brian Oxman Segment
Brian Oxman, who is the Jackson Family attorney, came on to offer Daniel “Truth” Wade legal advice. He also talked to us about working for the Jackson Family, the way that the Jackson’s would work and act together as family, and Michael’s upcoming tour.

Steve Corino Segment
This week’s featured guest, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, NWA World Heavyweight Champion, AWA World Heavyweight Champion, and current WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion, The King of Old School, Mr. Wrestling III, Steve Corino.

Some key notes from the interview
– Steve told us that as a kid he was a huge fan of wrestling and once his parents got cable TV at age eight he was hooked. Steve was always a heel fan.
– Steve almost wanted to be told no, when trying to become a wrestler, and he thinks he has just been getting lucky the last 15 years.
– Steve tells us about his trainers and his stories with the great Terry Funk, and Dusty Rhodes.
– Steve tells us about his favorite ECW match, his Bull Rope Match with Dusty Rhodes.
– Steve told us about the time he spent in OMEGA, a program created by Matt and Jeff Hardy.
– Steve said that he always saw himself in Puerto Rico and Japan, and not really ECW.
– Steve tells us that Dory Funk said you basically have to tell a story in the match, and make everything count.
– Steve talks about his sister, Allison Danger, also being in the wrestling business.
– Steve tells us about is bloody, and semi personal feud with Homicide. Steve says that not many people noticed that this was also somewhat personal, not just business.
– Steve talks about the riot at the Ring of Honor 1st year anniversary.
– Steve told us about when Homicide slapped the side of his head, hit his ear and 6 years later he still can’t hear out of his left ear.
– Steve tells us that he credits Paul Hayman for ECW.
– Steve was contacted by the WWE, and never really wanted to be up in the WWE.
– Steve told us a few of the stories and the comments on the death of Bruiser Brody.
– Steve talks about his son; and his thoughts on if he ever got into the wrestling business, and he wants him to succeed in anything he wants to do.
– Steve told us about when he was passing through Hawaii, and he met Mr. Wrestling II, and how he became as Mr. Wrestling III.
– Steve told us the he finds it super disrespectful, that there is a Mr. Wrestling “IV.”
– Steve talked about a few of the American guys not wanting to go to Puerto Rico because of the death of Bruiser Brody.

Dave “Kaveman” Kave host This Week In Wrestling.

Karl Lauer Segment

OWW Radio’s second interview was with the Executive Vice President of the prestigious Cauliflower Alley Club, Karl Lauer.

Some key notes from the interview
– Karl explained to our listeners what the Cauliflower Alley Club really is.
– Karl says that just about anyone who made a name for themselves is a member, as he gave a few names.
– Karl says that when the older guys get together there are some sad and some really happy stories that come out of the CAC.
– Karl told us that they are getting more and more independent wrestlers, they have a live wrestling show on Monday held by Pro Wrestling Revolution, then all day Tuesday and Wednesday they have seminars.
– Karl tells us about Pat Patterson singing karaoke, and talks about the wrestlers playing cribbage.
– Karl talks to us about the people that make a belt, as well as the price of the tickets.
– Karl told us that they made $4400 selling the tickets.
– Karl told us about some of the celebrities that come to the reunions.
– Karl talks about spreading wrestling on the west coast in the 60’s and 70’s and in 79 he created his own promotion named WWA.
– Karl talked about starting another a promotion in Missouri called WLW, World Legion Wrestling.
– Karl talks about how the memberships are staying strong as they know, and is expecting just a little bit of drop in attendance in Vegas.
– Karl talks about how everything is volunteer and he also talks about the newsletter.
– Karl talks about the things that the CAC has done for many, many wrestlers.
– Karl talks about the WWE Hall of Fame, which he has not had the chance to see.
– Karl talks about how he feels about the industry, and his thoughts on what goes on now.
– Karl says that he didn’t want to compete with Vince, but he wanted to start something different.
– Karl talks about being a good wrestling promoter.
– Karl talks about the “Bologna Blow-Out”

OWW Radio wants to thank the entire team of producer’s that make these shows possible every week. We also want to extend a huge thanks to Brian Oxman, Steve Corino, and Karl Lauer.

Previous Guests: Ring of Honor’s Davey Richards (Episode #1), “The Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant (Episode #2), ChickFight’s Cheerleader Melissa (Episode #3), Tito Santana (Episodes #4), and Cary Silken (Episode #4).

Recap by Ashlen Fyreheart (JHG), OWW Radio Junior Producer

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