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Pro Wrestling Unplugged presents “Pain, Pride, and Punishment” this Saturday at the ECW Arena with 2 Cold Scorpio; Moore-Acid; plus information on PWP LIVE this Thursday

Pro Wrestling Unplugged presents
“Pride, Pain, & Punishment”
Saturday, May 19 – 7:30 pm
New Alhambra Arena, 7 Ritner ST, Philadelphia, PA

* PWU World Heavyweight Title Match: champion Devon Moore vs. Trent Acid
* Anything Goes, Street Fight: All Money Is Legal vs. The SAT
* Johnny Kashmere w/ The Dew vs. Zack McGuire
* Annie Social/April Hunter vs. Amy Lee/Sara Del Ray
* Joker vs. Adam Flash
* Slugga Grand Slam Challenge
* John House’s “House of Unplugged” w/ Z-Barr
* TJ Cannon vs. Bruce Maxwell
*Also featuring The Thomasellis, The Angus Brothers, Drew Blood, Teddy Fine, Lucky, Nate Stein, Dan Cowhey, Jake Black, & more

* 2 Cold Scorpio Wrestling Clinic, 3-5 pm at the New Alhambra, $25. Walk-ins welcome, first come, first serve or reserve your spot at [email protected].

ProWrestlingPress.com LIVE! Radio
THIS THURSDAY on ProWrestlingPress.com

LIVE Chat at 9 pm
LIVE Radio at 10 pm

Featuring Jake Black and Johnny Kashmere, hosted by John House, Nate Stein, & Mike Trash.

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