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PoG Wrestling presents: “Murky Melee”
KIDS 8-12: $6.00 | Kids 7 & Under: Free
Saturday, October 27th 2007
@ Michigan Sports Camps
315 N. Fiske Rd.
Coldwater, MI 49036

“Halloween Costume Contest”

This Saturday, Price of Glory will be holding a Costume Contest during the live event. For those attending, wear your Halloween Costume during the event to participate and win a prize. You can wear a costume and not participate in the Contest if you don’t wish. Everyone who does wear a costume will get $1.00 off the ticket price at the door.

“Dark Combat?”

After speaking with officials. Dark Combat will be two of the darkest figures in Michigan In dependant Wrestling going face to face in the middle of the Price of Glory ring. This will be Eternal’s toughest challenge to date and will be on his mind till this Saturday. Jamie Eternal has been unstoppable in Singles competition since March of this year after breaking ties with Adam Bueller… now, he has shown his love for Horror movies and other demented things as he wears similar garbs to those “heroes” of his.

“Bloody” Harker Dirge knows how to make a first impression. Enough Said. Price of Glory fans have not seen anything like this dark individual and those in attendance, should keep their distance.

“Abercrombie in Attendance”

Josh Abercrombie will be at “Murky Melee” this Saturday. It is unknown what Jayme P has in store for the champion, but we’re sure it’s going to be a challenge. Jayme P is also expected to reveal his “deal with the devil.”

Jayme P will also debut his new program in which he calls, “Performance Based Incentives.”

“What’s the Handicap?”

Many believe Steve Amani’s Handicap is Dynamite McFeters. Now that Amani has been kicked to the curb by Keith Creme and Gavin Starr, he has been rethinking his decision of sticking with them instead of Chip Daley. Dynamite McFeters may look goofy, and… like a stick, but he’s not easy to keep up with. He gets into many altercations in the locker room which Amani’s had to step in and help him get out of on many occasions since July.

He’s going to have to help again come October 27th… but this time, in the middle of the ring. They have both been signed to a Handicap match against Magnum Conroy. 2 on 1 seems like they have good odds, but Conroy easily outweighs them both… put together.
“Shalom Old Man”

New match signed for Oct. 27th. Price of Glory’s resident Jewish man, “Hebrew Hammer” Scottie Nice vs. the oldest man on the roster “Old Timer” Jeff King. Scottie Nice has had a some tough competition, first being man handled by the large Magnum Conroy… then being put to sleep by the strange Jamie Eternal. Will his young agile age come into play when he faces the man originally from the Northwestern Territory?

“Old Timer” looked as though he had a change of heart after his match with Dan Severn. Before, he was complaining about Sybil Starr and saying that women should be in the kitchen, making his dinner and washing the dishes… not being in the squared circle and reffing a match. But afterwards, there was a glow in his eye as he stared the lovely lady down.

“Abercrombie’s Going Down”

Owner of Price of Glory Wrestling, Jayme P is going to announce Josh Abercrombie’s next challenge for the PoG Heavyweight Championship… and it looks as though JT Zorin is not in those plans. The announcement will be made on October 27th at “Murky Melee.”

The only information that Jayme P has forfeited is that he “Made a deal with the devil.”

* “Jayme P Changes Main Event in Spite of Fans”

Billed as a “Fans Bring the Weapons” match this past Sunday, the main event of “Murky Melee” on Oct. 27th has been changed. After the roaring fan reaction when Josh Abercrombie won the PoG Heavyweight Championship, and the taunts Jayme P received… he is spitting on the fans and taking away what could have been the bloodiest match Price of Glory had ever seen.

Nonetheless, Jayme P cannot take away the intensity that both Jack Thriller and Ian Rotten have. The match will still deliver regardless of Jayme P’s actions towards the fans.

Jack Thriller is scheduled for a permanent return as of Oct. 27th, which has most excited… except for the locker room. The competition will increase 10 fold when Thriller’s around.

“The First” Jack Thriller vs.
“The King of Hardcore” Ian Rotten

Dark Combat
“Bloody” Harker Dirge vs. Jamie Eternal

PoG Chaotic Championship – LAST MAN STANDING
“The Hype” Jimmy Shalwin vs. Osyris

PoG Tag Team Championship
Sean Tyler & Bryan Skyline vs.
“Ringside Revue” Keith Creme & Gavin Starr (C)

Singles Match
“Hebrew Hammer” Scottie Nice vs. “Old Timer” Jeff King

Handicap Match
Magnum Conroy vs.
“Untouchable” Steve Amani & Dynamite McFeters

Also appearing:
PoG Heavyweight Champion Josh Abercrombie, Owner Jayme P, Michael Z, 2007 Glory Cup Champion, Christin Able and more.