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Aaron Eagle beat Nobe Bryant
Robert Evans beat Canyon by disqualification Colossus beat Mace Malone The Dark Circle (Apocalypse & Tim Storm) beat Team Dance Dance Revolution (Diamond Dave & James Johnson) to retain the PCW Tag Team Titles Mike Foxx beat Wally Darkmon


The following was taped for airing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on the Lone Star Channel, as well as worldwide distribution via SmartVideo and release on DVD, with Ring Announcer Travis Baxter, TV Commentators Rob Moore and Kody Kox, and one of the PCW Knockouts.

Before the production crew could start the show intro, Wally Darkmon came stumbling through the curtain, followed closely by Mike Foxx, Colossus and Claudia. At Foxx’s direction, Colossus was beating the tar out of Darkmon.
After Foxx smacked Darkmon around as the giant held him, the 7’2″ Colossus delivered a vicious chokeslam to Darkmon, followed by Foxx’s Career Killer (Boston Crab). Aaron Eagle, Robert Evans, Diamond Dave and James Johnson charged out with chairs in hand, but the damage had already been done. The four Bussey brothers came out, and Thomas and Chris, speaking as the owners of PCW, decreed that Darkmon would face Foxx later in the main event.

“SUCCESS STORY IN THE MAKING” AARON EAGLE beat “The REAL DEAL” NOBE BRYANT (w/ Katie) –As has become the norm in Bryant’s matches, Katie got herself involved at ringside, getting up on the ring apron and holding Eagle for Bryant to attack. Eagle got out of the way, but Bryant put on the brakes just in time.
However, Eagle got Bryant in the O’Connor Roll for the victory. Afterwards, Bryant angrily called his P.R. rep into the ring and started blaming her for losing the match as well as for not still being the PCW World Heavyweight Champion. Katie slapped Bryant, who retaliated by grabbing her by the hair.
Mace Malone ran into the ring and fought off Bryant, rescuing Katie.

“The ESSENCE OF EXCELLENCE” ROBERT EVANS beat “The HARDCORE ICON” CANYON by disqualification –Canyon battered Evans into the corner and would not let up. Referee Travis Trueborne pleaded with Canyon to ease up, but the big man shoved him down to the point where Trueborne had had enough and called for the bell as Canyon smashed Evans with a pair of reverse splashes off the second rope. Chris & Steven Bussey came out and told Canyon that they liked his enthusiasm, but he needed to control his anger because they had someone else in mind for him, someone who has been a thorn in the Busseys’ side. Canyon left with the Busseys, leaving Evans gasping for breath. Tag team partner Aaron Eagle, who had been in the shower following his match earlier, came out to help his partner to the back.

“ANGEL OF DEATH” COLOSSUS (w/ “Angel Of Mercy” Claudia) beat MACE MALONE –During the match, Katie came to ringside and cheered for Malone. There was clear tension between the two women at ringside. When the referee was occupied with Claudia on the ring apron, Nobe Bryant ran in and attacked Malone, rendering him helpless for Colossus’ chokeslam to get the 1-2-3.
After the bell, Bryant ran in and attacked Malone, and Katie threw herself on top of Malone to prevent Bryant from hitting him with a chair. Bryant then challenged Malone to a match next week at Sick ‘N’ Twisted. Malone, still gathering his wits, accepted, and the match will have the stipulation that, if Bryant wins, Katie has to come back to him, but, if Malone wins, Katie is free from the “Real Deal.”

Champions The DARK CIRCLE (Apocalypse & Tim Storm) beat TEAM DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION (“Dynamic” Diamond Dave & PCW World Television Champion “Jiggle-O James Johnson) to retain the belts –Team DDR, the former PCW Uncut Tag Team champs, tried to use their speed and agility in their first shot at the World belts, but the Dark Circle’s aggressiveness and experience were too much for the smaller duo. Apocalypse ended it with a spinning End Of Days (Death Valley Driver) off the second rope on Dave, getting the pin. Afterwards, Storm got the mic and boasted about the Dark Circle being the greatest team in PCW history. That brought out former champions the Best Friends Forever, Aaron Eagle and a still-hurting Robert Evans. Speaking for the team, Eagle challenged the Dark Circle to a title match for the belts next week at Sick ‘N’ Twisted. Apoc & Storm wanted to fight right there, but the BFF weren’t falling for it.

“The DARK MESSIAH” MIKE FOXX (w/ Claudia) beat WALLY DARKMON –Darkmon came to the ring with his ribs taped, and, predictably, Foxx zeroed in right on those injured ribs. Darkmon tried to gut it up and, at a couple of points, went for the Mood Swing (Canadian Destroyer), but Foxx blocked it. Foxx finally got the Career Killer on Darkmon, who passed out from the pain, and the referee checked on him and then called for the bell.
As Darkmon lay face down in the ring and Foxx and Claudia left, Canyon and the Busseys came out, and Canyon crushed the unconscious Darkmon with a pair of reverse splashes. The Busseys then announced that, next week at Sick ‘N’
Twisted, Canyon will face Darkmon, and it will be a Hardcore Hell Match.
Darkmon had to be physically carried to the back by PCW personnel.

PCW Full Throttle’s next show will be Sick ‘N’ Twisted on Saturday, September 1 at PCW Arena. Bell time is 8 p.m. Matches signed include Mike Foxx vs. Action Jackson in a Last Man Standing Match, the Dark Circle against the Best Friends Forever for the PCW World Tag Team Titles, Canyon vs. Wally Darkmon in a Hardcore Hell Match, and Nobe Bryant vs. Mace Malone, with Katie either staying with Bryant or being free, depending on who wins.

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Submitted by ROB MOORE, The Voice of PCW

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