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Jeff Jackson of the SNS Radio Network sent in the following statement to Wrestleview.com.

*I have kept my silence long enough and now it’s time to uncover the truth of what happened at the Hart Legacy Wrestling Resurrection show on Friday, January 18th.

I, Jeff Jackson, have officially resigned as a member of the broadcast team of HLW and will not be associated with Hart Legacy Wrestling any further. During the intermission of the show, Mr. Oniston informed Spencer Tapley (the Head of Media Relations and Talent) that he would be unable to pay the talent. I want to give kudos to the guys that went out in the main event and risked their lives to perform knowing that a pay day would not be given at the end of the night. And to Pete Wilson who was rushed to the ER after suffering a shoulder injury and who may not work for a while as a result.

After the show a meeting was held with all talent so that John Oniston could explain why no one was getting paid. John asked for forgiveness and promised a bonus of $100 to all talents and that he would have the funds by 1-22-13. I took John Oniston at his word and so did all the boys and girls who worked the show only to be given excuse after excuse. Most of the talent work other jobs and a fair number of them took a day off to be a part of the show myself included. Some even paid out of their pocket last minute for show necessities and of course were not reimbursed.

As of 1-24-13, talent were told it will be next week once again on a Tuesday. Stu Hart left a legacy in the pro wrestling business and so many wrestlers made a name coming out of the Dungeon and through Stampede Wrestling. I find it disgusting that the Hart name is associated with this and it appears that stiffing your talent will be what Hart Legacy Wrestling leaves in its wake. I want to apologize to the masses who attended the show and believed that a new wrestling promotion could work in Calgary. You all did your part and the boys and girls thank you for that. Both John Oniston and Stacy Angel have screwed you all out of the future shows and tarnished the Hart name. I have worked for several independent promotions both the U.S. and Canada over the years…some for free, some at least paid something…HLW paid with broken promises. I only hope that those owed money get what they have coming to them and to Stacy and John, I really hope you get what’s coming to you.*

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