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From ECW.com:


After beating Elijah Burke last week, CM Punk is now officially the No. 1 contender to ECW World Champion Johnny Nitro’s title. This week, both the A-list champion and the Straightedge Superstar will try to gain an advantage on one another by picking each other’s poison – Punk will pick Nitro’s opponent while Nitro will choose Punk’s. Who will have the advantage after the smoke clears in this latest duel between two budding rivals? Who will Nitro enlist to soften up Punk as he tries to secure his hold on the ECW World Title? Will he have something extra up his sleeve? And who will Punk choose to battle Nitro? Will the Straightedge Superstar choose someone from the ECW World Champion’s past? Could both Superstars even look beyond the ECW roster for their opponent’s poison? Find out on ECW on Sci Fi.

Devin Cutting