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If you missed the Tuesday September 20th edition of the Online World of Wrestling Radio with host Alan Wojcik with weekly contributor Spug. Here are the highlights:

Our first 100% free to the listener’s interview was with WSU roster member and the leader of the Midwest Militia, Jessicka Havok!  This interview had been in the works for several months and Jessicka does not disappoint. She covers a gamut of topics ranging from the formation of the group, why she chose Sassy Stephanie & Allysin Kay, her feud with Alicia, her desire to kick people like Spug in the face, why she loves Resident Evil and so much more. If you are a WSU fan or have seen Jessicka wrestle throughout Ohio, this is a must listen!! Follow Jessicka on Twitter @J_Hav

The show came back from break for interview #2 with the returning ROH World TV champion Jay Lethal who spoke about last weekend’s iPPV, the promotion’s TV reboot this weekend and upcoming events. We were honored to speak with his alter ego “Black Machismo” who fielded questions on Hulk Hogan, Warrior, Linda McMahon, his rap career and much more. Log onto www.ROHwrestling.com to see where you can watch Ring of Honor on your Sinclair Media TV channel. Jay is on Twitter @TheLethalJay and also has a new fan page on Facebook!

The program was closed out with news and notes from WWE & TNA plus Matt Hardy’s arrest that lead to a rehab stint, HHH’s comments on UFC & MMA plus much more. 

Alan has worked the emails and we have scheduled interviews with Northeast Wrestling Heavyweight champion Matt Taven, WSU Tag Team champion Lexus of the Boston Shore, co-author of the WWE Encyclopedia Mr. Brian Shields and the new promoters of Ring Warriors, former NWA President Howard Brody & former 3 time NWA World Tag Team champion Vito DeNucci.

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