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Franco D’Angelo beat J.T. LaMotta
Mike Foxx beat Mad Dog
Canyon beat James Johnson to retain the PCW Cruiserweight Title
Apocalypse beat Mace Malone in a Number One Contender’s Match
Angel Of Sinn and Wally Darkmon went to a double countout
Action Jackson beat Brett Idol to retain the PCW Heavyweight Title


The TV commentary team of Rob Moore & “The Killa” Kody Kox were introduced, followed by the playing of the National Anthem. Ring Announcer Travis Baxter came out and hyped the night’s card.

“The BEAST” FRANCO D’ANGELO beat “The MIND OF WRESTLING” J.T. LaMOTTA by pinfall with the Decapitator
–After the match, Tim Storm attacked D’Angelo from behind with one of the Dark Circle’s PCW World Tag Team Title belts and then pulled out scissors and cut off a lock of D’Angelo’s hair before being forced away by three referees.

The four Bussey brothers came out and plugged the new “Walter For President” T-shirt and then talked about the night’s main event, in which their friend, PCW World Television Champion Brett Idol, would challenge Action Jackson for the PCW World Heavyweight belt. Idol came out and joined the Busseys. Apocalypse came out and said he was promised another shot at the belt. Mace Malone came out and said he deserved another title shot after the great match he and Jackson had last week. The Busseys decided that Apocalypse and Malone would wrestle later for the title shot, with the loser getting a shot at the TV belt. Malone and Apocalypse got into a brawl before the ring finally cleared.

“MAIN EVENT/DARK MESSIAH” MIKE FOXX (w/ “Angel Of Mercy” Claudia) beat “ALL-AMERICAN” MAD DOG by submission with the Career Killer
–Foxx finished Mad Dog with the Reverb, the M.F.’er and the Career Killer, in succession, to force a tapout. Foxx returned to the back, but he came back out to beat up Mad Dog some more and then tell Action Jackson that he and A.J. will meet again.

A short video appeared, once again showing a shadowy figure with a mysterious message.

Champion “CRUISERWEIGHT ICON” CANYON (w/ Attorney-At-Law Paul Lewis) beat “HUNK FOR HIRE” JIGGLE-O JAMES JOHNSON by pinfall with the Canyon Bomb
–This time, Canyon made Travis Baxter announce his weight at .1021 metric tons. Lewis called his protege the “most dominant cruiserweight” in the history of PCW. As in his other “cruiserweight” matches, Canyon simply overpowered his much smaller opponent. The big man did pull off an impressive cross-body block off the second rope, crushing Johnson. Canyon tossed Johnson overhead, sending him crashing down onto Referee Josh Eberhart. Johnson got up and gave Canyon a drop toehold into the second rope. When Johnson slid out for the Climax Kick, Lewis swung his steel Halliburton briefcase at him, Johnson ducked, causing Lewis to accidentally hit Canyon. Johnson went for the O-Face, but Canyon caught him and slammed him. Canyon gave Johnson the running knee in the corner, followed by the Canyon Bomb to get the win and keep the belt.

APOCALYPSE of the DARK CIRCLE beat MACE MALONE by pinfall with a schoolboy rollup
–Malone hit the Detonator on Apocalypse near the ropes and got the 1-2-3; however, Stephen Bussey ran out, put Apoc’s foot on the bottom rope and alerted the referee, who ordered the match restarted. When Malone grabbed hold of Bussey, Apoc rolled him up and held onto his belt for leverage to get the pinfall and the title shot.

Robert Evans came out and quoted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Britney Spears before giving his past championship credentials and then presented a video of himself and his partner in Best Friends Forever, Aaron Eagle. The video only ran a minute or so before Evans ordered it shut off because it was sickening him. He blamed his partnership with Eagle for his recent lack of success in PCW and said he became a failure in 2007. He called Eagle an anchor on his leg. Eagle, his ribs taped and his forehead bandaged from last week’s match with Canyon as well as from the attack by Evans, charged in and started brawling with Evans, who went out to the floor. Eagle, though, vaulted over the top rope onto him, and the two battled tooth and nail around the ring before PCW personnel managed to get them separated.

“The DARK TOWER OF POWER” ANGEL OF SINN (w/ Claudia) and WALLY DARKMON fought to a double countout
–This was a pure fight, spilling onto the floor with both men oblivious to the count by Referee Michael Williams. In the melee, Darkmon apparently injured his right shoulder but kept fighting. The two continued battling after the bell, ending only when Mike Foxx came out and gently pulled Sinn away from Darkmon. As three referees held Darkmon back, Foxx called him a failure and offered him one more chance in another match next week against his Angel Of Sinn, and, if Darkmon loses, he would have to leave PCW. Foxx then turned to Sinn and chastised him for not getting the job done, giving him the same ultimatum he just gave Wally. So, there will be a Loser Leaves PCW Match next week.

Champion “TEXAS LEGEND” ACTION JACKSON beat PCW World Television Champion BRETT IDOL (w/ Thomas, Chris, Stephen and Larry Bussey) by pinfall with the Big Booyah to retain the belt
–Naturally, the Busseys interfered on behalf of their good buddy Idol. One of the Busseys gave Idol brass knuckles to use. Mace Malone charged out and beat the snot out of Stephen for interfering in his match earlier, and Jackson hit the Booyah on Idol for the pin, never giving him a chance to use the knucks.

PCW’s next Full Throttle show will be on Saturday, January 26, 2008 at PCW Arena in Arlington, Texas. Action Jackson & Mace Malone will face Brett Idol & Apocalypse. Wally Darkmon battles Angel Of Sinn in a Loser Leaves PCW Match, and Tim Storm meets Diamond Dave, among other matches.

PCW’s next big show will be on Saturday, February 16, with Action Jackson defending the Heavyweight Title against Apocalypse, and Brett Idol putting the Television belt on the line against Mace Malone. More matches are to be announced.

“The Bussey Bunch” debuts on TLC this Tuesday, January 22 at 8 p.m. The trailer can be seen via the PCW homepage.

Visit the PCW Website at www.pcwwrestling.com for more information on PCW, its wrestlers, and upcoming events, as well as DVD’s of past events featuring the stars of PCW and national and international stars who have come through the promotion.

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