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Nick, Dave, Aaron and Steve all together for this episode.

Hogan Watch with Steve
– Hogan and Linda’s Divorce Finalized

Wrestling News and Discussions
– Nick discusses the TNA rumors involving Dixie Carter buying Jeff Jarrett out of the company.
– Dutch Mantell and Savio Vega’s firings from TNA could have more releases following soon.
– Nick and Steve talk about the overabundance of commentator chatter during Impact.
– Vince Russo may be out of TNA soon as well.
– Steve thinks Paul Heyman is too old to be an effective booker, but Nick shoots down his comments. Dave thinks older bookers tend to rehash old ideas.
– Nick says Jeff Jarret violated the “Bros Before Hoes” law in regards to Karen and Kurt Angle. He goes on to say women are cold-blooded begins, and selfish [A-Holes]. Dave agreed with Nick that Karen is playing both Jeff and Kurt. Nick then goes on a tear, calling all women a number of things, none of which were complementary.
– (Commercial Break)
– Ashley (OWW user “JHG”) calls in to defend all females from Nick’s rant. Nick cites the case of the Kobe Bryant alleged rape case. Nick said Oprah and Martha portray women as holier-than-thou, but they really drag men through the dirt. Ashely said all women aren’t attention whores, like Karen angle. Nick called Ashley an attention whore and a liar. The two then argued over a woman’s motivation for having children, but Dave defended Ashley’s view on having a child, disagreeing with Nick that having a baby is for attention.
-(Commercial Break)
– Nick talks to Aaron Kendrick (OWW user “total nonstop attitude”) about Ashely’s call.
– Dana White and Tito Ortiz’s feud has lessened now that Tito has resigned with UFC.
– Fedor has signed a deal with Strikeforce. Dana White says Fedor is a “[Effing] Joke!” Dave says that there aren’t many options for MMA now that promotions are dying, so Fedor should go where the money is. Also, Dave says MMA needs more stringent contracts so talent can’t be stolen from promotions by competition. Nick reads OWW users’ comments on the subject.
– (Commercial Break)
– Nick says he’s getting tons of e-mail about his comments on Karen Angle.

Match of the Week
Runners Up:
Christian vs. Zach Ryder
John Morrison vs. Tyson Kidd
Kenny Omega and Erik Stevens vs. Kenny King and Rhet Titus

Match of the Week:
AJ Styles vs. Matt Morgan
– Nick is unhappy with Matt Morgan’s treatment in TNA.
– (Commercial Break)

Sean Davis Interview
– Nick runs down Sean’s championships and welcomes him.
– Sean says his favorite promotion he has worked for is FIP.
– The two go over Sean’s training history and how Sean came to tag with his current partner, Phil.
– Sean says he was a fan of female wrestling, and wishes more people here in the US liked it.
– Studying everyone in wrestling has helped him develop his promos and mic work, but Sean got the most inspiration from a character in the film PeeWee’s Big Adventure.
– Sean says the first Midnight Express were the biggest influence on his team, the Heartbreak Express.
– The conversation turns to how older wrestlers can really help younger wrestlers, but most newcomers don’t do enough to pick their brains.
– The first match Sean ever saw was The Freebirds vs. The Von Erichs.
– Sean mentions his friendship with Larry Z.
– Nick asks about Sean’s booking experience.
– Sean tells a story about an incident in Panama. The wrestlers on tour there were set to do a TV interview on a show, didn’t tame their act down enough, and tore the set apart. Sean threw the Panamanian flag on the ground, and stomped it. The president of Panama called for punishment, and the US embassy put the stars under house arrest at there hotel. Sean and several others are now banned from Panama for life.
– Sean then told about some Dominican fans who attacked a locker room at a show.
– Nick asks about the current ROH situation, but Sean can’t talk about it.
– The Heartbreak Express is going to be shaking it up in the Indy scene.
– Sean heads out.
– (Commercial Break)

More News and Discussions
– Blackjack Mulligan has suffered a stroke.
– WWE may have just released a referee, as his profile is removed from the site.
– Road Warrior Animal will be coming out with a book in 2011. Nick and Dave mention Animal is Johnny Ace’s brother.
– Dragongate USA will be crowing a champion in a tournament held in Philadelphia. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler will be there. Dave wonders about the monkey that was abused in Dragongate Japan. Aaron doesn’t know about it, so Nick and Dave explain. All express sympathy for the ape in question.
– TNA’s ratings remain low, even for there 200th episode.
– Lilian Garcia may be leaving WWE.

This Week in Wrestling History
– August 3, 1997: WWF SummerSlam
– August 4, 1960: Dean Malenko was born in New Jersey
– August 5, 1995: Collision in Korea was a WCW/New Japan co-production held in Pyongyang, North Korea. Took place in April, but aired in August. The first day of the show, 150,000 people attended, and the second day saw 190,000 (340,000 total). Main event was Antonio Inoki vs. Ric Flair.
– August 5, 1963: Pat Tanaka is born
– August 6, 1995: WCW holds Clash of the Champions.
– August 7, 1996: Jushin Liger announces he has a brain tumor and returns to wrestling 14 days after having it removed.
– August 7, 1942: Masanori Saito a.k.a. Mr. Saito a.k.a. Masa Saito is born
– August 8, 1998: IWGP title is won by Masahiro Chono
– August 8, 1967: Rena Mero Lesnar (nee’ Greek) is born in Jacksonville, Florida.
– August 8, 1980: WWF Showdown at Shea. Bruno Sammartino vs. Larry Z in a cage match.
– August 8, 1986: Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes for the NWA Title in St. Louis, marking his fifth title win.
– August 8, 1997: WCW Road Wild held at The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.
– August 8, 2001: Brian Pillman Memorial Held
– (Commercial Break)

Misawa Career Retrospective
– Steve reads a retrospective on Mitsuharu Misawa’s life.
– The guys share memories and opinions on Misawa.
– Nick lists Misawa’s championships and accolades.
– (Commercial Break)

Wrapping It Up
– Nick mentions Jerry Seinfeld appearing at the Owen Hart tribute luncheon.
– WWE has a sex tape angle, conflicting with Linda’s political career.
– Nick wraps the show up.
OWW Radio wish to thank this week’s featured guest “Superstar” Sean Davis.
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