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Review of NWA Pro Wrestling Fusion at The Coliseum
Written by: Jeff Wilen, Sports Writer

Pro Wrestling Fusion and NWA Midwest presented “Beach Street Bash” on Saturday night at The Coliseum in Daytona Beach.

In front of a crowd of about 400, PWF started out with two dark matches — the first of which involved the victorious Nick Primo in what was a solid match. The second bout had a lot of chops and hard hitting. 

On to the card:

1. Contenders Match: Steve Madison beats Francisco Ciatso in 10 minutes. Featured: Closed fists, Amy Vitale leg sweep interference, diamond cutter. Finish: Rollup after managers interfere. Aftermath: 3-on-1 beatdown by Ciatso, Pete Cannon and Vitale. Madison rallied with a piledriver on Cannon. Thoughts: Madison has a unique look. Ciatso has a strong faction and brings heel heat. Very impressive opener.


2. Tommy Taylor beats 7-foot-1 big man Titan in 6 minutes. Featured: Reverse throwback, over-the-top rope slam. Finish: High-cross body press. Aftermath: Jackknife powerbomb by Titan. Thoughts: Very solid considering what I thought would be a slower match.


3. First Time Woman in Fusion Woman’s Special Attraction: Awesome Kong beats Sumie Sakai in 6 minutes. Pre-match: Kong laid out a Coliseum “security” guy backstage. Sakai was announced at 115 pounds. Kong was announced as “none of your damn business,” which got a pop. Featured: Kong crowd pops, slams, foot stomp on hair pullups, rollups, top rope jumps. Finish: Kong slam. Thoughts: Crowd loved Kong. It was my first time seeing her in person, and she doesn’t disappoint. The undersized Sakai really put on an impressive performance with several “wow” moves.


4. PWF Florida Junior Heavyweight Champion Chris Jones beats TJ Perkins in 13 minutes. Featured: Cruiserweight-type match, frogsplash, throw off top rope, sharpshooter. Finish: Reverse headbuster move off top rope. Thoughts: Not sure if the crowd just wasn’t into this one, or if it was tough following the Kong match, or what. While the action was good, something was missing. I think what surprised me were the slow-down submission moves in a cruiserweight-type match. These guys did both bust their asses, though.


5. First Time Ever Special Challenge Match: Prince Iaukea beats King Kong Fu in 13 minutes. Pre-match: KKF, who wears a gorilla-like mask, danced with the four Fusion Bomb girls — almost a version of the Godfather’s hoes. Featured: Iaukea had a weird dive through the ring ropes upon entering the ring, landing short of KKF’s feet (I think he was supposed to fly into KKF, not sure). Chops, music playing for KKF leading to a dance move in-match. Finish: Insiguri (yes, an insiguri was the finisher). Thoughts: Strong heel heat against Iaukea. KKF is entertaining — you can’t help but like the guy.


6. Dark City Fight Club beats Dagon/SiNN BoDHi (known as Kizarny in WWE) in 9 minutes. Pre-match: SiNN entered with a chair and large pitchfork. The referee pulled out a rubber snake and a large pair of plastic scissors from SiNN’s trunks. Featured: A bizarre upside-down grab by SiNN. Finish: Double drop by DCFC on Dagon. Chants: “Don’t call me that” by SiNN every time a fan yelled out Kizarny. Thoughts: DCFC is a reputable tag team. SiNN is a strong heel, and Dagon has a unique look. I wasn’t disappointed PWF made SiNN’s debut a tag-team match, even though we missed out on The Shane Twins.


7. Florida Heavyweight Title Match: PWF Florida Heavyweight Champion The Sheik beats Too Cold Scorpio in 14 minutes. Featured: Huge heel heat for The Sheik, and average/no over-the-top moves. The referee: Annoying spot where The Sheik pulled out a pencil-type object, it swapped hands to TCS, the referee confiscated it and then realized it was best not to keep it in his pockets. Late spot when the table was brought in also annoyed me, as The Sheik had to slide it in the ring without hitting the laid-out referee. The finish: Very nice table spot, with TCS landing on the table and The Sheik (crowd went overboard on pops). Then, The Sheik quickly recovered and won on a rollup! Thoughts: The table spot saved this match, which was a slower-moving match than previous matches.


Final thoughts: PWF did not disappoint. It had been awhile since I’ve been out to a non-WWE event, and I was entertained for the entire two hours. It’s a damn shame PWF didn’t get more fans out to this event for what was a very impressive night of professional wrestling. Hopefully, PWF’s “Biketoberfest” event (scheduled for Oct. 16 at the Coliseum) will have a better turnout. If you have never seen PWF, I urge you to give it a try Oct. 16. While I haven’t been to a live WWE FCW show yet, from what I’ve seen of FCW on TV, I think PWF is just as good and probably better than the currrent FCW product. Is it on TNA Wrestling’s level? No. But for a minor league promotion — from the wrestlers to announcer Shannon Rose — it does a great job.

Review of NWA Pro Wrestling Fusion at The Coliseum
Written by: Jeff Wilen, Sports Writer

For more information, visit www.prowrestlingfusion.com