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***SICK ‘N’ TWISTED 2007***


The Dark Circle (Franco D’Angelo & Tim Storm) beat the Best Friends Forever (Aaron Eagle & Robert Evans) to retain the PCW Tag Team Titles Canyon beat Wally Darkmon in a Hardcore Hell Match Mace Malone beat Nobe Bryant to win Katie Angel’s freedom Mike Foxx beat Action Jackson in a Last Man Standing Match


The following was taped for airing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on the Lone Star Channel, as well as worldwide distribution via SmartVideo and release on DVD, with Ring Announcer Travis Baxter and TV Commentators Rob Moore and Kody Kox. Referee for the night was Terry “The Book” Stephens.

Mike Foxx & Claudia came to the ring, and Foxx said that Action Jackson has ridden Foxx’s coattails to the big shows in PCW for seven years. He said that this would be Jackson’s last big show match with him, ending in the Last Man Standing Match later in the night.

Champions The DARK CIRCLE (Franco D’Angelo & Tim Storm) beat The BEST FRIENDS FOREVER (Aaron Eagle & Robert Evans) to retain the belts –D’Angelo replaced Apocalypse as the Dark Circle invoked the Freebird Clause, saying that any two members of the team can defend the belts. Before the match, Storm reminded everyone that, weeks ago, Eagle had the opportunity of a lifetime to join the Dark Circle, but turning them down was the biggest mistake of Eagle’s life. The BFF came out, but D’Angelo & Storm attacked them before the bell and never let up. Eagle & Evans eventually regained their wits and mounted an offensive barrage that seemingly won them the belts when, after a double-team Drop Out (Side Effect) on Storm, Eagle got the 1-2-3. However, just after the referee called for the bell, D’Angelo pointed out Storm’s foot on the ropes, and Stephens yanked the belt away from the BFF and restarted the match. Moments later, Storm gave Evans the Perfect Storm (Black Hole Slam) and pinned him to keep the titles.

A video was shown promoting next week’s Champion vs. Champion match, with PCW World Television Champion “Jiggle-O” James Johnson going up against PCW World Cruiserweright Champion “The Expert” Brandon Collins.

Mace Malone and Katie Angel came out, and Malone talked about how he couldn’t stand by last week as Bryant was about to manhandle Angel. Malone’s mentor, Action Jackson, came out and said he had a gut feeling that told him not to trust Angel, and that Malone should be more focused on next week’s tag match against Mike Foxx & Colossus. Malone defended Katie and told A.J.
that he still had his back, and Jackson said he had Malone’s back. The “Texas Legend” still eyed Angel warily, though.

“The HARDCORE ICON” CANYON (w/ Thomas, Chris, Steven & Larry Bussey) beat WALLY DARKMON –All kinds of weapons were strewn around the ring, including chairs, a barbed wire baseball bat, a barbed wire board, a crutch, a cane and other items. Canyon busted Darkmon open almost immediately. The Busseys put on rubber gloves, as if they were going to get involved but didn’t want to get blood on themselves. Darkmon, outweighed by nearly 200 pounds, came back and opened up Canyon. The Busseys set up a table outside the ring. Canyon tried to suplex Darkmon out of the ring onto and through it, but Darkmon fought his way out and, instead, sent Canyon crashing through the table. As the Busseys gathered to tend to their fallen friend, Darkmon hit a plancha over the top rope onto Thomas, Chris and Steven. Larry managed to avoid the pileup, but Darkmon kicked him in the groin to put him down. The action went back into the ring, and Canyon executed a schoolboy cradle, of all things, and got the pin. Darkmon went after the Busseys with a cane, but Canyon attacked Darkmon and left him laying as the PCW owners and their buddy left victoriously.

MACE MALONE (w/ Katie Angel) beat “The REAL DEAL” NOBE BRYANT –If Bryant won, Katie, Bryant’s P.R. person, would have to stay with him, but, if Malone won, she was free of “The Real Deal.” Before the opening bell rang, Bryant threatened Katie, but Malone swept her up and swung her around, causing her to kick Bryant. At one point during the match, Bryant draped Malone over the second rope and then distracted the referee. However, instead of slapping or otherwise hitting Malone like she would have in the old days, Katie slapped the mat to encourage Malone to get up. Bryant got into Angel’s face about not smacking Malone, but Malone came to the rescue once again. Back in the ring, Malone went for Bryant’s own Real Deal (axe kick), but Bryant kicked out a split-second before the three-count. Malone hit the Frog Splash and got the victory, freeing Katie from Bryant’s employment. However, an enraged Bryant attacked Malone, hitting him in the back of the left knee with the ring bell hammer. Bryant then wrapped Malone’s legs around the ringpost with a hanging Figure Four Leglock until Action Jackson came out and fought off Bryant. Jackson, Angel, the referee and a PCW staff member aided Malone, helping him to the back.

“The DARK MESSIAH” MIKE FOXX (w/ Claudia) beat “The TEXAS LEGEND” ACTION JACKSON –This one started slowly but quickly picked up pace as the two longtime rivals tore into each other. All the referee was there to do was count to 10 if a man was down. There were several counts on both men, but they got up before 10. Foxx set up four chairs on the floor and gave Jackson the Hot Spot (Michinoku Driver/Death Valley Driver variation) through them.
Miraculously, Jackson was able to beat the count. During the match, Katie Angel came out, apparently to cheer for Jackson and counter Foxx’s “Angel Of Mercy” Claudia. It looked like Claudia was going for the “Kiss Of Death,”
but Jackson stopped her from blowing the red mist. Katie got in the ring and took off her shoes, ready to battle Claudia. Jackson grabbed Claudia for the Big Booyah (Rock Bottom), but, shockingly, Katie hit A.J. with a low blow from behind! Claudia then hit one from the front, and then Foxx executed the M.F.’er (RKO), putting Jackson on his back for the duration of the 10-count, giving Foxx the match and a new follower in Katie Angel. After Foxx and his women left the ring, Mace Malone limped out on a crutch to help Jackson to his feet. Malone semed apologetic to Jackson for not going with his mentor’s earlier gut feeling about Katie. A video promoting next week’s Jackson/Malone-Colossus/Foxx match was shown, and Jackson promised that he and Malone would kick some a** next week!

PCW Full Throttle’s next show will be held on Saturday, September 8 at PCW Arena. Bell time is 8 p.m. Action Jackson & Mace Malone will face Colossus & Mike Foxx, and Television Champion James Johnson meets Cruiserweight Champion Brandon Collins. More matches are to be signed.

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Submitted by ROB MOORE, The Voice of PCW

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