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*****SHOCK & AWE 2007*****


Mace Malone beat Vordell Walker

Colossus beat Alex Krisis to retain the PCW Television Title Brett Idol beat Shadow Brandon Collins & Robert Evans beat The Dark Circle (Apocalypse, Franco D’Angelo & Tim Storm) Mike Foxx beat Action Jackson in an I Quit Match Wally Darkmon beat Nobe Bryant to win the PCW Heavyweight Title


The following was taped for airing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on the Lone Star Channel, as well as worldwide distribution via SmartVideo and release on DVD, with Ring Announcer Travis Baxter, TV Commentators Rob Moore and Attorney-At-Law Paul Lewis and the PCW Knockouts.

PCW World Heavyweight Champion Nobe Bryant came out with his PR rep, Katie Angel, and said that Wally Darkmon would get another opportunity to prove he’s a loser. Bryant added that there’s only one diamond in PCW, and it’s himself.

MACE MALONE beat “The SHOOTER” VORELL WALKER by pinfall –Walker, from Florida’s FIP promotion, used his martial arts background to aggressively battle the former PCW World Heavyweight Champion, but Malone kept his wits about him and held fast, finally hitting the Frog Splash on Walker for the 1-2-3.


“The ANGEL OF DEATH” COLOSSUS (w/ Claudia) beat ALEX KRISIS by pinfall to retain the belt –Krisis, from Memphis, came in with a reputation for putting down larger opponents, but he was no match for the 7’2″ Roman gladiator, falling victim to two chokeslams and the pin.

Action Jackson came out and revealed to the fans that, earlier in the week, his mother had to be taken off life support, but an emotional Jackson pledged to whip Mike Foxx later in the night in their I Quit Match.

BRETT IDOL (w/ Chris, Thomas & Steven Bussey) beat SHADOW by pinfall –Shadow said that he was wrestling against doctors’ orders, having suffered a broken rib at the hands of Idol last week. The Busseys announced that, to keep everything “fair,” Steven would be the guest timekeeper, Chris would be the guest ring enforcer, and Thomas would be the guest referee. Predictably, the Busseys did everything they could to assist Idol, but Shadow got sick and tired of their shenanigans and kicked Thomas out of the ring and mashed Chris in the corner with Idol (momentarily resulting in Chris going to his knees directly behind Idol, who was on all fours) Another referee, Travis Trueborne, ran out, but he was physically pulled out of the ring to be replaced by Bussey crony Antonio, who hadn’t been seen since being chair-sandwiched by Mace Malone at Capital Punishment. Idol rolled up Shadow, and Antonio fast-counted Shadow down to get the win for Idol.

Mike Foxx, along with his “Faithful” (“Angel Of Death” Colossus & “Angel Of Mercy” Claudia) came to the ring, and Foxx, calling himself the “Messiah” of PCW, made reference to Action Jackson’s speech earlier in the night, saying that Jackson should wheel a bed in next to his mother since he would prefer death to burning in Hell.


“The EXPERT” BRANDON COLLINS & “The ESSENCE OF EXCELLENCE” ROBERT EVANS beat The DARK CIRCLE (Apocalypse, “The Beast” Franco D’Angelo & “The Grim Reaper”

Tim Storm) by pinfall

–Collins & Evans’ scheduled partner, James Johnson, was injured last week by Colossus and will be out for perhaps two months. The Circle used their numbers advantage to full effect as they battled PCW World Cruiserweight Champion Collins and Evans. With both Storm and Evans down in the ring and everyone else out on the floor, Aaron Eagle ran in but hesitated before finally shaking hands with Storm, who had been actively recruiting Eagle for the Dark Circle. Eagle and Storm set up to double-whip Evans into the ropes, but, instead, Eagle and Evans kicked Storm and gave him a double-Drop Out (Side Effect), enabling Evans to pin Storm. Eagle & Evans’ “Best Friends Forever” music played as the two men hugged, signifying that Eagle had chosen friendship over the Dark Circle.


MIKE FOXX (w/ Claudia) beat “The TEXAS LEGEND” ACTION JACKSON by referee stoppage –Jackson tore into Foxx with a vengeance as the referee held the house mic ready in case either man said the words “I Quit.” Both men fought like animals in and out of the ring, including a brief battle down in The Pit.

Foxx brought a table into the ring and propped it in the corner, but Jackson speared Foxx through it. Claudia, Foxx’s “Angel Of Mercy,” mercilessly low-blowed Jackson, giving Foxx time to recover. When Jackson went after the downed Foxx, Foxx threw a ball of fire into Jackson’s face, causing him to scream in agony as the referee called for the bell without waiting for the words “I Quit.” PCW personnel quickly hit the ring, pouring water on Jackson’s face and wrapping him in wet towels as Foxx and Claudia left, their job apparently done.

PCW SHOCK & AWE MAIN EVENT–PCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH WALLY DARKMON beat “The REAL DEAL” NOBE BRYANT (w/ Katie Angel) by pinfall to win the belt –Bryant tried to put Darkmon away early, but PCW’s favorite psycho fought him off. Angel got involved several times, but Bryant still couldn’t get the job done. Darkmon gave Bryant the Mood Swing (Canadian Destroyer), but Bryant kicked out. Bryant hit Darkmon in the stomach with the ring bell hammer and hit the Real Deal (axe kick), but Darkmon kicked out. Angel gave Bryant the title belt, and Bryant tried to hit Darkmon with it. Wally ducked and rolled up Bryant to get the 1-2-3. This time, with no controversy like there was at Capital Punishment, Darkmon became the new champion as the packed house at PCW Arena screamed their approval. The good feelings were interrupted by Mike Foxx, Claudia and Colossus, as Foxx mockingly applauded Darkmon’s victory and seemingly challenged the new champion. Fans in one of the Rowdy Sections started throwing things at Foxx and his entourage, resulting in tempers flaring, wrestlers and personnel coming from the back, and a few fans being ejected. As things settled down, Darkmon continued his celebration with his fans.

PCW Full Throttle’s next show will be on Saturday, June 9 at PCW Arena. Bell time is 8 p.m.

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