“PRIME CUTS: Shiima Xion – From A To DJ Z” available now

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Before the headphones and the airhorn, Shiima Xion was an internationally traveled independent wrestler and the first Filipino male supermodel in professional wrestling. The self-proclaimed “Future of Fashion” and “Filipino Flex Factory” brought a style like no other both in-ring and out of it, with awe-inspiring athleticism, a prominent mean streak, and a can of hairspray never too far from his side. Before Shiima put his eye on the bright lights of global television, his first major television exposure took place in PWO/PRIME Wrestling. Re-live his greatest high-flying, adrenaline-fueled, high-octane matches against some of the greatest athletes in independent wrestling, in what would be a pre-cursor of many classic matches and championships to come! These are Shiima Xion’s rarely seen “PRIME Cuts”!

Shiima Xion vs. Jigsaw vs. Hallowicked vs. Facade

Shiima Xion vs. Louis Lyndon

Shiima Xion vs. Facade vs. Gory

Shiima Xion vs. Facade (in two memorable battles!)

Shiima Xion & Facade vs. Gory & Bobby Beverly

Shiima Xion vs. Gory (in two memorable battles!)

Shiima Xion vs. Matthew Justice

Shiima Xion vs. Aaron Draven

Plus: Two additional matches, interviews and more!

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