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PRIME TV #163: Wrestlelution 5 Recap Part 1

PRIME Wrestling TV airs each and every week on our official YouTube page at www.YouTube.com/PRIMEwrestling, with new episodes premiering each Tuesday! Don’t want to wait for your PRIME fix? Each episode of PRIME TV premieres Sunday nights at 10:00 Eastern on SportsTime Ohio. Not sure if you get SportsTime Ohio? Visit the “TV” section of our website, www.PRIMEwrestling.com or consult your local listings.

Watch this week’s episode now right here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OMXpZEb3OY


Join host Vic Travagliante as he updates you on all the news & information stemming from the historic Wrestlelution 5: An Enduring Spirit event! This week, we’ll discuss the destructive war between Rhino & Bane, the No DQ war between Krimson and Matt Mason, Sex Appeal’s implosion in the Hair vs. Hair Match, the Facade vs. Gory Casket Match and more! You will see just a small sample of what you can own forever today by reserving your DVD copy or purchasing the internet PPV right here at PRIMEwrestling.com!


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