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SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2008


Aaron Eagle beat Burger
Brandon Collins beat Mace & Claudia by disqualification in a Handicap Match
Robert Evans beat Viper
Nobe Bryant & Jerome Daniels beat Brandon Collins & Athena to retain the Tag Team belts
Apocalypse beat Franco D’Angelo by disqualification; D’Angelo retained the Television belt


Present at ringside were TV commentators Rob Moore and “The Killa” Kody Kox, Ring Announcer Travis Baxter and the PCW Knockouts. Antonio hyped the card at the beginning of the show.

Throughout the evening, new PCW World Heavyweight Champion Mike Foxx appeared on the video screens, talking about how Action Jackson held Mace back, how Wally Darkmon created a monster when he turned his back on James Johnson, and how Franco D’Angelo was lucky to win the Heavyweight Title and hold it for as long as he did.

The self-proclaimed “Best In The World” Apocalypse came out and said he decided to cancel a trip to Thailand to wrestle Fabulous Moolah, and he renamed his title belt something to honor the beating he gave PCW World Television Champion Franco D’Angelo last week, adding that, if it weren’t for him, Mike Foxx would not be World Heavyweight Champion. D’Angelo charged out and attacked Apocalypse, and several members of the PCW staff ran in to separate the two.

“The EXPERT” BRANDON COLLINS beat The Faithful’s “ANGEL OF WRATH” MACE & “ANGEL OF MERCY” CLAUDIA (w/ “Angel Of Misery” James Johnson) by disqualification
–Before the match, PCW Owners Thomas & Chris Bussey came out with their giant wiener and said that, if Collins lost the match, he would have to wrestle his submission match against Thomas at Capital Punishment with one arm tied behind his back. Collins fought valiantly but was overcome by the numbers opposing him. However, whenever Mace had the opportunity to pin him, he picked him up for more punishment. When Referee Travis Trueborne argued with Mace, the big man decked him, and Trueborne called for the bell and the DQ. The three of the Faithful continued to work over Collins. Athena ran in and speared Claudia, but the Faithful came back on her, too, with Mace giving her the Deluxe Killspot. The Busseys came out and angrily sent the Faithful to the back. The owners then told Collins and Athena that they would have to take on PCW World Tag Team Champions Nobe Bryant & Jerome Daniels later in the night for the belts. Thomas jabbed both Collins and Athena with the giant wiener before leaving.

Matthew Palmer, the Number One Contender for the PCW World Cruiserweight Title, came out to do color commentary on the next match.

PCW World Cruiserweight Champion “The ESSENCE OF EXCELLENCE” ROBERT EVANS beat VIPER (w/ the 14-foot Burmese Python Melina)
–Evans and Palmer exchanged uneasy words a few times during the match. Viper got Melina out of her container to scare Evans back into the ring at one point. Evans took charge of the match and won it with his Alpha Flight Headbutt. After the match, Palmer entered the ring and crunched Evans with a Double-Arm DDT. Viper then brought the snake into the ring, but Evans scurried out of the ring and sprinted out through the crowd, accidentally knocking over a section of chain link fencing on the way out.

On the video screens, TNA Rockstar Lance Hoyt presented the latest edition of “Backstage Pass,” this time from a tanning bed. Although a bit incoherent, he said Stephen Bussey would be a better wife than Larry Bussey for Brett Idol because they’re about the same height. He also talked about Mike Foxx being the new World Heavyweight Champion, and he played his Guitar Hero guitar before returning to the tanning bed.

–Collins and Athena both came in hurting from the battle with the Faithful and the Busseys earlier in the night. They fought hard, but the champions were too much for them, having a quick game of Rock-Paper-Scissors before Bryant hit the Real Deal on Athena to get the pin.

“Sexy” Steve DeMarco returns to PCW on June 7.

Thomas & Chris Bussey called out the Faithful, minus Mike Foxx & Katie Angel, and Kody Kox joined Mace, Johnson and Claudia in the ring. Thomas Bussey was still angry at the Faithful for not getting the job done against Collins and beating him so he’d have to have one arm tied behind his back at Capital Punishment. Claudia spoke for the Faithful, saying they work for Mike Foxx, not the Busseys. Chris Bussey said he and his brother made a business decision at intermission and called Sabu and cancelled him for CP. Instead, Chris directed their attention to the video screens for Foxx’s opponent on May 31, and everyone saw … the TNA Monster ABYSS! Claudia threw a fit, Kox was visibly upset, Johnson was curled up in a corner crying, and Mace didn’t seem to know which way to turn.

“BEST IN THE WORLD” APOCALYPSE beat Champion “The BEAST” FRANCO D’ANGELO by disqualification; D’Angelo retains the belt
–This one wasn’t all brawling, but it was close. D’Angelo clobbered Apoc with a title belt, opening him up, and the referee called for the bell. The ring once again flooded with PCW personnel to pull D’Angelo away from the bloody Apocalypse.

PCW Full Throttle’s next card will be on Saturday, May 24 at 8 p.m. at PCW Arena in Arlington, Texas. Franco D’Angelo & Lance Hoyt will wrestle in a Handicap Match against Apocalypse and all four Bussey brothers. Matthew Palmer faces Mace. There will be a Women’s Triple Threat Match between Athena, Alektra Blue and Claudia. PCW Heavyweight Champion Mike Foxx, Tim Storm, Robert Evans and more will be on hand as well.

PCW’s next major show will be Capital Punishment on Saturday, May 31 at PCW Arena. Mike Foxx will now defend the PCW Heavyweight Title against Abyss. Action Jackson & Wally Darkmon will go up against James Johnson & Mace. Robert Evans will defend the PCW Cruiserweight belt against Matthew Palmer. Brandon Collins faces Thomas Bussey in a Submission Match, and Lance Hoyt wrestles Brett Idol.

Visit the PCW Website at www.pcwwrestling.com for more information on PCW, its wrestlers, and upcoming events, as well as DVD’s of past events featuring the stars of PCW and national and international stars who have come through the promotion.

Submitted by ROB MOORE, The Voice of PCW