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OWW’s This Week in Wrestling – January 15, 2014

Empire Pro Wrestling – Long Cold Winter

January 4, 2014

Brother Fusion (Jason & Brandon Collins) vs. Johnny Viper & mystery partner Banks ended as a double count out. Viper introduced his tag team partner as someone who wouldn’t go into business for himself (referring to the recently suspended Seven) Banks, who was the former “Hired Muscle” of Jason Hampton was not confirmed as the newest member of the Cabal.

Double Dragons (KT & Keith Hamill) appeared on the video wall. Hampton approached the Dragons stating it was ridiculous that not only do they constantly get opportunities to regain the tag team titles, but they are also in a 30 minute Ironmen match tonight and he’s not on the card. He put Dragons on notice that if they win, he was going to find a good partner and come after those tag team titles.

Shaun Tempers approached Commissioner Ben Thrasher and said he wasn’t going to defend his Empire Heavyweight Title against Tank again because he had already given Tank not one, but two rematches and was not obligated to give him another. He told Thrasher he would go through with the match IF Tank and the Rev agreed that it would be the last shot for not only Tank, but any Devil’s Rejects past, present, or future.

Logan Alvey and Bobby Hayes fought all over the arena in their street fight. Alvey was able to kick out of Hayes piledriver. This led Hayes to piledrive the referee. Hayes continued to take his anger out on Alvey with an absolute brutal chairshot to the skull. A second ref appeared and made the three count. Logan Alvey was somehow barely able to walk out on his own two feet afterward.

The Rev and Tank appeared on the video wall. Tank had the dog collar and the chain in his hands as The Rev agreed to Tempers’ demands. Rev said this would be the only title shot Tank needed, but before he concluded his thoughts on the brutal match that was going to take place, Tank and Rev were attacked. The camera feed was cut immediately but a second camera soon picked up the commotion backstage. Security, referees, Thrasher, and former wrestler Rush were attempting to remove Bobby Hayes from the fallen body of Tank. Hayes had used a single blow to Tank’s skull with a hammer. Blood was everywhere as evident by the hands and clothing of fellow Reject, Andrew Alexander. Hayes demanded to take Tank’s place against Tempers for the Empire Title. Thrasher strongly denied the request which led to Hayes shouting “I QUIT” and storming out of the locker room.

The Best of the Best (Lamar Phillips & Dyron Flynn) retained the Empire Tag Team Titles over The Double Dragons (Keith & KT Hamill) in the first ever 30 Minute Iron Men Tag Team Match. DD won the first fall when BotB were disqualified for using a steel chair on the arm/shoulder of “The Chunky Dragon” Keith. Flynn then won back to back falls by making Hamill submit to the crossface chicken wing. After Keith was able to escape the clutches of the Best of the Best, KT scored a pinfall with less than one minute to go making the score 2-2. After the match ended as a draw, Thrasher conversed with referee Guy Hullender and ordered that there be a sudden death period. While the BotB argued this point on the stage, one the Empire security cards threw Keith out of the ring and attacked KT. The match was restarted and though KT was able to kick out after a double team Face Crusher/STO combo, he was unable to do the same after a spine buster from Phillips.

Tempers made his way to the ring with manager Steve Dave and exited after introducing “The Temptation”, as all members of The Cabal were banned from ringside. Confusion reigned. To the best to everyone’s knowledge, Tank would be unable to compete due to the attack by Hayes. After several moments, the familiar music of The Devil’s Rejects began to play, but The Rev lead the returning Alexander to the ring rather than “The Strong Style Psycho”.

Shaun Tempers (with Steve Dave) defeated Andrew Alexander (with The Rev) in a Dog Collar Match to retain the Empire Heavyweight Championship. Fans expected a Dog Collar Match and Thrasher did not disappoint. The champion was busted open and turned into a bloody mess fairly early on at the hands of Alexander and the connecting links of chain. After a nasty throw over the top rope and the challenger being hung by the chain, Tempers took control of the match. Tempers attempted to use the chain to pull Alexander into the post. Alexander reversed the momentum and smashed Tempers’ face into the post. After a fury of offense and an insane dive over the top rope, Alexander appeared to have the champion put away. However, Tempers was able to push Alexander into the referee. The Rev threw his staff over Tempers’ head, prompting Tempers to lay Rev out with a stiff punch to the jaw. Alexander knocked Tempers out of the ring but was unable to reach the staff. Tempers unhooked the dog collar from and grabbed the title belt from the announcer’s desk. This separation allowed Alexander to obtain the staff and use it on Tempers as he tried to strike with the title. Alexander opted to use the title instead of the staff and appeared to have the match won. As the referee came to and began to make the count, he noticed and questioned why Tempers was not attached by the collar. While Alexander reconnected the chain to Tempers’ neck and the ref set the title out of the ring, Tempers struck with a low blow and wrapped the chain around the throat of Alexander for his patented Kibosh Neckbreaker.

On the video screen, an Empire security guard asked Hampton what he thought, referring to his attack of the Double Dragons. Hampton asked if that was supposed to impress him. The guard’s answer was a stern “yes”. He was tired of Empire forcing him to be a security guard and not allowing him to show what he could do. He was a trained wrestler and if Hampton wanted a tag team partner, he had one and his name was Eli Thompson.

Ace Rockwell (with UTC football standout Gunner Miller) defeated “The Freakin Star” Matt Fortune (with Steve Dave) in an I Quit Match. Rockwell’s account of the match follows:

Matt and I started out brawling. It was stiff as shit. Spilled outside. I threw him over the rail. He’s extremely athletic and jumped as high as I’ve ever seen anyone jump outside of AJ. He went 3 rows deep and front flipped through chairs. Set up the coffin of chairs. Teased it. He blocked. He came back. Stiff kicks. Set up a table outside near the stage. Only one leg up. Table angled. Brawling on stage. I try suplexing him. He blocks. He tries. I block. He pushes me off…I run at him still on stage,  He ducks clothesline, I spin around and he spears me off the stage through the table. I picked splinters out of my back until last night. Cuts and bruises on my back from that. His back got caught under it and it cut his hand up and mangled it up. Neither of us will say I quit after ref asks. Finally both of us back in the ring. He gets Dave’s belt. Straps me with it. Welts on my back. One actually wrapped around me and caught me in that area. I actually have a welt in that place. Not fun. He busts me open with the belt. Probably the best color I’ve ever gotten. He beats me up…stiff shots…submissions. Ref asks over and over if I will quit because Matt keeps on him. I won’t quit. I mount a small comeback that puts us on the apron. Trade shots on apron, and I hit the Ace Crusher off the apron through the coffin of chairs. Holy shit/this is awesome chants break out. Very cool. As a wrestler, nothing better to hear. Neither quit. Back in ring, I put the Scorpion on him. Dave up on apron. Gunner Miller chases Dave out. Viper runs out and hits me with a version of the Zig Zag. Miller in the ring behind Viper. Viper turns around and gets speared. Huge crowd reaction. Miller pounds the mat. Ace chants. Matt grabs belt. Straps me while I work up the ropes. I eventually no sell. He swings the belt. I duck. Airplane spin….set him down…cross face with the belt around his eyes…he finally says I quit. Loved the match. Couldn’t have asked for more. Crowd was white hot. Makes you know why you wanted to be a pro wrestler. Awesome night.

Ring Wars Carolina

January 4, 2014

J-Money def. Diego Vasquez

RWC Tag Team Champions Team Collegiate def. Anime Kid & Syde Effect

Mia Svensson def. D’Arcy Dixon by DQ

RWC No Limitz Champion Victor Andrews def. Kris Nemesis

Hangtyme def. James Anthony in a Tables Match, becoming the new RWC World Heavyweight Champion.

Platinum Championship Wrestling

January 4, 2014

Porterdale, GA

PCW’s first show of the year was awesome.  The crowds are back since football season is over.  It was a treat to see A.R. Fox and the Dragon Shynron who’ve both made names in larger independent companies all over the country.

Match 1: “Hit for Hire” Bobby Moore and De La Vega vs. Adrian Armour and Shynron

Winners: “Hit for Hire” Bobby Moore and De La Vega

Adrian Armour and De La Vega started with a test of strength, but Vega quickly tagged in Bobby Moore.  Moore tried to break Armour’s arm, but Armour managed a rope break.  Moore kicked Armour in the gut. Armour caught Moore in a headlock.  Shynron dropkicked Moore from the top rope as Armour held him in place.  Vega tagged in, and Shynron dodged Vega’s clotheslines. Shynron did a handspring which led into a neckbreaker.  He followed up with a standing moonsault.  Bobby Moore gained control at the point where Shynron nearly knocked Rachel off the apron.  Moore and Vega isolated Shynron for a while.  Moore knocked Armour off the apron to keep Shynron from making a tag.  Moore missed a move and Armour tagged in. Vega also tagged in.  Armour tried to pin Vega, but Vega kicked out.  Vega did a headscissors to Armour, but he was unsuccessful in his pin attempt.  Armour punched Vega in the face several times, and he attempted to pin Vega.  Moore tagged in, and he did an elbow from the second rope, but he couldn’t pin Armour.  Vega dropped Armour and landed a huge elbow to Armour’s chest, but he still couldn’t manage the pin.  Shynron did a hurricanrana to Moore. Moore and Vega were outside the ring and Shynron did a massive dive into both of them.  Moore got Armour back into the ring. Moore missed a swing at Armour, and Armour took advantage with a massive suplex.  It did no good. Moore managed to pin Armour for the win.

Match 2: AR Fox vs. Casey Kincaid

Winner: Casey Kincaid

Kincaid started by working Fox’s arm.  Fox did an armdrag, and Kincaid followed this up with a knee to Fox’s neck.  Kincaid hit Fox hard with a right hand to the jaw.  Kincaid unsuccessfully attempted a pin.  Fox landed several shots to Kincaid’s midsection and followed with a kick to Kincaid’s head.  Fox dived out of the ring onto Kincaid.  He did a handstand centon to Kincaid, but he didn’t manage the pin.  Fox tried for the pin again after the slam, but was again unsuccessful.  Fox did a running clothesline to Kincaid in the corner. He followed up with a sliding dropkick to Kincaid’s face.  Kincaid did a gutwrench to Fox but didn’t manage the pin.  Kincaid did a neckbreaker with another unsuccessful pin attempt.  He then did a snap suplex and went up to the second rope but he missed that move.  Fox clotheslined Kincaid and landed a pretty dropkick.  Fox attempted to pin Kincaid.  Fox landed a 450 splash, but still was unable to manage the pin.  Fox kicked Kincaid in the face. Kincaid tried a sleeper hold, but Fox was able to break it. He attempted it again. Kincaid won the match by pinning Fox. Kincaid showed his sportsmanship by raising Fox’s hand in a sign of respect.

Match 3: Sugar Shane, Ricky Nugent, Brian Blaze, Jon Williams, Dynomite Soul, and Marko Polo in a 6 man anyone can tag in at anytime match.

Winner: Jon Williams

Polo and Sugar Shane started. Sugar tried to put Marko in an armbar, but Marko reversed, got Shane on the rope, and dropped him. Jon Williams tagged in and so did Ricky Nugent.  Williams took Nugent down and stomped on his arm.  He tried to pin Nugent, but Nugent got his foot on the rope.  Dynomite Soul tagged in, and he attempted to pin Nugent, but Nugent grabbed the rope.  Dynomite Soul tagged in Marko. Marko attempted a sleeper on Nugent, and every wrestler attempted a sleeper on the guy in front of him. They all ended up in a row with Dynomite Soul on the end.  Dynomite Soul did a dropkick to end the sleeper row. He tossed Nugent back into the ring and Marko slammed Nugent.  Dynomite tagged back in and Nugent took him down.  Sugar Shane tagged in, and Dynomite began chopping and punching him. Many tags were made, and Shane ended up tagging in Jon Williams who tagged in Brian Blaze rather quickly.  Brian Blaze elbowed Dynomite Soul’s kneecaps.  Blaze tagged in Nugent who twisted Dynomite’s knee around his leg, but Dynomite punched him off of him.  Nugent tagged Blaze back in and Blaze stomped Dynomite Soul’s lower back.  Sugar Shane made it back in, and Dynomite Soul tried to pin him with a small package, but he was unsuccessful.  Jon Williams clotheslined Ricky Nugent.  Marko then did a Bray Wyatt like reverse STO to Nugent.  Jon Williams pinned Nugent for the victory. This entire match was chaotic, but it was exciting.

Match 4: Sylar Cross vs. Logan Creed

Winner: Double Countout

Logan Creed gained momentum early in the match, but Cross would leave the ring every time.  Cross bashed Creed’s head on the apron. Chip Day choked Creed while Cross distracted the referee.  Sylar tried unsuccessfully to pin Creed.  Creed kneed Cross’s midsection. Cross regained control of the match and did a splash to Creed in the corner.  Chip Day interfered again as Cross distracted the referee.  Cross head-butted Creed. He followed this up by buttslamming Creed.  He attempted to pin Creed, but to no avail.  Cross was frustrated and choked Creed, but he broke it before the 5 count.  Creed slammed Sylar, and Chip Day interfered again by pulling Creed’s leg.  Creed knocked Chip off the apron.  Cross slammed Creed after Creed missed a move off the top rope.  Creed pulled Sylar down by his ankles, and the action spilled outside the ring.  The match ended in a double countout.

Quasi Mandisco addressed the crowd.  “I come out here to wish ya’ll a happy new year.  I wish you all the birth control, all the pickup trucks, and all the acne medication you need for the New Year.  I’d like to introduce the newest member of the most dominant group at PCW, MAIM, Fry Daddy.”

Match 5: Fry Daddy vs. Trey Williams

Winner: Fry Daddy

Trey mocked Quasi by wearing his scarf, then he wiped his butt with it.  Quasi had the funniest expression on his face when he got it back. He didn’t want to touch that stinky scarf.  Fry Daddy punched Trey. Trey took down Fry Daddy and attempted unsuccessfully to pin him.  Trey did a hip toss followed by an armbreaker. Trey did a couple pushups then came down hard on Fry Daddy’s arm.  Trey missed a kick. Fry Daddy went outside the ring for a little breather.  Fry Daddy powered out of Trey’s next pin attempt.  Fry Daddy slammed Trey, elbowed him, then unsuccessfully attempted a pin.   They exchanged blows. Trey attempted to fly off the second rope, but Fry Daddy got him in the midsection.  Fry Daddy attempted an elbow.  Trey clotheslined him then took him down with a leg drop.  Trey was distracted by Quasi and Fry Daddy slammed him.  He only managed a 2 count.  Trey got up, superkicked Fry Daddy, but Fry Daddy kicked out at 2.  Trey pushed Fry Daddy off the top rope then superkicked him.  Quasi distracted the referee so Fry Daddy could gain control of the match.  Fry Daddy slammed Trey. Trey did his superkick and was about to get the win, but Quasi rang the bell disrupting the pin.  Trey chased Quasi around the ring then superkicked him.  Quasi took the opportunity to throw an illegal object in the ring, and the referee tried to get it from Trey.  Fry Daddy won the match after a low blow. The referee only saw the small package rollup.  Fry Daddy continued to assault Trey. Marko Polo and Jon Williams came out to aid Trey. Deandre Jackson, Quasi Mandisco, and Fry Daddy against Marko Polo and the Washington Bullets has been set up for January 18th.

Main Event: Terry Lawler vs. Chip Day for the PCW Heavyweight Championship

Winner: Chip Day

Lawler wasted no time attacking Day. He did a neckbreaker and attempted a pin early.  Day kneed Lawler. Lawler threw Chip out of the ring, and they brawled near the front entrance to the arena.  Chip tried to hit Lawler with a crowbar, but he hit the ringpost and hurt his own hand.  Lawler stood on Day’s hands, and he hit him in the head.  He whipped Day into the corner, but Day got the boot up. Day attempted to pin Lawler.  Lawler really did a number on Day but Day managed to do his patented kicks.  Lawler answered that with a backdrop. He punched Day in the face then chopped him.  Day countered by trying to kick Lawler, but Lawler put him in an ankle lock.  Chip made it to the rope because Sylar pulled him.  Day kicked Lawler and he ended up pinning him for the win.  Chip and Sylar celebrated with their signature “Whoop! There it is!” dance before they continued beating up Lawler.  Bobby Moore joined the beatdown party, but Casey Kincaid, Shynron, and A.R. Fox came out to break it up.  Chip Day will defend his title on January 18th against Casey Kincaid in a steel cage.

Bonus Match: AR Fox, Shynron, and Casey Kincaid vs. Bobby Moore, Chip Day, and Sylar Cross

There were so many beautiful spots in this match, I simply sat back and decided to take it all in.  Casey Kincaid pinned Chip Day and it was electric.  The crowd went insane.  The crowd is nuts for the idea of Casey and Chip in a steel cage at the next show.

Platinum Championship Wrestling will be back in Porterdale, GA on January 18th.

Platinum Championship Wrestling will be at Actor’s Express in Atlanta, GA, on February 12. Advertised: Stephen Platinum & two mystery partners vs. Chip Day (with Jeff G. Bailey) & Sylar Cross & Shane Marx (with Miss Rachael); plus the Washington Bullets, Johnny Danger, Big F’n Deal, Oscar Worthy, and Marko Polo. Bell time is at 8:00 PM.

NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling

January 10, 2014

T. Falk def. Josh Crow

Mayhem with Brother Brew def. Charles Alexander and Kevin Weatherby

Jason Kincaid def. John Wayne Murdoch

Miss Rachel def. Jessie Belle

Chris Michaels def. Hot Rod Biggs

Lance Erikson vs. Jocephus Brody with Abriella went to a double count out.

NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling

January 17, 2014

In a no disqualification match, Hot Rod Biggs vs. “Headliner” Chris Michaels

For the first ever Junior Southern Heavyweight Championship, in a ladder match: “The Standout” Charles Alexander vs. Shane Smalls vs. Josh Crow vs. Kaden Sade and two more to be announced later this week!

For the most controversial segment in NWA SAW history, Nick Nitros will present the Nitros’ Noise with special guest Hot Rod Biggs!

Mayhem with Brother Brew vs. L. T. Falk and TNT Motley

Plus NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Shawn Shultz will be in action.

Also announced, “The Gift” Jason Kincaid, Lance Erikson, JW Murdoch and more!

NEW New Year’s Revolution

January 18, 2014

NEW Championship

Brad Lamen (c) vs. “The Zombie” Rob Ramer

Unites States Championship

Donny Idol (c) vs. Anthony Lee

Women’s Match

Heidi Lovelace vs. Thunderkitty


January 18, 2014

Heavyweight Championship contest between champ King Mega and returning from suspension, Bazooka Joe.

Resident heel, Billy Bax will be facing WWE Superstar Matt Striker in a re-match from the October 12th event.

Crowd favorite, Chris “The Show” Steeler takes on “Mr Upgrade” Mike Reed who was just knocked out of championship contention last month.

“Mexican Hardcore Champ” Pedro Duro will be facing “The Legendary Chick Magnet” Mozart Fontaine in a “Bowtie vs Mask” match up.

“The Heavyweight” Sean Royal will face Harry M. Baldwin in an “Olympic Barbell Challenge”.

“Mercenary” Nick Sohlo is looking for respect as he faces Colton Quest for a big win.

“Tribal Warrior” Fallah, Courageous Cruz and debuting Eric Chapel make up the “Brave” team taking on the “Bold” team of “Self-Made” Blake, “Prince of Aesthetics” Damian Gibbs and Anthony “Vigilante” Bowens.



4236 Level Grove Rd. Cornelia, GA

2nd & 4th Saturdays