OWW’s “This Week In Wrestling” – September 5, 2013

TWIWOWW’s “This Week In Wrestling” – September 5, 2013

Anarchy Wrestling Report

August 24, 2013

Anarchy Wrestling continued its string of well-crafted television tapings with another fine work of at the Anarchy Arena in Cornelia, GA.

The highlights of the show came during the second hour, which featured the starpower of Wildside alumnus Caprice Coleman and the first singles encounter between Anarchy’s giants, Mikael Judas and Geter.

The company is firing on all cylinders of late. The storytelling is cohesive and logical. The shows have a little bit of everything and something for everyone — drama, comedy, violence, technical wrestling. Their main events are true to the finest sense of the term. Every show has several hooks to get people back for the next one.

About the only thing lacking from the best days of Cornelia wrestling is the experience of seeing future major league stars. Don’t get me wrong. Anarchy features some supremely talented wrestlers, but they’re more of the ROH variety. Judas had future major star written all over him, but evidently WWE and TNA didn’t see it that way. Cody Hall is in that select group, but his availability is limited and there are roadblocks related to how he can be booked. Geter is an intriguing case. He’s got the uniqueness factor going for him. He’s tall, he’s massive and he can really move. It’s difficult to say how far he can go because he’s just starting to really get it,

The crowd was a story in itself. A blah 65 at bell time turned into an electric crowd of 100 before the night was over. The arrival of a throng of University of Georgia students towards the end of the first hour completely changed the tenor of the show. They treated the event like a UGA football game.

(1) Tommy Penirelli (with CB Suave) defeated Sweet Dreams via submission in 6 minutes. Dreams hit a sweet belly to belly suplex in the early going. Except for the dreadlocks, Dreams looks pretty much the same as he did a decade ago. Dreams rammed his knee into the turnbuckle when Penirelli stepped aside. Penirelli capitalized. When Dreams got rolling on the comeback, Suave jumped on the apron. Suave ate one from Dreams, but Bobby Moore jumped in the ring and put his lights out with the elbow. Penirelli applied an ankle lock on Dreams, who was still in dreamland.

Moore said he wasn’t happy despite being the greatest Anarchy TV champion ever. Moore said he singlehandedly (ha ha) ended Billy Buck’s career only to have a masked guy named Wildside kick his teeth down his throat. Moore said everyone knew it was Buck under the mask, and since Anarchy management wouldn’t do their job, he was putting up a $1000 bounty to anyone that could unmask Buck.

A masked man appeared on the ramp. Moore sent Penirelli and Suave after him. The masked man disappeared through the curtain with Penirelli and Suave in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, Wildside ran in from the front door and superkicked Moore’s teeth down his throat again. This segment was fun, fun, fun.

Miss Rachael announced that Anthony Henry wasn’t there. She explained that a deranged stalker cost him his last match so she convinced him to take some time off. Azrael came out. Rachel said she was a fair person so she made sure Azrael had an opponent. BJ Hancock jumped Azrael from behind, laid him out with a uranage version of the Orton backbreaker, and climbed to the top rope. The returning Stryknyn hit the ring to huge pop. Hancock bailed. Azrael and Stryknyn formed a partnership on the spot. A stellar development if you ask me.

(2) Corey Hollis defeated Slim J in 13:03. J was making his return to the ring for the first time since a serious car accident put 15 staples in his head. Hollis has ditched the beard. Clean shaven, there’s a hint of facial resemblance to Robert Roode. They opened with the slickest amateur style matwork to grace an Anarchy ring in years. Hollis broke cleanly. J unleashed a furious flurry of offense. Hollis DDTed J on the apron to take control of the match. Hollis abused J outside the ring. Hollis got one near fall after another, cutting off J’s comebacks at every turn until J stunned Hollis with roundhouse, and backdropped him over the top rope. J followed with a picture perfect turnbuckle moonsault to the floor. Nobody does a prettier moonsault. Back inside, J got a close near fall with Screwdriver on the Rocks. Hollis answered with his version of Death From Above (Chase Stevens). Hollis missed the killer back elbow. J pulled off a cool reversal to lock in the inverted crossface, but Hollis made the ropes. J went to the top rope. Hollis appeared to suffer an injury and while referee Dee Byers was checking on him, Mike Posey ran out to interfere. J handled Posey but the time lag allowed Hollis to recover. Hollis nailed J with the back elbow for the three count. This was an outstanding technical match.

Postmatch, Posey tried to convince Hollis that everything was on the up and up. Hollis offered to shake J’s hand. J pie-faced him. Posey’s credibility went out the window, and Hollis ended up walking off leaving Posey in the dust.

(3) Se7en & Shaun Tempers (with Jeff G. Bailey) defeated Jeremy Vain & Brodie Chase to retain the Anarchy Tag Team Championship in 13:51. The UGA contingent piled into the bleachers as the match was underway, and the heat ramped up like crazy. The challengers had their way with Tempers. Se7en crushed Chase with a pair of jumping elbows behind the back of referee Dee Byers. The champions got bigtime heat on Chase, including a slug in the face from Bailey. Chase gave Se7en his signature double arm DDT. and the hot tag was made. Vain hit a DVD on Tempers but Se7en broke up the pin. While Chase was battling with Se7en on the outside, Vain fought off Tempers’ hangman neckbreaker and connected with the VKO then the VDT. Se7en returned to the ring to deliver a blatantly illegal sidewalk slam on Vain. Vain kicked out of it but Tempers finished him with the hangman neckbreaker. Good match except for the last minute which didn’t flow smoothly at all.

The second half opened with ring announcer Jonathan Feltner asking if there were UGA folks in the house. A small bulldog was brought in the ring, and Feltner asked if Georgia was going to beat Clemson next week. The response from the UGA kids was off the chain.

(4) CB Suave (with Tommy Penirelli) defeated The Vandal to retain the Anarchy Young Lion’s Championship in 8:33. A back and forth match that had the full benefit of the UGA contingent at their rowdiest. Vandal broke out the curbstomp attack. Suave used a neckbreaker and a swivel hips elbow drop for near falls. A huge Vandal chant erupted and it was comeback time. Curbstomp by Vandal for two and a “CB sucks” chant. Vandal hit the Iconoclasm for the best move of the match. Credit Suave with a taking a big bump for it. Suave hooked the ropes to thwart Vandal’s finisher and hit the corkscrew neckbreaker for the pin. As noted, the crowd reaction was awesome, but the ringwork was average especially after seeing Hollis vs. J.

(5) Dango Wynn defeated Andrew Pendleton III in 6:15. Pendleton left his position in the announce booth to make his in ring return (from a nasty back injury). Crisp armdrags from Wynn. Pendleton applied a side headlock and shouted, “See, I’m winning!” It doesn’t read funny but Pendleton made it funny. Pendleton taunted the UGA group as he went on the attack. Wynn rallied with a series of pinning combinations that set up another entertaining sequence. Wynn was stinging Pendleton with kicks from all angles. Pendleton covered up. Wynn bided his time waiting for Pendleton to open his eyes and nailed him with a standing dropkick. The finish saw Pendleton try to pin Wynn using the ropes. Nope. Wynn got the win the reverse top rope splash. Wynn’s first win since he returned to Cornelia was well received.

Posey came to the ring and said Anarchy owner Franklin Dove was denying the inevitable and vowed to beat the respect out of him. Posey said he beat Dove’s boys, Steven Walters and Kyle Matthews and would beat Caprice Coleman just like Alabama beat UGA last year.

Coleman made his entrance and got a “welcome back” chant. Coleman, who had a long run as a top star with NWA Wildside, said there was no place like home. Coleman wanted to make sure that it got into this report that the people still love him. They surely do, and for the fans that didn’t know him, Coleman’s charisma and showmanship won them over on the spot. Coleman said he had seen Dove train and Posey didn’t really want to mess with him. Coleman then did his “show stoppin’, crowd poppin’, body rockin’, pulse pounding” catch phrase from his Wildside days and yes, he still got the pretty face. “Now let’s this get this over with before your oil dries up.”

(6) Mike Posey defeated Caprice Coleman in 11:30. Dove was out watching Posey with an eagle eye. Posey missed the fire crotch leg drop and Coleman gave Posey’s groin muscles a workout with a stretch cradle. Coleman did a leapfrog/dropkick combo and made it look effortless. Posey posted Coleman’s shoulder and worked the body part. Coleman hulked up. They traded blows until they both went down after Coleman landed a high knee to the face. Coleman hit a leg lariat for two. Posey answered with a leg lariat off ropes for two. Coleman busted out a trio rolling northern lights suplexes and cinched in a grounded cobra clutch but Posey made the ropes. Coleman tried for his leaping huracanrana but couldn’t convert, and Posey pinned him using the ropes for extra leverage. A fine match as expected. Coleman’s presence took the entire show to a higher level.

Postmatch — Posey said, “roll tide”. Coleman circled the ring saying his goodbyes to the fans. He switched the hats of everyone in the first row as he went along and put the last one on Feltner’s head.

Seth Delay made his return. He said NWA Anarchy (Oops) was still the hottest place to be on Saturday night. Delay said he had suffered a torn rotator cuff and a fractured foot, and was getting to be a beat up old man, but his time at Anarchy was not done. No Seth Delay talk segment is complete without somebody joining Seth for his sexy party swivel hips dance. Announcer Bret Wolverton was the victim. Wolverton is in the superheavyweight division, and this wasn’t pretty or sexy, but it was absolutely hilarious. Dove about busted his gut he was laughing so hard.

(7) The Anarchy Heavyweight Title match between Champion Geter and Mikael Judas was ruled a no contest at 3:13. Judas did this tremendous psychological deal where he kept his back turned to Geter until the bell rang, then a wheeled around and unleashed a ferocious flurry of blows. Geter withstood the attack and asked Judas if that was all he had. They did three shoulder block collisions with neither man willing to budge. The action spilled outside the ring where they beat the hell out of each other. At one point, Geter ran into the post and the entire ring moved. Byers had not choice but to throw the match out. This was just what it needed to be. The atmosphere was thick with drama and gave the fans just a taste of things to come.

Byers tried to get in between them and they both grabbed him. Byers covered his eyes. I would have done the same. They spared Byers and started going at it again. The entire locker room ran out to break it up as the crowd chanted “let them fight”.

Dove ordered a rematch for September 14 with lumberjacks surrounding the ring. At this point, Judas was inside the ring and Geter was on the floor. Judas took a running start and went hurtling over the top rope onto Geter. Seeing a guy 6-6, 275 fly like that was amazing and a spectacular way to end the show.

PWI top 500. 443 Dunkerton, 404 Matthews, 320 Posey, 318 Hollis 317 Judas, 250 Tempers, 121 Coleman, 86 Gunner,


August 25, 2013

Steve Rush over Johnny Obsession

Home Boy Quiz over Ethan HD

Christopher Ryseck over C.C. Poison to retain the PNPW Pacific Northwest title

MJ over George Michael and Patrick Large in a three-way match to retain the PNPW title

“Heroes & Legends II”

August 30, 2013

Fan Fest Matches:

Chuck Weeden beat Rampage

Eli McFly beat Gabriel Grey

Russ Jones beat Xavier Justice and Mike King

Darrell Jackson beat GT Vega

Roderick Street beat Shawn Cook

Main Show:

Kongo Kong & Awesome Kong beat Joseph Schwartz & Randi West

Shane Douglas w/ Sunny beat Troy Miller w/ Miss E-Liz

Chris Masters beat Kharn Alexander w/ Kenzi

HLW Tag Team Championship: Main Street Youth (Jake Omen & Scotty Young) beat The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) to become the first ever champions

“Hurricane” Shane Helms beat Mark Vandy

HLW ChampionshipL Dru Skillz (c) beat Tatanka by DQ

SCW Rebranded

August 31, 2013

Demarcus James over El Sonico and El Viento to win the SCW cruiserweight title in a three-way match

Dave Hollenbeck & Von Hess over Sonny O’Mara & Bedlam

Iron Buddah II over Victor I. Price by DQ

Davey Hoffmeister & Hoss Tull over Ian Bear & Zack Winters by DQ

Dale Houston & Mean Mark over Kaos James & Randy Zellers

Exile over Hot Hands Mendoza by DQ to retain the SCW


September 7, 2013

CZW Wired TV champion AR FOX & SHANE STRICKLAND will face ANDREW EVERETT & 4Loco’s ALEX COLON! THREE of the men will be in a Ladder Match on Saturday, September 14 for the title…BUT, whoever takes the loss in the tag match on Saturday, September 7 will be barred from competing at ‘Down With The Sickness’!

Also, AEROFORM (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon) vs. THE CATALYST (Dustin Rayz & Eric Ryan)

Ohio’s own RON MATHIS faces extreme icon TOMMY DREAMER!

CZW owner DJ HYDE vs. Ohio Is 4 Killer’s JAKE CRIST – In a No Ropes Barbed Wire Match!


1/2 of the CZW World Tag champions BLK JEEZ vs. CALEB KONLEY

Ohio Is 4 Killer’s NEVAEH vs. The Gulak Campaign for a Better Combat Zone’s KIMBER LEE

NECW Celebrates 13 Years With BASH 13

September 7, 2013

In the main event, NECW Heavyweight Champion, Antonio “The Promise” Thomas team with Slyck Wagner Brown to face the team of former NECW Heavyweight Champion, Sean Burke and the Canadian Sensation, Jeremy Prophet in a special tag team grudge match with the added stipulation that should Antonio Thomas be pinned or made to submit, the title would change hands and be awarded to whoever scores the fall.

NECW Television Champion, Johnny Thunder defends his title against “Sensational” Scott Levesque in a title vs. hair match.  Should Levesque win, he becomes the new Television Champion.  Should he lose, he will have his head shaved in the ring!

NECW Tag Team Champions, Mike Webb & Nick Farenheight are set to defend their titles against the former champions, making their return to NECW after a long absence, Cooley-K and K-MC, Da House Party.  Da House Party vacated the NECW Tag Team Championship last February due to overseas commitments making them unavailable to defend the championship.  Now they are back looking for the titles they never lost in the ring.

In World Women’s Wrestling action it’s a special tag team grudge match as World Women’s Wrestling Champion, Alexxis Nevaeh teams with Kasey Ray for the first time to take on the team of Mistress Belmont and Nikki Valentine.

Plus “The Boston Bad Boy” Jason Rumble challenges arch rival Mike McCarthy to a Boston Street Fight, plus two additional bouts.

Arizona Wrestling Federation

September 14, 2013

Wrestlers scheduled to appear include The Prophet, Hawaiian Lion, Shadow Fox, Awesome Andy, Alexander Hammerstone, Danny Gee, Chris Evans, Super Chaos, Mac Havok, Outrage, Matthew Blaze, Creature Feature, THE Cody Baker, and more. (Card subject to change.)

Brew City Wrestling

September 27, 2013

Knights of Columbus

West Allis, WI

The battle lines are drawn and the feud will be settled within the confines on the STEEL CAGE with WAR GAMES! Bell time is 7:30pm, doors open at 6:45pm and tickets are $20. ON SALE NOW…You can buy advanced tickets for $15 on the BCW website via Pay Pal starting. Also, a 34 year wrestling career comes to an end as Frankie DeFalco will be hanging up his boots as he retires after this match. There will be a Meet & Greet at intermission with the stars for $10.

War Games Steel Cage Match
Beer City Bruisers (Matt WinchesterNick ColucciBrandon Blaze), JP MouthoftheMidwest and “King of Old School” Steve Corino
Psychotic Rage Jim Blaze & Mitch Blake), “Monster of the Midwest” Sadist, Frankie “Thumper” DeFalco & “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce

“Rhythm & Blues”
(Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Honky Tonk Man)
Assault & Battery

ROH Grudge Match
“Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen
“War Machine” Rhino

Brew City Wrestling Tag Team Championship
Ink Jet Xpress(C)
Urban Assault Team

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