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SB 1 beat Charlie King

Viktor Tadlock beat Macho Mike to retain the Uncut Title Aaron Eagle beat Andy Dalton Tim Storm beat Robert Evans to qualify for the Fantastic Four Match next week Colossus beat Franco D’Angelo to retain the Television Title Mike Foxx beat Apocalypse to qualify for the Fantastic Four Match next week


The following, except for the dark matches, was taped for airing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on the Lone Star Channel, as well as worldwide distribution via SmartVideo and release on DVD, with Ring Announcer Travis Baxter, TV Commentators Rob Moore and Attorney-At-Law Paul Lewis and the PCW Knockouts.

The Dark Circle came to the ring. Tim Storm said that, just like the sunrise, people don’t appreciate the Dark Circle, and history will repeat itself when he faces Robert Evans in a Fantastic Four qualifying match.

Apocalypse, who faces the demonic Mike Foxx later in another Fantastic Four qualifier, said that Foxx had no idea what darkness is. Franco D’Angelo said that, since Wally Darkmon was injured and couldn’t defend the PCW World Heavyweight Title against him tonight, he deserved a shot at any other PCW title. Storm said he would go to the Busseys and demand a title shot of some kind for D’Angelo.


SB 1 beat CHARLIE KING by pinfall with an O’Connor Roll


Champion VIKTOR TADLOCK (w/ Paul Lewis) beat MACHO MIKE (w/ Kyle Davis) by pinfall with a double underhook drop to retain the belt

Mike Foxx came out, accompanied by his Faithful (“Angel Of Mercy” Claudia and “Angel Of Death” Colossus), and he said that the Dark Circle had fallen from the darkness, and the path to the PCW World Title went straight through Apocalypse. He said that, next week, after he wins the title, he will lead the “Mike Foxx faithful” to the “Promised Land.”

“SUCCESS STORY IN THE MAKING” AARON EAGLE beat ANDY DALTON (w/ Mike Paige) by pinfall –Paige and his putter tried to make life miserable for Eagle, who made it miserable right back at Paige. Eagle overcame the virtual two-on-one when he dropped Dalton from the second rope with the Drop Out (Side Effect) for the 1-2-3.


“The GRIM REAPER” TIM STORM beat “The ESSENCE OF EXCELLENCE” ROBERT EVANS by pinfall to advance –Qualified thus far for the match next week were PCW World Champion Wally Darkmon and Mace Malone. Evans got the crossface chicken wing/bodyscissors on Storm twice, but, both times, Storm escaped. Evans countered one attempt at the Perfect Storm (Black Hole Slam), but he could not counter another one, which Storm used to get the win and a spot in next week’s big match.


Champion “ANGEL OF DEATH” COLOSSUS (w/ Claudia) beat “The BEAST” FRANCO D’ANGELO by pinfall to retain the belt –D’Angelo wanted a title match, and this was what he got. The fans largely sided with Franco. Colossus tossed D’Angelo around like a rag doll before the challenger got his bearings enough to bodyslam the 7’2″ behemoth. He then got Colossus up for the Decapitator (TKO), but D’Angelo’s back faltered, causing him to drop the giant. Colossus chokeslammed D’Angelo twice before making the pin to keep the title.

In the ring, Paul Lewis introduced the returning Jiggle-O James Johnson, who was last seen being chokeslammed three times into oblivion by Colossus three weeks ago for the PCW World Television Title, causing internal injuries and a concussion. Johnson said he had seen several doctors and had some good news. He was then interrupted by the Bussey brothers, Thomas, Chris and Steven. The Busseys said they had made an executive decision to have Johnson wrestle next week against their best friend, tanned, buff and muscular Brett Idol. They said that, if Johnson didn’t show up, he’d be fired. Johnson said he understood the Busseys much more now, since he knows they like looking at tanned, buff, muscular guys in tights. Thomas charged Johnson with a flip-flop, but Johnson gave him a drop toe hold into the bottom rope. Chris charged at him, but he ended up right on top of Thomas. Steven tried to pull Chris off of Thomas, but Johnson got him out of the way, sending him to the floor. Johnson then slid out of the ring and hit a Climax Kick (kick from the floor to the second rope) on both remaining Busseys. As the Busseys limped away, Johnson said he was ready to dance.

PCW FULL THROTTLE MAIN EVENT–FANTASTIC FOUR QUALIFYING MATCH MIKE FOXX (w/ Claudia) beat APOCLAYPSE by pinfall to advance –Neither man was well liked by the fans, but Apocalypse had a slight edge in fan support. Apoc hit the End Of Days (Death Valley Driver) and his trademark snap powerslam, each time unable to get the 1-2-3 on Foxx, largely due to some shenanigans by Foxx’s “Angel of Mercy.” Also, Foxx had Apocalypse tapping out to the Career Killer (Boston Crab) at one point, but the referee didn’t see that because he was occupied with Claudia. Foxx finally hit the M.F.’er (RKO) on Apocalypse and got the win. Suddenly, Action Jackson, whom Foxx had burned two weeks ago at Shock & Awe, charged out and went nuts on Foxx, planting him with the Big Booyah (Rock Bottom) and then going for a steel chair. Colossus came out, but Jackson leveled him with the chair. Tim Storm & Franco D’Angelo of the Dark Circle came out and attacked Colossus. Apoc fought with Jackson, and Mace Malone ran out. With the ring filling up with humanity, the lights went off, and, when they came back on, there stood PCW World Heavyweight Champion Wally Darkmon, who needed 30 stitches last week to close a five-inch gash that exposed his skull during a TLC match against Nobe Bryant. Foxx and his Faithful and the Dark Circle both retreated, and Malone eyed Darkmon’s title belt before Jackson stepped in between them and raised both men’s hands.

PCW Full Throttle’s next show will be on Saturday, June 23 at PCW Arena.

Bell time is 8 p.m. The Main Event will be a Fantastic Four Fatal Four-Way Match for the PCW World Heavyweight Title, involving Champion Wally Darkmon, Mike Foxx, Mace Malone and Tim Storm. Stipulations of the match are yet to be announced. Also, James Johnson meets Brett Idol, and more matches are to be signed.

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