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Unlike other fights that are waged inside a ring, the outcome of a wrestling match is predetermined. Despite common knowledge of this, the excitement of wrestling fans around the world does not diminish. The win or loss of a match is carefully calculated based on the status of a wrestler and the response from the fans.

But what happens if a wrestler refuses to go by the booker’s call? No one likes to lose in anything. Being ordered to lose does not make it any easier. When a wrestler’s career is on a steady rise, a scheduled defeat can be rather shattering.

Here’s a list of when wrestlers disagreed with the decided outcome.

Bruno Sammartino

Sammartino hated losing and was as tough as they came.  He did not cooperate with promoters.  Sammartino held that he’d take a loss only if actually beaten.

Rey Mysterio

Rumor has it that Mysterio was to lose to Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam 2009.  Mysterio felt it was too soon to lose his new Intercontinental Champion title  Mysterio got the win, but lost it a month later to John Morrison.

Ric Flair

WCW exec Jim Herd wanted the Championship belt to go to Luger.  Flair refused and was threatened to be fired.  Flair jumped ship with the big gold belt and went to the WWE.

Shawn Michaels

Hart gave Michaels his first World Title at WrestleMania 12.  Michaels told him that he would not return the favor.  Bret took this as unforgivable disrespect, starting them down the dark path to Survivor Series ‘97.

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