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Subject: Details on Paul Heyman in TNA – is it possible?

The Pro Wrestling Torch is reporting that there is a feeling among friends of Paul Heyman that he would accept a position with TNA if he had power beyond just writing the shows. Heyman apparently feels TNA needs an overhaul both on the talent side and in the office but doesn’t believe Dixie Carter would give him so much power, so he isn’t taking the idea of working for TNA seriously. Likewise, Carter hasn’t reached out to Heyman regarding a creative position yet despite recommendations.

Heyman does have detractors within TNA, primarily those who fear they would lose power or even their jobs if Heyman was brought in and given the power he wants. Meanwhile, others simply don’t have confidence in his abilities anymore.

Heyman’s name has come up within TNA before, and there are many stories of people badmouthing him to Dixie Carter. While most of the locker room seems open to the idea, there’s bad blood between Heyman and Team 3D and some other former ECW stars who have shared stories about mismanagement in ECW.

On the other side of the coin, Heyman has had good relationships with Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley, Shawn Daivari, and Ken “Mr. Kennedy” Anderson who is expected to sign with TNA eventually. He’s also had a good rapport over the years with TNA head of talent relations Terry Taylor, whose stock within the company seems to be rising.

Nevertheless, it might be a difficult sell to Carter, who has been hearing bad stories about Heyman for years. Plus, there are already some within the company who feel that Heyman publicly saying he would “never” work for TNA was a snub and the primary reason why Carter shouldn’t consider bringing him in.