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Two days ago, ClubWWI.com brought you controversy from Paul London.  Get ready for another dose as the Paul who started it all – Paul Roma returns to the Club for an all new edition of his audio show, “Glorious” with James Guttman…and this is one episode you have to hear to believe. 

For years, Paul Roma has forced hardcore fans to toss and turn in anger.  He’s shot on so many stars and hasn’t run out of bullets yet. No subject is off limits.  No ego too fragile.  No topic too sacred.  The only spin on Paul’s comments are when they spin through the air and slam you between the eyes.  When the former Pretty Wonderful WCW Tag Champion, Young Stallion, Power and Glory, and Horsemen member talks, it causes waves. So grab your life vest and log in to ClubWWI.com right now to hear what EVERYONE will be talking about including subjects like Hulk Hogan‘s jealousy of Power and Glory, the Nasty Boys stealing part of their gimmick, the night he and Hercules won the WWF Tag Team Titles only to have them taken away, and tons more.

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The all new Glorious kicks off with James Guttman welcoming Paul Roma back to ClubWWI.com.  He says that there’s a big difference between Paul and Kip “Billy Gunn” Sopp because Roma knows he’s being recorded, as opposed to Kip who had his mistress record their calls and post them online under the name “The Kip Saga.”  Gunn talked up a storm in the recordings and did himself no favors.  JG asks Paul if he’s heard about this latest insanity and, if he has, what his thoughts are…

“He’s definitely a jackass for what he did.  And how could you not think that, you know, with all that’s going on with Tiger Woods and everything else, that one of these rats isn’t going to rat him out?  So how stupid is he?”

Roma and James go on to talk about the Internet age and how careful you have to be in every aspect of your life, Jim Neidhart‘s arrest, Roma’s thoughts on Jim personally, the night the Rougeau Brothers jumped the Dynamite Kid backstage, the WWE exec who set it up, Hulk Hogan politics, Ric Flair politics, and tons more.

In one of the most shocking parts of the audio (which is no small feat during a Paul Roma ClubWWI.com appearance), talk turned to Roma’s pay-per-view beatdown of “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright.  Paul’s discussed the incident that lead to his WCW dismissal during past audios, but one thing always perplexed Guttman.  Why?  Why the push behind Alex, especially given his bizarre German Pop-Rocks gimmick that seemed to be anything but popular?  Roma gives an answer and story that leaves James speechless…

“This is what rumor had.  Rumor had – this is all hearsay – rumor had that he was going to be the next Hogan.  Flair went in and said he’s going to be the next Hogan.  Then, rumor had it that they wanted to get in the kid’s pants.”

James laughs it off but Paul’s not kidding.  In fact, he even told Alex about it at the time…

“I said to the kid one day.  He looked at me like dumbfounded.  I said, ‘I’m just telling you, man.  Watch your back.  They want to go to bed with you.’  He like didn’t have a clue what the hell I was talking about.  Didn’t have a clue.  Yeah.  So they pushed him.  The only thing is that it blew up in their face.”

Paul Roma and James Guttman go on to discuss both homosexual and heterosexual harassment in wrestling, Pat Patterson’s lies to split up Power and Glory, Linda McMahon’s Senate run, the effect it’ll have on WWE business, stories of Dynamite Kid’s hazing, Power and Glory’s SummerSlam win over The Rockers, his pinfall over Marty Jannetty, and tons more.  It’s all Glorious and it’s all only on ClubWWI.com – along with over 250 of wrestling’s biggest stars in uncut shoot interviews, audio shows from many of wrestling’s biggest names, World Wrestling Insanity columnists, and more.