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Now Online: PRIME TV #175: Bobby Shields vs. Bobby Beverly

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Original Airdate: February 3rd, 2013

Wrestlelution Rematch: “True Talent” BOBBY SHIELDS vs. “The Bev” BOBBY BEVERLY
A rematch six months in the making! Last summer at Wrestlelution 5, Beverly defeated Shields in a Hair vs. Hair Match, changing Shields’ demeanor for the worse in a major way. Shields has been going through tons of mental and emotional unrest that he hopes to erase with a victory over Beverly here. Last week, Beverly added fuel to the fire when he stole a steel chain that Shields had planned to use to help win the TV Title. However, we are still unsure as to the role Nicki Valentino played in that scenario. It was Valentino’s chain, but did he plan to give it to Shields, or was he in cahoots with Beverly all along? Will we get any answers this week before the Shields, Beverly, & Valentino three-way war on February 16 at the “Pressure Rising” iPPV?

#1 Contender for TV Title: GORY vs. LOUIS LYNDON
Several weeks ago Gory attained an emphatic win, ending a wave of momentum the former Aeroform member had been on since returning to PRIME Wrestling. An invigorated Lyndon issued a passionate plea for a return bout to prove himself and PRIME management raised the stakes – announcing that the winner of this match would go on to challenge Facade for the TV Title on Feb. 16 at “Pressure Rising” on iPPV. Gory is the longest reigning TV Champion in company history and has had several memorable wars with Facade, including their Wrestlelution 5 Casket Match clash. Lyndon has spent several years as a friend and ally of Facade, and shares a similar style and intensity as the Television Champion. Whoever emerges victorious, Facade is in for a very rough time come February 16!

“Late Nite” NICKI VALENTINO vs. “World’s Most Huggable Wrestler” BRYAN CASTLE
Two of the most eccentric personalities in PRIME do battle! Valentino is still riding the fence on his allegiances with former tag partners Bobby Shields and Bobby Beverly and, after his involvement in Shields’ match with Facade a week ago, Valentino’s intentions are as unknown as ever. It’s also unsure how Shields and Beverly even feel about their former counter-part. Can the hugging, high-fiving Castle capitalize on Valentino’s personal turmoil? Will Valentino give us any answers whatsoever?

“Big Bear” BENJAMIN BOONE In Action!
The intensity of the Sons of Michigan enforcer will be on full display as he dares anyone to meet him one-on-one. After coming up short against the inspirational duo (and new tag team champions!) of Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen, the Sons are looking to re-assert themselves. Will the Bear find himself a new victim?

Plus: We hear from Johnny Gargano, Krimson, The Megalomaniacs, and Justin LaBar promises to announce the final two members of his team for the “Pressure Rising” six-man tag match!

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