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Scott Commodity of Club 305 with Amy Vitale, Austin Andretti, and Logan Fernandez defeated Daron Smythe of The Lifeguards with Wade Koverly Wade Koverly of The Lifeguards with Daron Smythe defeated Austin Andretti of Club 305 with Amy Vitale, Scott Commodity, and Logan Fernandez

Lou The Fixer with George Martell defeated Shayne Swyft Eddie Taurus defeated Damballah with George Martell and Lou the Fixer by disqualification

Team Macktion of T.J. Mack and Kirby Mack defeated Scott Davis and Michael Patrick

Delta Iota Kappa of Sedrick Strong and Joshua Masters with Fetish defeated the Heartbreak Express of Sean and Phil Davis by disqualification when Kenny King of Team Vision interfered

Jaison Moore defeated Kenny King of Team Vision with Chasyn Rance

911 Incorporated of Francisco Ciatso and Kory Chavis defeated Bruce Santee and Sideshow when the referee stopped the match

FIP World Heavyweight Champion Erick Stevens defeated Ray Beez to retain the FIP World Heavyweight Title in an Anything Goes Match

Riot Headlines:

Pro Wrestling Riot returns to action on March 1st A standing room only crowd braved severe storms to see Pro Wrestling Riot start off 2008 the same way that they ended 2007. Pro Wrestling Riot returns to action on Saturday, March 1, 2008 at the New Lakes in Regency Park Civic Center, 8330 Civic Drive, Port Richey, Florida with a bell time of 8:00 pm. Not even a power outage before the doors opened to the fans could stop Pro Wrestling Riot from continuing to show that Pro Wrestling Riot provides a quality product to the Florida wrestling fans.

Riot Warfare Match on March 1st
The Heartbreak Express did not waste any time getting under the skin of The Lifeguards and Delta Iota Kappa, and on March 1st The Heartbreak Express will team up with Club 305 in a Riot Warfare Eight Man Tag Match.
When the rules of the match are announced, we will post them. With the history of violent matches that the Heartbreak Express have been a part of, include two Cage of Pain Matches in Full Impact Pro Wrestling who knows what they have in store for the fans and management in Pro Wrestling Riot?

Who Will Quit On March 1st
After the referee stopped the Street Fight between 911 Incorporated and the team of Bruce Santee and Sideshow before Francisco Ciatso and the newest member of 911 Incorporated Kory Chavis attempted a second spike piledriver on a steel chair, Bruce Santee and Sideshow challenged 911 Incorporated to the first Tag Team I Quit Match in Pro Wrestling Riot history. Will Bruce and Sideshow be able to make 911 Incorporated quit? Be in Port Richey on March 1st to see what happens.

Successful Title Defense for Erick Stevens Erick Stevens had his first FIP World Heavyweight Title defense in Florida on Saturday night and he successfully defeated Ray Beez in an Anything Goes Match that saw Stevens and Beez use trash cans and a ladder. Even though the match saw moves and strategies that benefited the challenger more than the champion, Stevens was able to get the win with a Doctor Bomb onto a trash can.

New Member of 911 Incorporated
After Ron Niemi interrupted Kory Chavis’s ring entrance to call out Bruce Santee and Sideshow for the Street Fight, we found out that it was only a way to get Santee and Sideshow to the ring for Kory Chavis to attack them with a chair while they listened to Ron Niemi talk to 911 Incorporated on the phone. Chavis joined Francisco Ciatso and Niemi in 911 Incorporated last night. How will Chavis’s addition to Ron Niemi, Francisco Ciatso, Rod Steel, and Michael Shane affect the balance of power in Pro Wrestling Riot?

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