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Viktor Tadlock beat Jerome Daniels
Brett Idol beat James Johnson to retain the PCW Television Title
Franco D’Angelo beat Brandon Collins in a Number One Contender’s Qualifier Match
Mike Foxx & Claudia beat Mace Malone & Athena
Action Jackson beat Nobe Bryant to retain the PCW Heavyweight Title


The card was taped for the forthcoming TLC series “Rough House”.

PCW personality Antonio and the PCW Knockouts opened the show, followed by Ring Announcer Travis Baxter, who introduced the TV commentary team of Rob Moore & Kody Kox.

VIKTOR TADLOCK beat “FLAWLESS” JEROME DANIELS with a Sunset Flip after Referee Travis Trueborne knocked Daniels’ hands off the ropes.

Mike Foxx and the women of his Faithful, Katie Angel & Claudia, came out. Foxx said he was done with PCW World Heavyweight Champion Action Jackson, turning his attention to Mace Malone and loudly and belligerently reminding fans that he and Claudia, who were to face Malone & Athena later in the night, are former PCW World Tag Team Champions, having beaten the Dark Circle and other outstanding teams.

Champion BRETT IDOL (w/ Thomas, Chris, Steven & Larry Bussey) beat “HUNK FOR HIRE” JIGGLE-O JAMES JOHNSON with the Idolizer to retain the belt
–The Busseys tried to cause problems for Johnson, but it seemed Johnson was getting the upper hand on them, first giving Thomas and Chris a double drop toehold into the second rope and following that with a double Climax Kick. Johnson then nearly took Chris’ head off with a Superkick, but Idol took advantage of the distraction and hit his Idolizer for the win. The Busseys carried Idol to the back on their shoulders in victory.

Nobe Bryant came out and said it would have been him and Mike Foxx tearing the house down in the TLC Match last week if not for Mace Malone screwing him out of the tournament in the first round. Bryant badmouthed champion Action Jackson until Jackson ran out, forcing Bryant to leave the ring. Jackson promised to whip Bryant in their title match later in the night.

“The BEAST” FRANCO D’ANGELO beat “The EXPERT” BRANDON COLLINS with the Decapitator to advance to the Number One Contender’s Match next week
–D’Angelo, as he usually does, overpowered the more technically-gifted Collins and dropped him in the Decapitator to win. Next week’s other qualifier match will be D’Angelo’s Dark Circle partner, Apocalypse, against Robert Evans. Evans came out and said he would beat Apocalypse and then beat D’Angelo to get the next World Title shot. For emphasis, Evans did a quick calculation on a graphic calculator, saying it gave him an answer of 1, meaning he would become the Number One Contender.

The Busseys and Brett Idol came out, and, as they always do, the Busseys demanded respect. They talked about next week’s Heroes II Legends card and the fact that Lifetime Achievement Awards will be presented to Skip Young and the late Bronko Lubich. But, they said that the person who REALLY should be honored is their friend, Idol. Shadow interrupted the proceedings, and everyone bailed out of the ring except Thomas, who thought his brothers and Idol were backing him up. Thomas threw his shoes at Shadow’s chest, and they just bounced off. Shadow said “BOO!” and Thomas scampered out of the ring. Shadow then made a challenge to Idol for his TV Title next week at H2L.

–In this match, the men could face the women. This had some ugly possibilities, and Foxx & Claudia made every effort to have Foxx in the ring against Athena. She fought back, though, with the help of Malone. As the men fought outside the ring, Claudia hit the Claudia Stunner on Athena and got the 1-2-3. As Athena squared off against Claudia & Katie, Foxx was joined by Nobe Bryant in a beatdown of Malone. Mace’s mentor, Action Jackson, ran out, and Foxx and Malone fought to the back while Jackson and Bryant scuffled. Referee Trueborne made the decision to ring the bell and go ahead and start the main event immediately.

Champion “TEXAS LEGEND” ACTION JACKSON beat “REAL DEAL” NOBE BRYANT with a Schoolboy Rollup to retain the belt
–Bryant hit the Real Deal but couldn’t pin Jackson, who came back with a Schoolboy to get the pin and keep the belt. However, Mike Foxx, who had said earlier in the night that he was going to leave Jackson alone, came out and, with the help of Bryant, smashed Jackson’s left ankle inside a steel chair with a heavy weight plate. In the meantime, Foxx had closed the gate to the dressing room to keep wrestlers from helping Jackson. There was no help until Malone ran in from the front door of the arena, but the damage was done as Foxx, Bryant and the Faithful exited a side door and PCW staff unlocked the gate and let wrestlers come out to the ring. A stretcher was called for, but, as the wrestlers prepared to carry the injured Jackson to the back, Foxx and Bryant charged in one more time, attacked Jackson and left before anyone could grab hold of them. It was unknown how badly Jackson was hurt.

PCW Full Throttle’s next show will be Heroes II Legends on Saturday, November 17 at PCW Arena in Arlington, Texas. There will be a Triple Threat match for the PCW World Cruiserweight Title with champion J.T. LaMotta, Jiggle-O James Johnson and former WWE superstar Daivari. Also, Brett Idol defends the PCW World Television Title against Shadow. Apocalypse meets Robert Evans in a Number One Contender’s Qualifier Match, with the winner facing Franco D’Angelo later in the night. Mace Malone takes on Nobe Bryant, and PCW Lifetime Achievement Awards will be presented to “Sweet Brown Sugar” Skip Young and the family of the late Bronko Lubich.

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Submitted by ROB MOORE, The Voice of PCW

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