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Former WCW Executive Vice President & WWE RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff recently appeared on Baltimore’s Under The Mat Radio for Part 3 of his interview. He sits down with Tech, NSC Gameboy & Shin-Blade answering fan questions & discussing such topics as:

-His WWE Network interview with John Bradshaw Layfield
-His locker room relationships with WWE wrestlers
-Gerry Briscoe
-Working with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in 2003
-Production differences in WCW & WWE
-Today’s wrestling product
Sting in WWE & his recent injury at WWE Night Of Champions
-Booking Sting vs The Undertaker
-His WWE theme song
Shane McMahon
Madusa & the WWF Womens Title
-WCW having a reunion show
-His take on Gimmick Matches
-WWE/WCW Crossover
-CM Punk walking out of WWE
-WWE’s current direction
-Taylor Swift?!
and more!

FULL show link can be found here!