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Story By Bill Behrens


I heard today from Del Wilkes, who wrestled as The Patriot in Global Wrestling and in WWE.

He retired from wrestling a while back but does occasionally do autograph appearances.


Wilkes called because Tom Brandi, who appears frequently in the NE as The Patriot (as well as Salvatore Sincere, often both on one show), has been telling folks that he bought the Patriot gimmick from Wilkes and is using it legally and properly.

Wilkes says that is not true, and that Brandi is simply using the gimmick and trademark without his permission and illegally. Wilkes says he has not communicated with Brandi nor has seen him since 1994.

In addition, Wilkes says that photos used to promote Brandi and that Brandi sells at indy shows are actually Wilkes WWE promo photos and has the WWE logos on the photos.

I’ve seen promotion for Brandi where he’s been called the WWE’s Patriot, which clearly he was not and violates copyrights laws.

Del Wilkes did not say whether he planned to take any action against Tom Brandi for the fraud he has been committing, but wanted to inform everyone of the situation.

Wilkes asked that I get this story out to everyone.