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OWW’s This Week In Wrestling

Neo Wrestling Federation’s “ONE”

September 22, 2012

VIP pre-show:

“The Bearded Dragon” Scotty Turner def Eric Slater via a bridging German suplex.

Jake O’Reilly def “The Showstealer” Cole Stark via a vicious arm bar.

“ONE” results:

“The Ronin” Josh Alexander def Nick Vickers with an assist from Jay Moore. Alexander joined Jay Moore’s faction after the match.

Andrew Davis def Scotty Turner via cheating/feet on the ropes.

The Notorious T.I.D. def Crazzy Steve in a brutal grudge match, but the referee reversed the decision when T.I.D’s attack did not stop after the bell.

Cody Deaner def Derek Wylde, RJ City, and Shawn Spears when Deaner pinned Wylde. During the match, the masked man returned wielding the pipe, and lured Shawn Spears backstage.

Pepper Parks def “All Ego” Ethan Page via a top-rope neckbreaker.

Tag-Team Champions The Italianos vs The Pissbeaters ended in a no-contest.

The Pissbeaters jumped the champions before the match trying to get the upper hand, even piledriving Primo Scordino on the concrete floor. The brawl spilled outside the ring, involving both NWF referees being knocked out, and all the security staff. During the scuffle, Jake O’Reilly even singled out one of the female NWF staff, headbutting her to the ground in order to get to The Italianos.

Tiberious King def Tyson Dux to unify the NWF Independent Title and the NSP Grand Championship to become the new undisputed NWF Heavyweight Champion.

CWE Bad Intentions

September 29, 2012

“The Rebel” Bobby Collins defeated JJ Sanchez three times in 8 minutes after Sanchez demanded another chance to prove he wasn’t a loser after each fall.

CNWA Provincial Champion Mentallo & Tyler Colton won in tag team action against The Saints of Los Angeles after outside interference on behalf of the The Original Thug Crew.

MARIUS made very short work of Cory Diamond for the victory.

Kevin Cannon and his mystery client informed the audience that The Axe was yet again not in attendance due to the beating he had taken months ago and that rumor has it they have retired the 400 plus pounder. With them taking out the largest member of the roster they asked who wanted to line up next to be retired. Darren “The Bomb” Dalton answered the challenge and was defeated by the mystery client after a retaliation and distraction from the Saints of Los Angeles that led to Dalton being rolled up for the loss.

The Sons of Anarchy beat the trio of the CWE Tag Team Champions The Big Sexy Beasts and UFC Legend Dan “The Beast” Severn in a 6-man tag team contest after Dan Severn turned on his tag partners revealing he was paid off by the Sons of Anarchy to unleash a series of violent suplexes on the tag team champions gaining the SOA the victory.

Anderson Tyson Moore & Kat Von Heez won the inter gender tag match against “Pissed off Pitbull” Robby Royce & former 5 time TNA Knockout champion Angelina Love after ATM snuck in a school boy on Angelina. Following the match with the assistance of Love Royce delivered a top rope elbow drop through a table on Von Heez.

“Bring the Pain” Matt Fairlane became the fourth man to ever hold the CWE Championship when he pinned “Hotshot” Danny Duggan to win the title following a violent and bloody bout that saw Fairlane use a taser on Duggan as special guest enforcer Shane Madison was knocked to the ground.

CWE returns with its next big super show in Winnipeg on Friday, November 23rd with the 50 man over the top rope Rumble to Remember event.

Steeltown Pro Wrestling

Steeltown Pro Wrestling crowned a new Heavyweight, Provincial and Tag Team Champions over the course of three shows making it one of the most volatile weekends in SPW history. MARIUS became a 2-time SPW Provincial and AIWF Canadian Champion on September 20th, Mike Mission and Cory Diamond became SPW Tag Team Champions on September 22nd while Rob Stardom became SPW Heavyweight Champion on September 23rd before losing it later that evening to current champion Jethro Hawg in the finals of the 3rd annual Kerry Brown Memorial Tournament.  SPW presents the third edition of Halloweenpalooza on Sunday November 4th


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Preshow:  Jonathan Crane vs. Nate Stone – No Contest when newcomer Christian Rose ran in and attacked both men.

1) Remi Wilikins, Dale Patricks, and Trevor Court beat Tripp Cassidy, Reed Bentley, and Big Sue Jackson

Majority owner of IPW Greg Carey announces the long time referee David Lee is now the new Commissioner.

2) Heidi Lovelace beat Thunderkitty in a ladies match

3) Jesse Emerson & Chris Hall w/ Greg Carey beat Derek Neal & Jason Nesmith

4) Christian Rose b. HyZaya

5) Interim IPW Tag Team Championship: “The Kings of Armory” Sugar Dunkerton & Aaron Epic beat ” Kentucky Buffet” (Matt Cage and Alex Castle)  to win the titles in a 2 out of 3 falls match

6) Chris Castle beat Dustin Rayz by DQ

7) Darren dDean beat Aaron Solo

8) IPW Jr. Heavyweight Championship:  Aaron McCormick beat Dave Crist, “The Last Dragon” ACH, & Kyle O’Reilly in a 4 way to win the vacant title

9) IPW World Championship: Champion Jake Crist beat Davey Richards to retain the titleCWF Mid-Atlantic

Saturday October 6, 2012


These two have been at odds for months ever Since the monstrous Mecha helped cost Kazi the Mid-Atlantic Championship. They will finally go one-on-one Saturday October 6th in one of the huge main events on this final spectacular event before the Rumble.


Wrestlers surround the ring to keep most competitors from running away and IF the Coach scores the win, Eaton & Wilkins will get one final tag-team title shot against the Killbillies.


Dollars is coming for payback as Spades finally must answer for all his meddling, all his interfering and all Donnie’s frustration at losing both the Television Title and his friendship with Joe Black.

Plus MUCH more including:

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion RAY KANDRACK and the rest of Coach Gemini’s ALL STARS

Number one contender CHIVA KID


2012 Weaver Cup Tournament Winner ARIK ROYAL

Brand new Television Champion TREVOR LEE


and many others!

Brew City Wrestling

October 6, 2012

Brew City Wrestling World Tag Team Championship

Beer City Bruisers (C) -vs- Polish Pride

Brew City Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship

“Monster of the Midwest” Sadist (C) -vs- Brandon Blaze

Brew City Wrestling Ladies Championship

Stacy Shadows(C) -vs- Melanie Cruise

“The Latin Lover” Esbeban Martinez -vs- “The Mouth of the Midwest” JP

World’s Best Wrestling

October 6, 2012

World’s Best Wrestling Champion Tournament Matches Round One:

“Captivating” Corey Mason vs. Lil’ Hulk Jake Ashworth

“Your Reality” C. O. Hustler vs. Tejo Kahn

Matt Taylor vs. Flash Fury (special stipulation, falls count anywhere)

Special Challenge Match: Pompano Joe vs Eclipso S. Powers

Lil C vs. The “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson

The Big Man From Iran, Tyson Rogers confronts “American Made” Jason Legend about his patriotism.

Plus former WWF Tag Team Champion Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake will be in action, the WBW debut of the mysterious Papa Dingo, Wrestle Ohio’s Mastermind V.L. Stricklett, and Sara Stricklett, Dude Rock, Sharon Rock, “Loony” Mike Horton, Lords Of The Dance and more!