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PRIME Wrestling – TV Taping This Sunday in Cleveland, OH feat. Jimmy Jacobs, Johnny Gargano, Zach Gowen, Matt Cross & many more!

PRIME Wrestling returns to Gargano’s Restaurant & Catering, 3482 W 25th St in Cleveland, OH THIS Sunday afternoon, July 8 at 3pm. Tickets are available NOW in our “Store” section here at PRIMEwrestling.com. All tickets are only $10 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and under! This will be a SportsTime Ohio television taping, so bring your signs & enthusiasm!

This will be the FINAL television taping before our massive Wrestlelution 5 iPPV event on August 19 (you can order the event right here – http://www.primewrestling.com/Live), so this event is sure to be emotional and unpredictable! Here are just SOME of the major matches signed –


It’s an all-star war as four men who have held the PRIME Championship meet in one unpredictable tag match. This will be the first time Jacobs & Gargano have shared a ring since Jacobs revealed himself as the man behind the ski mask who had caused Gargano so much physical & psychological torment. Whether Gargano wins or loses against Sex Appeal, he will still have a chance to meet Jacobs in this tag match! Meanwhile, Marion Fontaine is preparing for the end of his rivalry with Justin LaBar when he meets Aaron Draven on August 19, but will LaBar be ringside for this particular tag match? And while Matt Cross’ Wrestlelution 5 path is not yet clear, we do hear from reliable sources that Matt has been challenged by many major stars – in and out of PRIME Wrestling! How will these teams co-exist? Can Gargano & Cross bury years of animosity? Will the egos of Jacobs & Fontaine allow them to work together?

JASON BANE vs. “Big Bear” BENJAMIN BOONE w/N8 Mattson

Bane is just a few weeks away from a war with the 270-pound two-time World Champion “The Man Beast” Rhino. Bane has proven himself to be as good as he’s ever been in recent weeks, polishing off opponents quickly and emphatically. Now, to prepare for Rhino, Bane encounters another big man, or more accurately a big bear. Boone has given Bane a run for his money on more than one occasion, and actually has scored victories over Bane before. Can Boone stunt Bane’s dominance or will a physical message be sent to Rhino in the form of a Baneline?


Kirst & the rest of the Dead Wrestling Society have taken away virtually everything Gregory Iron holds dear – from his best friend, his tag partner, to nearly his career. Greg called upon his own personal childhood idol Zach Gowen to help him fight his battle with the DWS, and Greg needs Zach now more than ever. Zach was diagnosed with cancer at age 8 and bravely battled it for some time – a battle that cost Zach one of his legs. In spite of the setback, Zach continued on and defied all expected limitations when he achieved his dream of becoming a pro wrestler. Now Zach has one goal in mind – revenge on the man who has caused so much harm to a man he considers such a close friend in Gregory Iron, who will be at ringside supporting Zach. Will Zach Gowen’s message of hope and positivity overpower the evil hatred that Kirst & The DWS embrace?