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Nobe Bryant beat Haniel T
Franco D’Angelo beat Spoiler 2000
Tim Storm beat Diamond Dave
Aaron Eagle beat J.T. LaMotta
Wally Darkmon beat Angel Of Sinn in a Loser Leaves PCW Match
Apocalypse & Brett Idol beat Action Jackson & Mace Malone in a Bussey Bunch Rules Match


The TV commentary team of Rob Moore & “The Killa” Kody Kox were introduced, followed by the playing of the National Anthem. PCW personality Antonio came out and hyped the night’s card before introducing Ring Announcer Travis Baxter.

“The REAL DEAL” NOBE BRYANT beat HANIEL T by pinfall with the Real Deal
–Bryant got a surprising amount of cheers in this match against the unfamiliar newcomer T.

“The BEAST” FRANCO D’ANGELO beat SPOILER 2000 by pinfall with the Silencer
–Spoiler did the rope walk and the Claw, both made famous by his legendary namesake, but D’Angelo overcame both to overpower the masked man for the win.

The four Bussey brothers and PCW World Television Champion Brett Idol came out. The Busseys talked about the night’s main event, which would see PCW World Heavyweight Champion Action Jackson teaming with his protege, Mace Malone against Idol and his partner, co-PCW World Tag Team Champion Apocalypse. Idol denied that Larry Bussey was crying in the debut episode of “The Bussey Bunch” earlier in the week on national television. Apocalypse came out and, after he and Idol expressed their admiration for each other, said he would prove that he is the next PCW World Champion.

“GRIM REAPER” TIM STORM beat “DYNAMIC” DIAMOND DAVE by pinfall with the Perfect Storm
–Storm came to the ring with a lock of Franco D’Angelo’s hair and something else in a plastic bag. Dave’s quickness and agility were no match for Storm’s size and power, which the leader of the Dark Circle used to smash Dave into the mat with the Perfect Storm to get the win. Storm then pulled a set of electric clippers out of the bag and started to shave Dave’s head. D’Angelo ran out and chased Storm out of the ring. D’Angelo then compared Storm to Brutus Beefcake and challenged him to a Hair Vs. Hair Match, which will take place at a later date.

Kody Kox introduced Mike Foxx and the female members of his Faithful, Claudia and Katie Angel. Foxx told Wally Darkmon that tonight would be his last chance against the Angel Of Sinn in the Loser Leaves PCW Match later in the night. He said he respected Darkmon for showing up, even with an injured shoulder, but, after tonight, he would be done in PCW.

Before the next match, as Baxter was making his standard announcements, a brief video appeared, as in past weeks, showing a man in silhouette making more mysterious statements and leaving fans guessing as to his identity, though he looked very familiar.

“SUCCESS STORY IN THE MAKING” AARON EAGLE beat “The MIND OF WRESTLING” J.T. LaMOTTA by pinfall with a reversal of a Victory Roll
–There was both technical skill and hard hitting in this match, ending when LaMotta went for the Victory Roll but Eagle sat into it for the pin. As he celebrated, though, Robert Evans ran in from behind and nailed Eagle in the back of the head with brass knuckles. Evans stood over Eagle and said this wasn’t about Eagle but about Evans’ own destiny. Eagle, showing the effects of a concussion, had to be helped to the back.

Action Jackson and Mace Malone came out. Malone, looking ahead to a possible TV Title victory over Brett Idol, offered Jackson a Title Vs. Title Match in the near future. Jackson, noting what happened in the debut of “The Bussey Bunch,” said the Busseys would be doing the crying tonight.

WALLY DARKMON beat “The DARK TOWER OF POWER” ANGEL OF SINN (w/ “Angel Of Mercy” Claudia, Katie Angel & Mike Foxx) by pinfall with the Warrior Stomp
–Foxx took a seat at ringside next to the announcers’ desk. Darkmon came out with his right arm in a sling from a reported tear in his rotator cuff, but, very quickly, he threw the sling off, showing that he wasn’t injured at all. Still, Sinn’s power threatened to overwhelm the much smaller Darkmon. At one point, when Darkmon was tossed to the floor, he grabbed Foxx in an attempt to regain his footing, and Foxx kicked him. When the action went to the floor again, Claudia went to spray the “Kiss Of Death” red mist into Darkmon’s eyes, but Darkmon put his hand over her mouth to block it. He then appeared to play a round of tonsil hockey with her before re-entering the ring. When Sinn went on the attack, Darkmon blew the red mist into Sinn’s face! Sinn, though, was able to mount Darkmon onto the top rope and attempted to give him a German Suplex from the top. Darkmon held onto the turnbuckle for dear life and managed to push Sinn off. Darkmon then went to the top turnbuckle and came off with a Warrior Stomp before making the cover to win the match and stay in PCW. An irate Foxx entered the ring and gave Sinn the M.F.’er, apparently kicking Sinn out of the Faithful. Foxx then angrily challenged Darkmon to a match next week. When Sinn recovered, he left PCW Arena through a side door.

APOCALYPSE & PCW World Television Champion BRETT IDOL (w/ Thomas, Chris, Stephen & Larry Bussey) beat PCW World Heavyweight Champion “TEXAS LEGEND” ACTION JACKSON & MACE MALONE when Apocalypse pinned Jackson with the End Of Days
–Thomas Bussey made the match Bussey Bunch Rules, meaning no rules and no disqualification. Apoc and Idol were able to focus their attack on Malone before the “SWAT Team Commander” was able to tag out to Jackson. At one point, the Busseys decided to attack Jackson and Malone themselves, but they paid for it when the popular duo turned back the Busseys’ ineffective offense. Idol dropkicked Malone into Jackson, Apocalypse hit Jackson with a chair and got him up in the End Of Days; three seconds later, Apoc & Idol were the victors. Before leaving the arena proper, Apoc got the mic and challenged Jackson to make their upcoming title match a Flaming Tables Match. After Apoc, Idol & the Busseys left, Jackson and Malone took their frustrations out on PCW Senior Referee Travis Trueborne, giving him a Big Booyah and a Frog Splash, respectively.

PCW Full Throttle’s next card will be on Saturday, February 2. Mike Foxx will face Wally Darkmon, Robert Evans meets Brandon Collins, and Claudia goes up against Athena in a women’s match. Tentatively scheduled for February 23 are champion Action Jackson vs. Apocalypse for the PCW Heavyweight Title, champion Brett Idol vs. Mace Malone for the PCW Television Title, and Tim Storm vs. Franco D’Angelo in a Hair vs. Hair Match.

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