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You can access OWW Radio here: http://www.owwradio.com

El Generico recently had a dark match at TNA. On Tuesday (Jan 11th), he wrestled against the Amazing Red and got a great reception from the fans. Reports are that the match went very well. On Wednesday (Jan 12th), he wrestled against T.J. Perkins (known in PWG as Puma). He was able to hit his top rope Brain-Buster for the win. I will leave the ridiculous speculation to others, but TNA would be lucky to have him on their regular roster.. [reported by Mike Aldren]

Check out this pictorial preview of WSU’s 1/22 “The Final Chapter” iPPV event here..

Diva-Dirt.com, tonight at 10PM, former WSU World Champion Nikki Roxx will be interviewed.

The new episode of WSU Uncensored is NOW ONLINE! This episode features coverage of the intense Martinez/Orsini feud, an in-depth interview with Traci Brooks, Serena news, details on WSU’s 1/22 “The Final Chapter” iPPV & more. Check it out here..

The SHIMMER Volume 34 DVD is now available for pre-order from Ring of Honor here. This title is scheduled to begin shipping on January 20th. Place your order now and get Volume 34 shipped to you the same day the cases arrive at the ROH office!

The artwork for the upcoming SHIMMER Vol. 35 and SHIMMER Vol. 36 DVD releases has been posted at The SHIMMER Forum here and here. Look for both titles to be released individually over the next several weeks. Thanks to Lee Rainberg at The SHIMMER Forum for his artwork on these releases.

The Czech Republic-based website called Art of Wrestling has concluded an interview with Colt Cabana. The interview was published in the Czech language but today they published the original English version here..

Jake “The Snake” Roberts will be the guest tonight on www.inyourheadonline.com starting at 8:00 PM EST.

This week on Evan Ginzburg’s Legends Radio- Comic Legend Shelly Berman, Pro Wrestling Legend Bushwhacker Luke, and Traci Brooks. Check it out at www.legendsradio.net

Last Week’s archive for Legend’s Radio includes a 45 minute interview with Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham – Listen to the show at www.legendsradio.net

Right After Wrestling had an interview with former WWE Diva Maria (Kanellis) here..EXCERPT: “My dad was very strict. He is from a very traditional background and that means the woman does all the housework and the father makes the money. The problem was, my mom had to work in my family anyway because my father’s salary couldn’t support us, so my mom had to work and do the housework. One of the reasons I left the house was because I felt the woman shouldn’t have to do the housework. I grew up very hard headed and that definitely had influence in me getting into the wrestling world. I don’t think I could have made it in the wrestling world otherwise.”

On the latest Right After Wrestling podcast, there was coverage of the Kentucky promoter who got arrested for not paying security and pro wrestlers for their services. April Hunter (who worked that show) and Lance Storm joined the show live to chime in on the situation and give more information and context. Click here to listen. Here is an excerpt from April Hunter about the “promoter arrested” story: “When the cops handcuffed him and took him out, I thought it was a work. Either they took him out for his protection, or, there were two promoters there, maybe the other promoter was in on it to and this was a way to pacify the boys so we don’t (hurt) him because we did have him cornered and we were about to. I was surprised to see it was for real and he was arrested and he was denied bond. He not only stiffed us but he stiffed the police officers he had hired to do security, and the policemen told us ;if he doesn’t pay us, he’s going to jail’.”

Oscar from Men on a Mission was live on Right After Wrestling with Arda Ocal & Jimmy Korderas here..

WRESTLING SUPERSTARS – LIVE! has just announced that select cast members of the wildly popular MTV series “JERSEY SHORE” will be appearing live at selected events in 2011. Already signed for major WSL events in Texas June 10th and 11th, the incredibly popular (and hated by more than a few) castmates of JERSEY SHORE are also available for live personal appearances nationwide. Want to put your next event, fund-raiser, promotion, fair, festival or casino “over the top”? You come up with it and we’ll provide the rest. Contact THE GAGNE GROUP through e-mail at ([email protected]). Enough said. Just don’t use Snooki or The Situation as your role models!

Dublin Championship Wrestling announced an alliance between DCW & Wrestling Portugal that will see wrestlers from both promotions work shows in Portugal and Dublin. Here is the translated statement from Wrestling Portugal on the alliance: “Dublin Championship Wrestling is the most talked about promotion in Europe with exciting storylines on You Tube and great wrestling matches such as the Tables Ladders & Chairs Match, East Wall Street Fight, Dog Collar Chain Match & I Quit Match and that is why Wrestling Portugal is proud to announce a partnership between the two promotions that will see DCW wrestlers appear at Wrestling Portugal events and Wrestling Portugal wrestlers appear at DCW events and we look forward to a exciting future for both promotions bringing the great countries of Portugal & Ireland together” .. [reported by www.dublinwrestling.ie]


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