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OWW’s This Week In Wrestling by Cathal Byron

CWE Ill Will Tour Results

August 16th

“A-List” Anderson Tyson Moore defeated MARIUS

JJ Sanchez pinned Lizzy Slade in an inter gender match.

Kevin Cannon’s Mystery Client pinned “Murder City Saint” Nate Hardy with assistance from Kevin Cannon.

CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan successfully retained his championship against CWE Tag Team Champion AJ Sanchez.

Tommy Lee Curtis & Nate Hardy defeated the team of Kevin Cannon and his mystery client.

August 17th

“A-List” Anderson Tyson Moore w/Kat Von Heez defeated CNWA Provincial Champion Tyler James to become the new champion.

The Sons of Anarchy, “Big” Cliff Corleone & “Misfit” Mike Mission beat the team of Nate Hardy & “The Canadian Crime Spree” Spyder.

Billy Blaze was victorious in the 6-way elimination match also featuring “The Rebel” Bobby Collins, Zack Mercury, Kevin Cannon’s Mystery Client, JJ Sanchez, and a surprise appearance from “Beautiful” Bobby Jay.

“Pissed off Pitbull” Robby Royce called out Anderson Tyson Moore to fight. ATM answered the challenged but only verbally as he informed Royce he wasn’t going to fight him, his hired gun MARIUS would. Royce defeated MARIUS by submission.Following the match ATM attacked Royce. When Royce got the upper hand Kat Von Heez hit him with a low blow. Royce said he came prepared for that and next month he found himself a tag team partner to even the odds. None other than former TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love.

Doink The Clown & Kory Kinkade upset the team of Mentallo & Tyler Colton when Kinkade rolled up Colton.

“The Mecca” Shane Madison defeated “Mr. Beefy Goodness” Vance Nevada. As per the stipulation Nevada is gone from CWE.

CWE Tag Team Champions The Big Sexy Beasts retained their tag titles defeating the team of CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan & “Bring The Pain” Matt Fairlane.

August 18th

“The Rebel” Bobby Collins pinned MARIUS.

“Mr. Beefy Goodness” Vance Nevada defeated Kat Von Heez by DQ in his final obligated match to CWE.

Tyler Colton pinned Tyler James with assistance from Mentallo.

CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan retained his championship against CWE Tag Team Champion Kevy Chevy.

CWE Tag Team Champion AJ Sanchez pinned Adam Race.

“Grandmaster Sexay” Brian Christopher & Tyler James defeated Mentallo & Tyler Colton.

Busted Knuckle Pro Wrestling presents:


August 17th, 2012

Rip Impact def. Alessandro del Bruno, afterwards Rip cut a heel promo stating that he was overlooked, and now wrestling for himself and not worrying about what the fans think.

Eddie Osbourne won a triple threat elimination gauntlet for the right to face RAVEN at the next BKPW event. Other Participants: Derek Platinum, Aiden Prince, Bry Sullivan, Zakk-a-Mania, Jimmy King

Phil Atlas def. “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea to advance to the finals

Hollywood Hunks def. Power & Fame to become the new BKPW tag team champions

“Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva def. “All Ego” Ethan Page to advance to the finals


Johnny Wave (W) & EZE def. Carlito (L) & Abe “Action” Jackson

Top Rope Promotions results

August 17, 2012

Doink the Clown b “The Ladies Man” Gregory Edwards (w/ “The Manliest Man” Biff Busick)

Kevin Perry & Viper the American Ninja b Andrew & Joe Couto

“The Devil’s Reject” Brandon Webb b Nightmare Nick Steel to retain the TRP Interstate Championship

“The Manliest Man” Biff Busick (w/ “The Ladies Man” Gregory Edwards) b Vinnie Marseglia to retain the TRP Heavyweight Championship

WWE Hall of Famer “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas b Shane Alden

Abel James b Heavenly Johnny Angel

Nikki Valentine b Lea Morrison (Luscious Latasha was the guest referee)

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake b “The Super Villain” Shane Marvel.

New England Championship Wrestling

August 18th

The opening contest saw the NECW Tag Team Championship contested, as Da Hou$e Party (Cooley K and K Emcee) successfully defended against the duo of Nick Fahrenheit and Nick Westgate.

“Mr. Fabulous” Tony Ulysses scored a surprising victory over the pride of Blackstone, Tank the Tank.

In the match to determine the next entrant into the NECW Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Johnny Thunder and Sean Burke fought to a draw via double countout. NECW officials ruled that due to the draw, BOTH men would be entered in the tournament and would meet in a rematch in the first round.

Continuing his winning ways in NECW, “The Party Peacock” Dalton Castle defeated the returning former WWE star, Antonio “The Promise” Thomas in a great back-and-forth contest.

Chase Del Monte continued on his path toward the NECW Heavyweight Championship by picking up a victory over “The Boston Bad Boy” Jason Rumble with an assist from one of Rumble’s fiercest rivals. “Mr. Fabulous” Tony Ulysses came to ringside and took a page out of Adrianna’s book by tossing his beverage into the eyes of Rumble.  This allowed Del Monte to hit his devastating Cradle Piledriver for the win.

In the main event for the evening, the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship was on the line in Stage 5 of the Seven Levels of Hate, a Dog Collar Match.  In a brutal bout that saw both men decimate each other with 18 feet of steel chain, champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce retained the legendary 10 pounds of leather and gold against Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana.  Pearce, at one point in the series down three matches to zero, left Cabana defeated and heavily bloodied in the middle of the ring. This pulls the historic best of seven series to 3-2 in favor of Cabana as it shifts to Stage 6 on September 30th in Oregon.

AIWF Mid-Atlantic Results

August 18, 2012

Dysfunctional Disorder beat Yo Boyz!

Jenny Jannetty pinned Lady Marion

Ouga Booga beat Kyle Styles

Team Throwdown beat The Killbillies

Phil Stamper beat Cold Blood, J-Smooth, Court Montgomery, TC Washington, Victor Andrews & Rhyze in a Money in the Piggy Bank match

Team Chief (Chief Attakullakulla, Rob McBride, Jimmy Jannetty, Jody Osborne & Reid Flair) beat The Old School Mafia (Rick Deezel, Louis Moore, Matt Houston, JD Anderson, & Scrapyard Dog) in the 25th Anniversary of War Games.

Ring Wars Carolina

August 25, 2012

No Limitz champion Kris Nemesis def. Steve Michaels

Old Skool def. Revenge, Krazyhorse and PoPo Da Klown

AIWF Womens Champion Mia Svensson def. Alexis Parrish

RWC Tag Team Champions Krayoz def. Real Steel

Ala De Angel def. Guerrero Ninja

Hangtyme def. Diego Vasquez

Special Guest Referees for the evening, Earl and Brian Hebner from TNA Impact Wrestling.


August 25, 2012

GOUGE had 2 big shows in 1 day

Jimmy Jack Funk Jr pinned Alex Adonis w/ Miss Lynn

La Sirenita de Tijuana pinned The Seoul Crusher

GOUGE Champion Lou Marconi w/ The Grog Father defeated Seymour Snott (w/ outside help from Grog)

La Abandonada beat Kid Vega

Handsome Frank Stalletto & Mickey Gambino defeated Jaheem the Dream & Mike West w/ Toon

Early in the show while Toon was doing a promo he was brutally attacked by the New Goodfellas and unable to wrestle, so Jaheem & Mike West took his place- also before the match they had a rap concent where the Grog Father rapped the Beverly Hillbillies song and lost when Jaheem did Mickey and Frank sucks raps)after the match the Lachadoras in force attacked Grog and Mickey Gambino and held Mickey to get punched by Toon

August 25, 2012

Seymour Snott pinned Alex Adonis w/ Miss Lynn

Jaheem the Dream & Crumb the Bum beat Leather Face & Micheal Myers

Jimmy Jack Funk Jr pinned Otto Schwanz w/ Admir Al Akbar to win the Raleigh Championship- after the Match Otto turned on Manager Akbar and laid him out

Handsome Frank Stalletto & Mickey Gambino w/ the Grog Father beat Seymour Snott & El Hijo Del Generico

GOUGE Champion Lou Marconi w/ the Grog Father pinned Mike West