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After a brief hiatus, the Riot Act returns with important news about the return of Pro Wrestling Riot.  On Sunday, February 21st, Pro Wrestling Riot will return debuting in a new venue, Gasoline Alley Café, located at 14042 66th Street Largo, FL 33771 (just North of Ulmerton Road). 

Current Pro Wrestling Riot champions


Pro Wrestling Riot Heavyweight Champion

In 2008 and 2009, Pro Wrestling Riot held a sixteen man tournament to crown the first Pro Wrestling Riot Heavyweight Champion.  The participants in this tournament were Chris Jones, Austin Amadeus, Shawn Osborne, Sedrick Strong,  Jaison Moore, Craig Classic, Sideshow, Damballah, Francisco Ciatso, Nooie Lee, Chasyn Rance, CJ O’Doyle, Scott Davis, Jerrelle Clark, Bruce Santee, and Roderick Strong


The championship was determined between two former friends Sideshow and Bruce Santee.  Problems Sideshow had with Santee’s friend Sedrick Strong due to Sideshow’s belief that Strong was involved with his sister made their way into this match.  Sideshow’s hatred might have been too much of his focus in the match and Santee was able to win the title.  Santee ’s victory was bittersweet because he was attacked by Sideshow and CJ O’Doyle.

Santee has defended his title at Full Impact Pro Wrestling events and he is looking forward to defending the title in Pro Wrestling Riot in 2010.


Pro Wrestling Riot Tag Team Champions

At the same time that the Heavyweight Champion was being determined in a tournament, there was a tag team tournament that was a part of the Road to Gold.  The eight teams in this tournament were The British Lions (Tommy Taylor and Chris Gray); Bumz R’Us (Ray Beez and Milo Beasley); The Dynamic Duo (Fantastic Dantastic and K-Dizzy); Lou the Fixer and Snow; Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis and Kory Chavis); The Lifeguards (Daron Smythe and Wade Koverly); The Heartbreak Express (Sean and Phil Davis); and The Loggers (Jack Manley and Dagon).

In the finals, the Dark City Fight Club defeated Bumz R’Us to become the first Pro Wrestling Riot Tag Team Champions.  The Dark City Fight Club’s title reign would be short lived because they lost the titles to Francisco Ciatso and Shawn Osborne of 911 Incorporated.  Due to the retirement of Shawn Osborne, the titles were vacated until new champions could be crowned.

In a non-tournament match at the 2009 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup a Tag Team Rumble was held to determine the new Pro Wrestling Riot Tag Team Champions.  It looked like the Heartbreak Express and British Lions had worked out a plan to give Heartbreak Express the tag titles based on their affiliation in Full Impact Pro Wrestling.  However, both teams forgot about Bumz R’Us and while Heartbreak Express celebrated their apparent victory, they were eliminated by Bumz R’Us becoming the third Pro Wrestling Riot tag team champions.


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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gasoline Alley Café

14042 66th Street

Largo, Florida 33771

Belltime 4:00 PM
For more information on Pro Wrestling Riot visit www.prowrestlingriot.com

For more information on Gasoline Alley Café visit www.gasalleyrocks.com