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One thing you will hear at various times at the dojo is Head Trainer Joey Kaos telling the students to “Never stop learning”, “Take advantage of what’s in front of you, something I never had starting up in this biz” “Be a sponge, absorb everything” and the ever famous “Keep you mouth closed, your ears open”

So that is what will be happening this Thursday June 28, 2012 at 7pm.  Joseph Franciosi, Head writer at NWA Hollywood, will be hosting a seminar/workshop on such topics as promo/mic skills, character development, acting skills, and what Vince McMahon wants and expects from you.

Pick Joe’s brain, ask the question you always pondered.

This seminar is open to the public, all are encouraged to attend if the wrestling industry is your dream.  $20 per person and doors open at 7pm.  Expand your mind, expand your knowledge! Hope to see you there.

Remember this is a great tool to learn how to break in the non-wrestling side of the industry too!



Santino Bros Wrestling Academy

5640 Shull St, Unit S

Bell Gardens, CA 90201



Date/Time:  Thursday, June 28, 2012 @ 7pm

Cost: $20

Open to all