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CagematchPRESS RELEASE: OWW and CAGEMATCH announce a strategic partnership!

Dear wrestling fans around the globe, Online World of Wrestling (OWW) and CAGEMATCH, the internet wrestling database, would like to inform you that we have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership with the goal of improving your experience as a wrestling fan.

What is OWW?

Online World of Wrestling (www.onlineworldofwrestling.com) is one of the premier professional wrestling sites on the Internet.  For over a decade OWW has provided the latest wrestling news, analysis, and updates in an effort to document the history of this great sport!  OWW maintains match results and title histories for the world’s largest wrestling promotions, but it is the individual wrestler profiles that distinguishes OWW from all other sites.  Each wrestler profile showcases their career highlights, title victories, match results, and biographical information.  In addition to the wrestler profiles, OWW features commentary from some of the best writers in the business, as well as hosting the award-nominated OWW Radio program.  OWW welcomes over 250,000 unique visitors each month, and we are constantly striving to improve our coverage of the entire wrestling spectrum.


CAGEMATCH (www.cagematch.de) is a free and independent online wrestling database with a ratings system as well as a news and discussion portal. It has been around since June 2001 and an English version of the database has been published just a couple of years ago at www.cagematch.net. CAGEMATCH hosts one of the largest wrestling databases with not only about wrestlers, promotions, results, title histories and matches, but also individual databases containing promos, feud and storyline archives, wrestling games, themes, tag teams, stables, rivalries, tournaments, awards and DVDs. The biggest feature of the site has been the ratings system, established in 2007, which allows each individual database entry to be rated and commented upon, creating an interactive experience and resource for wrestling fans, including over 24,000 registered members from all around the world.

As we are also wrestling fans, we would hate to spoil the element of surprise.  So at this point in time we do not want to reveal too much about the details of our partnership and potential ventures in the future.  So stay tuned and thank you for your continued support!

— David Buckler, OWW
— Philip Kreikenbohm, CAGEMATCH