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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon

Wrestler of the Week: Consequences Creed

Here’s the wrestler who has had the biggest impact on the pro wrestling scene this week. He’s the man who beat the Definition of Definition.

Many people want to dismiss “Consequences” Creed for his obvious lift of the Apollo Creed character from the Rocky films. Those critics are over-looking one of the brightest new stars on the circuit. Creed wasn’t even born yet when many of those he currently battles were in their prime. Creed has the potential for a long and glorious career. He is this week’s Wrestler of the Week.

Awesome in the Indies

When Austin Watson decided to begin his wrestling career, his trainers notices that Watson looked a bit like Carl Weathers, who played Apollo Creed. They suggested that Austin use his amateur boxing background as a focal point for his wrestling career. Austin adopted the Creed surname and began to wear patriotic ring gear, much like his namesake, Apollo Creed.

Creed had a good run in the indies and soon came to the attention of TNA scouts. Creed was working in NWA Anarchy as one half of the Awesome Attraction, when TNA found themselves needing a new man to help them out of a sticky situation.

Truth or Consequences

TNA set football bad boy, Adam “Pac Man” Jones, as one half of the TNA World Tag champs with Ron ‘The Truth” Killings. Jones’ football contract prevented him from getting into the ring and fighting. Team Pac-Man was set to battle A.J. Styles and Tomko for the tag straps at Bound for Glory (2007). Since Jones was barred from wrestling, TNA brass searched for a new partner for Killings. Creed received a slight name change to Rasheed Lucius Creed. He was nicknamed Consequences to make the team into Truth or Consequences

Truth or Consequences lost the tag belts in their very first match. Creed so impressed the TNA Higher-ups that he was offered a contract on the spot. Creed agreed but delayed taking a spot on the TNA roster until he could finish his commitments to NWA Anarchy. During Creed’s last run with NWA Anarchy, Ron Killings left TNA for the WWE. Creed suddenly found himself without his partner and his return storyline of trying to recapture the tag belts.

Solo Consequences

When Creed returned to TNA, he was simply known as Consequences Creed. He has a tag line of Face The Consequences. Creed was instantly placed in the center of the white-hot X-Division. His early matches were a mix of wins and losses. While he didn’t win many of them, Creed was always quite impressive in his battles.

Petey Williams took Creed lightly in their non-title match on the 7/31 edition of Impact. That would come back to haunt the X-Champ. Creed was able to counter the Canadian Destroyer and pin Petey, cleanly. Creed will now challenge for the X-Division title at Hard Justice. Even if Creed doesn’t win, he will impress and thrill the crowds. Count on it.

In Conclusion:

“Consequences” Creed is quick, agile and just fun to watch. He is the TNA equivalent of Kofi Kingston. Creed will likely have a very successful career. He deserves the respect of the fans for getting so far in such a short time. His win over Petey on Impact set the stage for him to take the next step in his career. It also earned him this week’s Wrestler of the Week award.

–Jay Shannon
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